Sanction US! Nixon 1971, after having admitted stealing the dollar , also admitted that 'if you go abroad the dollar will give you less than before'. Peter Klevius: This difference is what US has stolen from the world - now in an accelerating tempo! Do BBC's Sarah Montague & Co really understand this?!
China is by far the best for consumers. That’s why $-freeloader (1971-) US wants to block it so to prolong US stolen $-hegemony. China has no reason to harm its trade – US has! Google, Facebook etc. are now directly connected to US military and spy organizations – i.e what US wrongly accuses Tik Tok for. Forget everything you’ve heard about China through US controlled/influenced media (incl. BBC which, before Tianamen 35 anniversary, sent senseless anti-China hate ranting lies in 10 acts). Sadly, it’s almost impossible to get balanced info about China in the West. This blog - which is almost invisible on Google but visible on duckduckgo - is deliberately on Google precisely to show 1) that US "freedom of expression" is a farse*, and 2) to leave a historical track of US criminal behavior and extreme censorship and falsification of the truth, which chokes the minds with steered ignorance in ordinary busy people who don't have a chance to really check it out. After all, whom do you trust, an anonyme blogger like Peter Klevius, or US, "the mighty defender of freedom, Western values, and the rules based world order". Simply by declaring what Klaus Schwab calls “a model country” a “threat”, US dictates its “allies” to do the same – in the face of tho people who want more Chinese tech and less hate against Chinese people. Moreover, Peter Klevius wonders whether China really would have been better off with the "democracy" protesters in China 1989 asked for, than the meritocratic high tech and on controlled capitalism resting post-Mao China we see today? And if so, then how would $-embezzler (1971-) US have reacted when "undemocratic"* China is already now seen as a "threat" against US stolen $-hegemony? According to research Chinese meritocracy reaches the will of the people much better than US "democracy"! * Google has to pretend being "fair", yet cunningly uses its algorithms and censoring power to suppress what its real master, the US militant oligarchy doesn't like - no matter how logically or morally correct and Human Right it is.

Peter Klevius: We live in a black hole from where nothing can escape - not even Hawking radiation.

Peter Klevius religion tutorial: The racist/sexist curse of "monotheism" has as many "gods" as "believers". Even though the seed for Zoroastrianism and Ahura Mazda (the intelligent deity) originally came from China (e.g. the Yellow Emperor), it got distorted into the "chosen people" policy where Jews slaughtered the Canaanites, and Christians and muslims slaughtered Jews. So although Judaism came from Iranians and islam from Arabs, US 1971 $-embezzlement led to US supporting both Zionism and the islamist Saudi dictator family (petrodollar). Because of the evil and illogical origin of "monotheisms", PC West tries to blur the concept of 'religion' by 1) including non-monotheist "religions", while 2) still pushing for "monotheism" as the supremacist religion, so to fit US anti-China agenda. But all other s.c. "religions" are Atheist because they lack the "monogod" mantra - which shouldn't of course be conflated with supreme "deities", "forces", "spirits" etc. concepts residing inside our existencecentrism. Most people have always understood that humans aren't almighty (P. Klevius 1992:21). However, "monotheists" "believe" they somehow belong to something "outside" our existencecentrism, which is impossible. Whatever you believe resides inside your existencecentrism while having no access out of it. You may call the world the "observable universe" where you can "observe" whatever "belief" you come up with. Chinese Taoism understood this long before the "monotheism" fallacy came about. And while our existencecentrism is a mess of changes, it's nonsense to think of a "way out". Islam underscores this and, unlike Moses (who even "wrestled" with "god"), therefore Muhammad wasn't allowed to meet with "Allah" but only with his (yes, "his") messenger Gabriel. "God willing" is a handy reflection of the impossibility to talk about "god" because then you don't need to explain why "god" treated his good servants badly. Our existencecentrism limits us from the "external world" to which we can never have access. So trying to imagine or believe something beyond one's existencecentrism just bounces back. The wildest made up fantasies are no different from "believing in something beyond human understanding" because this is just an other internal concept. But to admit our existencecentrism by saying 'there's nothing outside it' is not a statement about the unknown which, of course, cannot be talked about, not even with the word 'nothing', which that can only be defined and used internally. However, "smart" "monotheists" avoid "god" and make up alleged "positives", but by doing so just keep fueling the orthodoxy they tried to avoid. It's not "free world vs CCP" but US militant theocracy vs Atheist super tech. US more than any other country subsidies everything with Feds stolen (since the world's biggest embezzlement started 1971) fiat money. US authoritarian military kleptocracy blocks US people from buying their dreams. The desperate* dictatorship puts 100% tax on those cars etc. people are most likely to want to buy. * Peter Klevius has nothing against US people but is worried about how US antidemocratic, rules making and breaking order, and desperate fear of losing its hegemony will negatively continue to affect the world. This is why Google (linked to Washington) suppresses Peter Klevius on the webb. Can't even find him despite 20 years of thousands of postings and pics on Blogger!

How US robs the world

Trying to understand the polarizing and warmongering without incl. the consequences of US 1971 $-theft - which are now coming home to roost because of China's superior R&D - is an equation without an x. From a pro-war politician's mouth always comes a copy of the original in US. US inflamed the existing racial tensions in Ukraine for the purpose of getting US nukes and US anti-nuke missiles on Russia's border, so to protect itself in its planned war against China - because only by creating a similar chaos as in WW2 on the Eurasian continent would US be able to continue its stolen dollar hegemony.

How US stole the world dollar 1971

From US "exorbitant dollar privilege" (financial abuse of vulnerable countries - but the dollar still connected to gold) 1944-, to US financial fraud 1971- (US self-indulgent disconnection of the dollar value from gold after having spent too much on wars and space race etc.). US' "China threat" demonizing is now code for US own threat, i.e. US masking its own desperation when losing its 1971- stolen dollar hegemony because of China's growing high tech superiority. How many understand this simple truth - and how many blink it?! Before 1971 there was only one world-dollar (since Bretton Woods 1944). After the "Nixon chock" 1971 there were two: One for US dictated by US (Feds), and an other for the rest of the world, also dictated by US. And the difference was that the US-dollar made it possible for US to prosper despite trade deficit, because the rest of the world has paid the difference. Also do recognize that Roosewelt's similar move 1933 happened before the Bretton Woods agreement.
Warning! has been taken over by someone not connected to Peter Klevius. All old can be found on Klevius web museum 2003-2008.
Forget about Nature! Here you get your by far most qualified and least biased (not steered by peer "reviews" or PC editors, but by super high IQ not corrupted by religion, politics or money) scientific overall understanding of evolution (1981), human evolution (1992-), consciousness (1992-94) and AI (1979-), and Human Rights (1979- incl. sex segregation). In his topics of scientific interest Peter Klevius has got highest possible recommendations from world leading professors on the topics. And no, the author has never been caught with mental problems, abuse or criminality, and has successfully fostered all of his children. So why presenting himself like this?! Simply because his best services to science can't get properly through via other media, and here it's often dismissed as "just a blogger's opinion" - which is quite rich when considering much peer reviewed nonsense PC "science" allowed on Nature! And non-scientific posts here of course utilize the same brain power.

US/UK choose war and genocide instead of ceasefire

When terrorists attacked, raped and slaughtered more in Xinjiang than terrorists did in Israel, US declared China's peaceful law and order response a "genocide", while calling Israel's real war genocide against Palestinians "Israel's right to defend itself"! Moreover, US and its little militaristic puppet UK (where the military budget is expanding while economy is stalling and people suffer) both actively participate in Israel's genocide!

US smearing and censoring China

US smearing and censoring China
US historical anti-China laws
Why is a meritocratic, capitalism and trade supporting, Chinese president, with more than 2/3 approval rating, called a "dictator", while a wild capitalism and protectionism and anti-China sanctions and smearing supporting, militaristic warmongering US president with 1/3 of indirect votes on electors who were chosing among candidates chosen by the big money, is called "democratic"?! It seems that "Christian democracy" is a similarly empty but magic wording as is "the Atheist Communist dictatorship".

Peter Klevius and Robert Sapolsky lack "free will"

$-freeloader (since 1971-) US supports Israel - no matter what!

Acknowledgement: Everything produced by Peter Klevius stands for those Universal Human Rights of 1948 which islam's main representative OIC rejected 1990!

China's progress reveals the tech loser and $-freeloader (since 1971-) US' "democratic" nakedness!

Atheist (like the overwhelming majority of Brits) Peter Klevius (whose genetist declared him an Anglo-Saxon) to figurehead King (but not at all absolute monarch) Charles 3: Please celebrate the year 1948 when you and the Universal Human Rights Declaration were born, by asking for forgiveness for all the atrocities England has done on the British Isles and around the world - especially the less talked about, e.g. like the opium wars, and how England was an accomplice to the islamic slave trade which is the worst ideologically based crime against humanity ever. Also please mention all the Communists and other people who constituted more than the Jews in the Holocaust but whose suffering and death is sadly not talked about at all. And do apologize for the British horrifying firebombings against civilians in the end of World War 2 whila Russia was fighting the Nazi army. And why not also apologize for stealing the Chagos Island from the Chagossians, then deporting them from their own land, and renting it out as a military base for rogue state US! Also don't forget evil British meddling and militarism consuming from foreign aid and starving and freezing Brits. And don't forget to criticize BBC which has no problem with the invitation of the islamofascist muslim terrorism supporting Saudi dictator family (a real absolute kingdom which, unlike China, doesn't accept Human Rights) but never stops its unfounded racist Sinophobic spitting on China and its extremely balanced Hong Kong policy against seditious British backed terrorism against the "one nation two systems" incl. the attacks against Hong Kong governmental and parliamentary buildings even worse than the Capitol demonstration in US which BBC paints in exactly the opposite way. Or UK's senseless "genocide" against muslims accusation against China despite the world's largest muslim organization OIC praised China for its good treatment of muslims in Xinjiang and elsewhere. Wheras BBC cherry picked jihadist stories and some random incidents not approved by the Chinese government, OIC sent a big delegation to inspect the allegations and talked with the non-jihadi muslim community! Charles! You talk about indigenous voices - did you include e.g. the Chagossians - held crucial messages about preservation of the land, respecting community and shared values, resolving conflict, and recognizing and making good on past iniquities, right! Don't worry about demonstrations and stupidities. And if you're curious about the biggest scientific questions as you say you are, then welcome to my blogs - however, Google may ask you to sign in because truth and Human Rights are "sensitive"! Read how climate change made human evolution possible in SE Asian volatile archipelago - not on a continent like Africa. And read how two craniopagus twins born 2006 solved the "greatest mystery in science" - and proved Peter Klevius theory from 1992-94 100% correct. And much more!
How did US become the devil of the world? The seed was planted 1971 when US chose the criminal path by stealing the dollar! And today US lures, abuses, corrupts and threatens the rest of the West through its stolen dollar hegemony which it uses for demonizing, warmongering, and militarization against modern China - a country that in every aspect beats US and could stand as a model for the confused West, and which success means that even Taiwan starts leaning towards mainland China (to which it belongs and even US itself admits it does) because it promises a better future (just see how much wealthier Hong Kong is already per capita compared to Taiwan). Moreover, some half of the Taiwanese don't share the ruling party's anti-China policy - which fact scum media BBC never tells its compulsory fee paying brainwashed listeners about. So evil US wants war against China before China-Taiwan relations become even better.
20230314 US drone wasn't protected by "freedom of navigation" because it participated in the Ukraine war before taken down by Russian fighter jet. Everyone who has followed me knows that I am, and always have been, anti-Maoist - but modern China is something else entirely. First, the U.S. declares modern China a "threat" and then militarizes against this contrived threat. Sinophobic demonization of modern China is inspired by US/CIA propaganda and its own prejudices. And the warmongers of Brexit UK submit to the US and go against the people suffering from US dollar hegemony inflation. Take away the racist glasses and Xi&Co almost comes across as a Jesus, and as far from "dictatorship" as you can get compared to the dictatorship of the United States and how the West's politicians go against the will of the people regarding, for example, NATO and militaristic warmongering. Modern capitalist China has nothing in common with Mao's China, but uses the word 'communism' partly to imply continuity, but above all to refer to something to which all countries even in the West refer, i.e. fairer distribution. Nor has China historically ever engaged in the same kind of colonialist and imperialist expansion as the West. This makes modern China credible as it claims to support all countries' right to self-government and free from interference. Xi has no power of his own, but only reflects the absolute majority of the will of the people and was therefore 100% unanimously re-elected - only an idiot would propose an inferior leader, just look at Xi's track record. China's "Communist Party" has a better functioning meritocratic democracy than the West ever had because China's leadership since Mao's death, has been about doing what Mao used as a floundering but never allowed in practice, i.e. "the dictatorship of the people". Take the example of Covid where the modern "Communist Party" was forced to submit to the people's age-old Confucian respect for the elderly, i.e. protect them from contagion - and then again because of the will of the people (with a little "help" from the CIA) to open up when Omicron turned out to be mild. We should all be afraid of the US - not be against China. The Silicon Valley bank could be the beginning of the end for the rotten United States — and hopefully the beginning of a better and more peaceful United States! The current direction only leads to regression and perhaps war. In the West, politicians try to brainwash voters with the help of US-controlled or influenced media, while in China it is exactly the opposite, that is, the leadership is constantly (not only in elections as in the West) sensitive to the will of the people. And why is the US/CIA/West on the side of the Islamists - in the same way that they are on NATO's side by constantly spitting CIA lies about China?! China is the opposite of threat compared to the US/NATO/West. But the U.S. has since the dollar theft in 1971, painted itself into a corner - which modern China's R&D frms have laid bare to anyone (who wants) that sUSA should be put out of business and pay for its dollar theft in 1971-, but instead allows the US's so-called "allies" to deceive themselves as useful idiots under the US criminal dollar hegemony. OIC has checked the senseless alleged "genocide" against muslims in China and not only found any evidence but instead even praised China's leadership for its good treatment of muslims. Islamism supporting USA and its Western "allies" behave exactly as the most conservative Taliban, i.e. not letting the women out in education and work. And the Western lies about Hong Kong and democracy is just against democracy, because the West tries to support a tiny (CIA influenced?) anti-China movement - which is exactly the opposite to the agreed "one country, two systems" principle - which clearly excludes the possibility of Hong Kong not belonging to China. And Taiwan is less wealthy per capita than Hong Kong and a huge part of the Taiwanese actually want to belong to mainland China.
The ultimate U.S. hypocrisy against China: When all muslims' world organization O.I.C. visits Xinjiang etc. and thanks Beijing for its good treatment of muslims - then US cherry picks CIA and BBC fake "reports" based on interviews with jihadist families or cases of prison or police abuse (which happen in every country - and especially in US). It's appalling that the West supports OIC's sharia which violates the most basic of Universal Human Rights, but doesn't listen to OIC when it comes to China!

Google censors Human Rights!

Google censors Human Rights!

Necrophilia vs Human Rights

$-freeloader U.S. is the main threat to the world!

Warning, don't invest in US because it's going down! How? It's not the debt ceiling nor the dollar per se but simply because US can't keep up with China's R&D, which fact will become inevitably apparent for consumers globally. US makes its own rules and imposes them globally. China makes its own rules and lets others do their own (the Global Security Initiative). US' dollar theft from 1971- is coming to an end when people realize that after China's rise US is no longer an asset but a risk - then US bonds will be worthless. So to keep floating US abuses its weaker "allies" while calling China "enemy". Don't let a declining and dangerous U.S. take over your country! U.S. tries in vain to contain China so to be able to continue its criminal dollar hegemony by sucking money and blood from the rest of the world in the wake of its massive dollar theft beginning in 1971 when U.S. betrayed its promise to keep the dollar fixed to gold. The undemocratic U.S. Fed then in effect became the world's financial dictator. U.S. dollar theft means a general decrease in purchasing power outside U.S., i.e. the price the world has to pay for U.S. stolen wealth. U.S. is the only country in the world that despite trade deficit and massive national debt, via its criminal dollar hegemony can force the rest of the world to pay for it. You need a super computer to exactly calculate U.S. debt to the world. However the suffering caused by U.S. fraud and militarism is even beyond a super computer. Let the world vote about whether U.S. should be defaulted and prosecuted! Western politicians - seduced by the popular Old Nordic dialect (or creole) called English - seem to reason that by being "allied" with $-freeloader U.S. ("the greater U.S.") they will benefit technologically and financially. But the reality (1971-) is just the opposite. Only Japan and Korea can compete with China when it comes to homogenity, general IQ, education amd R&D - except that they are ten times smaller, and their cooperation with the extortionist parasite U.S. will inevitably weaken them. In a very short future not only Wall Street and some tech geeks, but people in general will start understanding they took the wrong train going in the wrong direction on a faulty track into the arms of an armed blood sucking dying giant.

We live in a world in which an authoritarian state, $-freeloader narcissistic U.S., controls the digital infrastructure, enjoys the dominant position in the world's technology platforms, controls the means of production for critical technologies, and harnesses a new wave of general purpose technologies, like biotech and new energy technologies, to transform the world society, economy and military, to continue feeding U.S.' parasitic needs. However, the really funny thing is that US smears China for exactly what US itself is.
Why didn't NATO (US) stop the real genocide and grave Human Rights violations (since 2014) in Ukraine?! And when Russia did, the NATO (US) attacked Russia. And what about the islamofascist Saudi dictator family's atrocities in Yemen - just to mention one from the Saudi pile?!

China is now not only outperforming the West technologically but also the capitalist country that has come the furthest in balancing greed for the good of the people. In contrast to communist dictatorships such as the Soviets, Mao's China, North Korea and others, modern China is more democratic than most Western countries. This is because, via a meritocratic system, political career is built from the bottom up, i.e. local politicians must show results in order to move forward, while together they later form a political communication link between Beijing and the people, which means that unlike dictatorships, it is the top that is most sensitive to grassroots dissatisfaction. And this is proven in several Western research projects which unilaterally show a popular support that is sky-high above, for example, the US. Peter Klevius art analysis: When kings possessed antidemocratic total power (as the Saudi islamofascist murderer and terrorist war criminal "king" still today), they could deliberately show off their personhood. However, when kingdom became art - not to say sign post - then a "good" king or queen became someone who like Elizabeth had to shut up and instead be filled with the content of "the eye of the beholder" - just like art, which is always excluded from its artist. My guess is that she could only really trust her husband - 'husband' is Swedish meaning 'hus' (house) and 'band' means ties like in 'bond'. However, her son Charles has an extremely poor record at that - which may be entertaining, especially for republicans.

US should be the "enemy" rather than modern China

And when will Liz Truss declare the islamofascist "custodians of islam", the Saudi dictator family - who has murdered, tortured, terrorized and committed war crimes - an enemy? With the U.S. dollar as the world's main reserve currency - since 1971 criminally disconnected from its promised gold connection - and with the U.S. controlling global financial and monetary flow U.S. has raised massive debt while printing money - not "out of thin air" but out of the world. The U.S. economy hence rests on financial colonialism and imperialism, i.e. forcibly robbing its value from other countries. And when excess liquidity drives up global inflation, and the Fed raises interest rates and tightens monetary policy, it also widens its interest rate gap with other countries, while attracting international capital to the otherwise empty (and doomed) U.S. dollar. The Brits should blame US, the militant financial $-freeloader (since 1971) - not modern China, the peaceful tech and wealth building rescuer at home and around the world! Bank of England is a helpless pawn against the feds. At the very moment when especially UK but also the rest of the world needs China the most, then dangerous and militant (CIA steered?) Liz Truss declares China an "enemy". Hello! It's US that 2014 ignited the low scale Ukrainian civil war to a fullblown deadly genocide against Russians, and 2022 to a real proxy war via NATO threatening Russia for the ultimate purpose of attacking China. And it is the US' antidemokratic (decoupled from democratic institutions) Federal Reserve that is behind inflation and the fall of the pound and other financial problems outside US. US is the only country in the world that can survive heavy deficit by counterfeiting money. It's US that is the root of high inflation, energy costs, supply shortages etc. (because of modern China). The feds has since 1913 been the factual dictator of US, and when US became bankrupt after a costly Vietnam war and space (incl. military) program it 1971 unscrupulously cheated with the promised dollar connection to gold. US hence started a fullblown robbing of the world with the dollar as the world currency and now culminating in an untenable money printing that together with China's economic and tech rise threatens US criminal $-freeloading. US is a theocracy if measured by how much "in god we trust" is involved in policy and politics, and that the Supreme Court is 100% religious, in stark contrast to the huge number of Atheist people in US. This has also led to US using islamists against China.

Whereas anyone can bacome a researcher, to qualify as a scientist you also need top intelligence and a very good overview of the topic. Long time ago profssors used to at least fulfil the latter. However, due to an increase in non-scientific influence this is no longer the case - which opens up a wonderful workspace for Peter Klevius. So why trust Peter Klevius instead of professors, BBC and other trolls? Because 1. Peter Klevius lacks such vulnerabilities and has a much higher IQ (beware of IQ-phobia) than most professors or world leaders - not to mention journalists 2. Peter Klevius has a long and clean life record when it comes to women, children, crimes, drugs etc. 3. Peter Klevius has no finacial or career ties to anything he writes about 4. Peter Klevius doesn't (sadly) know (20220326) a single Russian or Chinese, and has never visited the countries nor having any other connections 5. Peter Klevius groundbreaking scientific achievements (e.g. about evolution, consciousness, sex segregation, sociology, psychoanalysis etc.) can all be dated to publications, theses (and after 1998 also on the web) or correspondence with professors considered top of their game. Possibly all of them may also qualify as first of its kind - or at the very least certainly not copied from others - as others seem to do with Peter Klevius' works, without even giving him credit. 6. Peter Klevius had the most unprivileged start of life and adulthood - but also the most privileged when it comes to brain power, dopamin-serotonin balance and psychological stability - to an extent that he can't possibly believe in the psychological non sense excuse that "we're all a little mad".
Peter Klevius to Boris Johnson: It was only half of the Brits who voted Brexit, and it was only half of the Ukrainians who voted for Ukrexit. However, in Ukraine it ended with civil war instigated by UK's ally $-freeloader rogue state US. You should really have kept your peaceful Huawei instead of being pushed to the militant F35!

US has already sunk below the surface but abuses the "West" as its snorkel. What most people don't realize is that by following US you step downwards in future development compared to China. Little Japan already showed the world how to beat the West in technology. China is more than ten times bigger. And when people - sooner or later - realize the difference, the backlash will be harsh. Peter Klevius asks: Which war (post WW2) has NOT been instigated by rogue state $-freeloader US? Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc.. US, which has also used nukes and torture, tops by far the list of war criminals - and US allies are gravely complicit!
US has already sunk below the surface but uses the "West" as its snorkel.
We're constantly told "not to incite hatred against muslims" when we're just criticizing sharia islam for its lack of Human Rights. However, when US/CIA not only incites hatred but also weaponizes it, no one in the West seems to care. Why?! How many more should suffer and die because of US senseless behavior when facing a future where its $-freeloading is coming home to roost because of China's success?

Peter Klevius: Do note that my is an experimental webmuseum made 2003 and deliberately hasn't been touched upon since 2007.

World economies (CIA World Factbook 2022): 1 China 2/3 US, EU 4 India 5 Japan 6 Germmany 7 Russia 8 Brazil 9 France 10 UK
Dear reader, stop supporting/aiding dangerous rogue state US! Otherwise US $-desperation (i.e. that it will lose its financial stealing hegemony because of China's growth) will lead to it deliberately starting a WW3. Except for human suffering and lower standard, it would be the great reset for $-freeloader US to stand in the ruins and continue being a stealing and ruling world dictator. No other country poses a similar threat.
Religion is segregation. Judaism: We are the chosen people! Christianity: Christ will forgive, you sinner! Islam: Everyone is born muslim, you infidel! Human Right is de-segregation, you human!
Peter Klevius wonders if you can spot the difference between the People's republic of China, the Congress' republic of US, and the Parliament's/government's "democracy" of UK. Hint, the clue is in the word 'people' and the fact that Chinese are more satisfied with their democracy than US and UK people. Moreover, can you spot the difference between modern China and Stalin's, Mao's, Castro's, Pol Pot's etc. Communist countries? And when it comes to unjust sentencing, spying, surveilling, detaining/torturing/killing people, US is definitely worse than China. Not to mention US global meddling, militarism and dictatorial fiat $-freeloading. A US that can't manufacture its own chips but tries to hinder China from it. And if you aren't on US sponsored IS-Uyghurs side - why spit on China?! And if you aren't on US sponsored IS-Uyghurs side - why spit on China?! Why is US calling anti-islamism "human rights violation"?! And when will US stop dealing with Saudi, NATO (e.g. Turkey) etc. Human Rights violators?!Btw, Peter Klevius suggests buying Chinese property stocks now. After all, there are more rural Chinese than the entire US population, waiting for getting urban after this temporary slow down.
Why doesn't Peter Klevius publish his groundbreaking science in Nature? Because he has no peers! Peer review, according to Google, is the evaluation of work by people with similar competence. Peter Klevius healthy mind and total lack of institutional/financial/political/career bias combined with extra high intelligence is unique in science - and it's precisely therefore his best scientific achievments can't be evaluated by peer-biased people but need a blog to be presented because 1) they would never be peer approved in Nature 2) they would never be produced in a "proper" form with painstaking efforts to squeeze in citations/references etc. that contribute nothing. Whom should Peter Klevius quote about EMAH/consciousness, out-of SE Asia, or about hetersosexual attraction and sex segregation? When I made my phd on sex segregated resistance against female football I was asked to quote feminists. I did, and after every quote I had to negate it. Alternatively it would have silenced the women's voices in my in-depth interviews re. thair experience about resistance. After all, it was feminists behind the 1921 ban against women's football in England, and it was the most powerful feminists in Sweden who for a decade opposed girls and women playing football after the Swedish FA had included it. So instead of me testing Nature, you test me - before "anti-feminism", "anti-out-of-Africa" and "anti-religion" are criminalized as "hate speech"! - In anthropology fossils usually get all kinds of nicknames before scientifically "baptized". However, precisely because Homo floresiensis (the definite proof that humans evolved in SE Asia) was the "missing link" that afropologists wanted to find in Africa (how could an allround mover and allround eater ever evolve on a continent?!) they needed to dismiss it at every level incl. continue calling it a "hobbit". And when it comes to EMAH/consciousness it's extremely simple - yet not "simplistic" at all. However, the culprit is what humans are most proud about, i.e. language. By giving something one doesn't comprehend but wants to put in a package, a name, will continue to contain its blurred definition. This is why EMAH only deals with 'now' and the body of past this now lands on. Of course this leads to everything having "consciousness". A brick "remembers" a stain of paint as long as it's there - and with some "therapeutical" investgation in a laboratory perhaps even longer. And a stain of paint on your skin is exactly the same. However, unlike the the brick you've also got a brain that may also be affected by the stain. This could be compared with a hollow brick where the paint has vanished from the outside but submerged so that when cutting the brick it "remembers" it and tells the cutting blade about it. And for more "sophistication" just add millions of differect colors unevenly spread. Our brain is no different from the rest of the body. If Frankenstein with tomorrow's tech had created an adult human body, then that body wouldn't be able to walk or talk etc. because it lacked the body program we've been programmed with by living.
The US-led climate hoax against China: $-freeloader US uses its hegemony to cover up the worst global threat, i.e. itself. And targets China which challenges its hegemony. A sustained and coordinated campaign aimed at undermining the credibility of China. China is already way more democratic than US - especially when considering that its infrastructure today is already where it inevitably will be tomorrow in a technologically lagging US. In other words, technology itself puts ever more distinction on our behavior - compare e.g. the shift from unmarked cash to marked card/online payments. And as an extra bonus China has extremely low criminality, better privacy law, and incredible record of improving poverty and welfare both home and abroad compared to US. Just consider how US has painted itself into a corner by the 1971 cheating that disconnected the dollar from US' own means, hence creating a situation with no other return than lowering its standard (i.e. stopping printing dollar that the rest of the world have had to pay for due to US' global financial empire tentacles) or a new war (which US is already. Where US uses CIA meddling, sanctions and militarism, China has risen with honest manufacturing and trade.
20211103: Why is BBC 4 news so silent about CIA's murder plot and ongoing extradition request against Julian Assange, but instead has plenty of news time to repeatedly tell listeners about some cricket player (muslim?) who 'was allegedly hurt' because of 'verbal abuse'?
$-freeloader US is the main driver of dangerous global militarism and state terror. It's also a many times bigger per capita polluter than China. Why is BBC repeating the lie that "China is the biggest polluter" when in fact it's one of the smallest?! And the only reason to not use per capita would be that China, unlike e.g. similar size Africa, has a single government. But even then China shines as the by far best led country. China is the technological future that we all have to walk - not led by the Chinese, but by technology. And because of US's desperation as its dollar-thieving (since 1971) is now threatened by China irresistibly passing them technologically and economically, China actually serves as a protected "soft landing model" for the future AI world (China's new privacy law, tech crackdown etc.) is exactly what most people want), while aggressive U.S. is a threat to peace and prosperity. Google is precisely the state link Chinese companies are accused of being, and US's "alliance" with "colored" and muslims is basically Sinophobia, i.e. the fear of losing control of those whom it has abused - it simply divides the world into good colored/religious and evil Chinese/Atheists (and evil whites who disagree). US-led "anti-communism" is not about communism or any belief that China would attack the rest of the world (as the US has done, after all). Almost everyone understands that today's China has nothing in common with Cuba, the Soviet Union, Pol Pot, and Mao's China.
Peter Klevius has collected US Google News China headlines for years and never seen them (algorithms) so polemically anti-China as now. US' (+its puppets) Taiwan lies in perspective: UN Resolution 2758 which was approved on October 25, 1971 states that "The representatives of the Government of the People's Republic of China are the only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations" and "decides to expel forthwith the representatives of Chiang Kai-shek (i.e. Taiwan) from the place which they unlawfully occupy at the United Nations and in all the organizations related to it." Again, U.S.-linked disinformation campaign against China is made up as it goes along. So how much of US' "anti-Communism" rant is actually Sinophobia spized with greed and fear of losing its parasitic world sucking position? Btw, the worst polluters on measure of culpability as weighted annual per capita greenhouse gas pollution taking relative per capita income into account include the Anglosphere countries US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland. Isn't it shameful that these hypocrites point finger at China?! And why is BBC so silent about the volcanic catastrophe on La Palma that not only keeps continuing but also is getting more vicious by the day?! Volcanos can at any moment start an abrupt iceage - and we are anyway already overdue to the next statistical iceage.
20210926 UK became even more a totalitarian right wing militaristic one party state when Labour cut off its left wing. And unlike China, UK has no meritocracy demand on MPs, nor has it any people's democracy even close to that of China (just consider how the Western, US steered, media told you Xi ordered less gaming for kids when in fact it was a broad demand from parent). And China forces its companies to use less energy - and the Sinophobic West of course spits on this environmental effort when some energy companies break the limits and can't deliver.

The West, not China, is the biggest emitter of pollution. What's not to like about China?! Best privacy law: least crimes: best high tech: best tech control: best poverty extermination: best manufacturer: best meritocratic democracy happiness: best trust in leadership, applauded by OIC for treatment of muslims, etc. And badly behaving $-freeloader and financial (and militaristic) global dictator U.S. jailed Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in a foreign country for her normal business in an other foreign country (whose prsidential candidate was murdered by US in a third foreign country) that US didn't happen to like as it didn't like the success of Chinese Huawei.

How $-freeloader US has robbed the world since 1971

How $-freeloader U.S. has robbed the world since 1971 (see video above). - China hating bigoted and hypocritical West (i.e. US+puppets) - which strangly calls itself "the international community" - worries about Taliban sharia while West's close ally, the islamofascist Saudi dictator family (behind 9/11 and most other islamic terror) has the most medieval form of sharia of any muslim country! Btw, most feminists are sharia muslims - and feminism ticks most fascism boxes. Peter Klevius to his readers: Never forget that fascism emerged in the very midst of what is now in anti-China rhetoric called "the international community" or the West. And the roots of Western fascism has never been treated but live on. Ask yourself, what if China had behaved like the murderous terror rogue state $-freeloader U.S.?!

Islamism wants islamic "human rights". Feminism wants women's "human rights". Peter Klevius wants Human Rights. Together with their close ally Saudi Arabia, US and its puppet UK have among the worst Human Rights records - yet they blame China and Russia instead. Also consider Peter Klevius fact correcting of BBC's deliberate lies about China: Rogue state $-freeloader U.S. is the by far much worse per capita greenhouse gas polluter than China.
Peter Klevius (the only serious anthropologist?!) to afropologists: If you honestly and with simple words would explain the essence of the out-of-Africa myth/hoax to a child s/he wouldn't believe a word of your story: A cold adapted (mongoloid phenotype) population P1 (Homo sapiens), which eats everything and has almost infinite time and skills to move anywhere on land - lives all over a southern "island" (Africa) that has an easily accessible bridge (Sinai) to an other "island" (Eurasia), but somehow cannot get out for hundreds of thousands of years. And when they tried they couldn't survive on places where their primitive relatives (Homo erectus) for 2 million years had thrived all over the places from the tropics to the northern cold. Then the kid would probably ask why you keep telling things that make no sense. And when you answer by saying that this now living population P2 on the warm island - but with features seen in all cold adapted populations P3 far north of the bridge - has the oldest DNA, then the kid would probably ask you if you have ever considered the possibility that those genes were aquired in the cold north far on the other side of the bridge. And your last resort to convince the child concists of some bone fragments that fit in a shoe box together with a decent pair of shoes - and there is no agreement about what they really are - and are the only thing we have between the chimp-like Lucy and the human-like erectus. And what would you answer when the kid then asks how a tiny Lucy-like (poor bipedalism) population A4 could possibly make it out of Africa all the way over the Wallace line to Flores as well as to the Philippines, long before Homo sapiens managed to do so? Peter Klevius suggests you and your kids learn from the best: Peter Klevius theory Speciation needs isolation over time and the best evolutionary lab has been SE Asian archipelago. Like all primates, carnivores, ungulates etc. we also came out of SE Asia with a new brain setup (due to island shrinking and mainland enlargement of this new brain setup), got coldadapted in the north and then spread all over the world while mixing with other Homo sapiens in a pattern easily recognizable.

Peter Klevius evolution formula: From production (isolation) to end consumption (diversity).

Peter Klevius evolution formula.

Peter Klevius serious questions to you "out of Africa" believer! Ask yourself: How come that the oldest primates came from outside Africa; that the oldest great ape divergence happened outside Africa; that the oldest bi-pedals are from outside Africa; that the only australopithecines with a Homo skull lived as far from Africa you can get; that the oldest truly modern looking skull is from eastern China (and to Chris Stringer - its slightly archaic bun fits a very old age); that the oldest Africans are mongoloid; that the latest genetic mix that shaped the modern human happened in northern Asia and is traced to SE Asia; that the earliest sophisticated art (e.g. a drilled and polished perfect shiny stone bracelet from Siberia, perfect paintings and figurines) and tools (e.g. a perfect sewing needle, flutes etc) are found from Iberia to Sulawesi - but not in Africa so far; that the oldest round skulled Homo sapiens in sub-Saharan Africa is much younger than similar skulls in Eurasia; that we lack ancient enough DNA from Africa to use as evidence (although afropologists happily do), etc. etc.? Peter Klevius theory answers all these questions - and more.
U.S. main brain asset is East Asians - same with China... East-Asians (mostly Chinese) also took most gold medals in Tokyo Olympics. China won shared gold in the gold-medal race (39 golds - why are some excluding Hong Kong's gold).
Peter Klevius suggests taking the knee for Human Rights instead of for certain "races" based on skin color, religion - or sex.
The main threat against Taiwan is U.S. starting a war. But China just has to wait until the Taiwanese anyway want to rejoin because of Cnina's fast growing superior R&D, high tech, infrastructure, privacy law, economy etc.. For U.S. it's just the opposite. And West's hollow rant about "liberty" and "party-democracy" echoes back against China's democracy where the Chinese vote for truly merited individuals and against corruption. And Chinese hightech will, after some political delay come near you anyway - while in the meantime being called "assertive threat from CCP". And there's no more "Communism" in China's progress than there is Christianity in U.S' militaristic war mongering, criminal sanctions, $-freeloading, extrajudicial murders, unfair justice, torture, spying on everyone, use of islamists etc.. U.S. "Americans"! Payback time! When Peter Klevius bought his Japan made Citizen Eco Drive chronograph watch it cost ~ $240 in US and ~ $340 in EU. Those ~ $100 is what "American" (i.e. U.S. people - not all Americans) $-freeloaders owe to the rest of the world because of benefitting locally by money printing and pricing the main global reserve currency - but the end is near. $100 trillions - or more?!
Apoorva Mandavilli (New York Times): "Someday we will stop talking about the lab leak theory and maybe even admit its racist roots. But alas, that day is not yet here." Peter Klevius wonders what made her later delete it?! Fiat-money-world-$-freeloader-US' intention is not at all to clarify anything but instead to keep up hate against China. Would Fiat-money-world-$-freeloader-US and its UK puppet let Chinese inspect Fort Detrick and over 200 US bio-labs all over the world and UK's notorious military research at Porton Down, Salisbury. So while Chinese and "Chinese" looking people now are the most harrassed, BBC gives it no real attention while filling its news with BLM and "worries about islamophobia". Btw, if you poke any s.c. "free speech debate" you'll always find islamic efforts for "blasphemy" laws - and never laws against real blasphemy against basic negative Human Rights of 1948. When should islam pay for 1400 years of genocides? The West has abandoned Human Rights for the sake of sharia islam and is again becoming what it fought against - itself. Communistphobia (an "autoimmune" reaction now boosted by US' collapse and due aggression) led to Fascism, Nazism and WW2. Why do the worst (per capita and consumption) militant polluters and hypocrites (Fiat $-freeloader US, UK, Australia etc.) lie about China. the world's best source for cleaner tech?! Fiat $-freeloader US' influence behind Sinophobic attacks against China, the world's by far largest economy and future of tech, privacy law and Human Rights, and with less assaults, rapes and murders etc. than e.g. US and EU, while the "democratic West" turns sharia theocratic and militant. And why is islamism called "religion" and Confuzianism "propaganda"?! Peter Klevius: Why would religious precepts and Human Rights denial be more worthy of protection than political ones? After all, Human Rights are there to guide legislators and the Chinese trust their politicians much more than Westerners trust theirs. So there's a case to be made against anti-China hate propaganda which harmfully affects Chinese and "Chinese" looking people. The senseless flaw of monotheism: The pompous self-delusion of oneself as "god's" chosen individual while projecting one's "beliefs" on "god's" chosen "community" - which in turn projects a collectivist "belief" on its individuals. Freedom of thought doesn't mean freedom from law - and freedom of religion doesn't mean freedom from Human Rights. The only "ideology" that flawlessly fits negative Human Rights is Atheism (not believeing in any supremacist "god"). Lod/Lydda in Israel should be a warning that convinces anyone about the necessity to abandon racist and sexist monotheist religions and instead support the basic negative Human Rights of 1948 to guide legislation and behavior for a positive human future for all.

Why African continent was impossible for Homo speciation and SE Asian volatile archipelago perfect for human evolution. Africa's indigenous people (with the oldest genes have cold adapted Asian features. Lack of transitional fossils (H erectus appeared out of the blue) and aDNA. Oldest bipedals in Eurasia. Oldest modern (HSS) humans from Asia. Denisova aDNA Homo mix, oldest art, oldest sewing needle. H floresiensis can't possibly have come from Africa and is certainly not a dwarfed H erectus.

Why is it that the West allows islamic abuse of the positive Human Right to religion even when (OIC etc.) it clearly violates the most basic negative Human Rights of others? It's not a Human Right to desecrate Human Rights.

The West (and the world) has to disconnect legislation from religion and reconnect to basic (negative) Human Rights as agreed 1948. Negative Human Rights are the only true ones (because they respect and protect every individual human from religious etc. impositions) - and are lacking in islam (e.g. OIC's sharia). Islam's original formula: Attack, rob, kill, rape, humilate and enslave - and blame the victim for being an "infidel"! Confucius (551–479 BCE) about Ren (the basis of Confucianism): "Don't do to others what you don't want done to yourself. And if you seek Ren you've already found it. Rén is human."

Why Peter Klevius 1992 brain/mind/"consciousness" theory is the only one that fits reality - but not human bias.

20210503: The world needs urgently a tougher stance on US and its aggressive hypocrisy and criminal behavior! Every anti-China rant Western politicians puke is licking a sick US ass and boosted by populist Sinophobic Western nationalism. New Zealand is now blamed for not spying and hating China enough while the criminal Saudi dictator family is a close ally and OIC's violations of Human Rights is ok.

20210416: US' puppet sidekick UK cowardly runs away when it cannot hide in the master's shadow anymore - leaving Afghanistan's women without protection against islamic evil.

US declares Turkish murder and islamization of more than a million Armenians a genocide while UK declares China's de-islamization and education of backward Chinese Uyghurs a "genocide".

Joe Biden's threat: "China will not become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest country in the world, and the most powerful country in the world on my watch!”
And history proves US is the dangerous one that wants to dictate and bully the world to keep its $-freeloader hegemony.
Xi Jinping: "China will never seek hegemony, no matter how strong it becomes."
And he has the longest civilization to back it up with.

Peter Klevius warns the Brits about the danger posed by spy master Jeremy Fleming
's delusional, dangerous and Sinophobic China "analysis" which, if followed, may lead to stagnation and even US initiated war. It's all about UK either chosing a dangerous puppet status under US decline and stagnation by supported US' populist riding on pre-existing anti-Chinese (and anti-mongoloid racism, compare e.g. footballer Son Heung-Min and BBC lacking to report hate crimes against Chinese etc) sentiments - or simply benefitting from China's success through cooperation. The "danger" of new Chibese surveillance tech becomes ok later on in the West. However, China has now better privacy protection than the West, and China's meritocratic political representation combined with the world's toughest anti-corruption, makes West look bleak in comparison. And unlike UK, China has a real written constituion that gives women the same rights as men without exeption - someting US is still lacking, as are UK's sharia courts.

Don't respect islam as long as islam doesn't respect Human Rights! And if you don't trust Peter Klevius (2001-) on this, then trust Council of Europe's (2019) basically similar criticism of islam's main worldly (except Gabriel) representative, Saudi based and steered OIC's Human Rights violating sharia declaration CDHRI! Moreover, the most pious muslims seem to be the ones furthest distancing themselves from Human Rights.

Peter Klevius to the women of Greenham Common: Aren't the Saudi allied and posturing "in cheat and global nUKes we trust" right wing Sinophobic Brexiters a bigger threat than Iran?

BBC is the world's main spreader of anti-Sinoist hate speech and populist Sinophobic propaganda on an industrial scale and therefore guilty of inciting crimes against humanity!

First spitting on China and then using China's reaction as an excuse for more spitting.

The original (negative) Human Rights (1948) means the individual is not to be imposed an action of another individual, group, government, religion etc. Negative Human Rights hence function as the guidance and guardian against unneccessarily restricting legislation. Sharia islam, i.e. in praxis Saudi based and steered OIC's notorious* sharia declaration, is the very opposite. However, UK and BBC seem to approve of islam's Human Rights violations while calling China's efforts to stifle them "human rights abuse".

* Similarly criticized by Peter Klevius and the Council of Europe. Are both "islamophobes"?!

Global China for peace and wealth vs. "global UK" for more hate incitement, lies, threats, nukes, warmonger and miltarism under the shield of the militaristic world dictator and $-freeloader US. Compare this to UN's Resident Coordinator in China, Siddharth Chatterjee, who says "we stand in a unique position to cooperate with the Government of China and apply its successes of lifting hundreds of million people out of poverty globally. China has shown its firm belief in the principles of multilateralism. As I witnessed in Kenya, China's donations of personal protective equipment and other supplies played a critical role during the disruption in global supply chains in March 2020. And every day I am in China, I am inspired by what I see around me, what China has achieved and can achieve as a country. "

But US/UK do their utmost to stop "assertive Chinese influence". And a Sinophobic parliament shouts "genocide" when China protects women's Human Rights.

Without a fair reason UK declares Chinese a "threat" while Brits and other "infidels" are constantly threatened by Human Rights violating islamism.

20210320: The world's master fake news troll farm BBC today still uses conspiracy theorist, warmonger and China hater Pompeo to smear China and spread anti-Sinoism - but nothing about islamist Human Rights violating atrocities (e.g. 50 children beheaded by islamists in Mocambique etc.), !? Btw, UK abducts proportionally many more children than China - and expose them to islamist child abuse. Peter Klevius feels truly ashamed of looking like a Westerner. Btw, how can you excuse US criminal behavior: First benefitting from monopolizing global web tech and then using this monopoly as a weapon against competitors?!

$-freeloader US and its UK puppet don't care about the wellbeing of Chinese but want only to damage China's success. Sinophobic UK parliament should just shut up talking about China and democracy. People living legally in their own state EU were robbed of their democracy by UK! And even UK nationals are just subjects, not citizens.

BBC, the world's worst war mongering and hate spreading propaganda troll farm, uses Chinese "Guantanamo"* prisoner fotage out of context as "evidence" of how "truthful" BBC is! * US detained muslim terrorist suspects outside US! BBC stereotypes whatever to fit "genocide" in China but doesn't mind US-UK-Australian torture and murder of civilians. Where China stands for tech and wealth development $-freeloader US + UK-Australia stand for spreadinng lies and militarist tensions. And why so silent about UK torture of Assange while declaring an Iranian spy suspect as "innocent" simply because she says so (Iran, like US, doesn't approve of double citizenship).

Uncritical democracy with islam inevitably means the death of Human Rights. Peter Klevius probably has some half of muslims on his side in saying so.

BBC welcomes Jo Johnson when he now says "China is authoritarian, almost neo-totalitarian regime". Peter Klevius wonders how that fits with a country which leadership is much more approved of than Western ones?! Even an idiot (but not BBC) can see that China's modern Communism has nothing to do with Maoism or Soviet Communism. The only criticism left the West can come up with is name calling. The welfare, progress and out of poverty success for Chinese people has nothing in common with "conventional Communism". On the contrary, it delivers exactly where s.c. "democracies" (one might even argue that China is closer to democracy than the West) often fail. "Democracies" are anyway one party states supported by at the most some half of the population compared to China's qualified majority. So China's "authoritarian" Communist "dictatorship" is as far you can get from the West's beloved Sunni islamist theocracy, steered by the murderous and war crimes committing Saudi dictator family. So why is China declared an enemy while Saudi is an ally! Moreover, China's new privacy law will protect the individual much better than any similar laws in in the West. Why? Because China's leadership thinks the individual's privacy is too important to fiddle with (read the draft). Something the West has given up (to US). And who was it that started smearing, lying, spreading rumours and conspiracy theories, military threats etc. against China in the forst place? Sinophobic racism from the West for the purpose of aiding the US $-freeloader.

Peter Klevius: Every muslim is responsible for muslims racism and sexism. So stop shouting "you're not a muslim" to a muslim who believes and knows the Koran by heart! Immigration is ok - if you criminalize anti-Human Rights sharia muslims (and their accompllices)!

In cheat we trust: UK decreases aid to Yemen while increasing weapons sale to the muslim Saudi dictator family and spending more on militarism. And BBC is more concerned about Uyghurs than Yemenites. And worries more about Buddhists who don't like to be attacked, raped, murdered etc. than about their radicalized muslim attackers.

Lord Palmerston, UK PM who supported the Confederacy in the US civil war, hoping a dissolution of the Union would weaken the US: "The Chinese are uncivilized and the British must attack China to show up their superiority as well as to demonstrate what a civilized nation could do."

US is now the worst global threat that only cooperating with China could mitigate - instead of being US' puppets. Peter Klevius: Why is US ordering 600 new nukes - i.e. the double of China's total?
Why is China the only NPT state to give an unqualified negative security assurance with its "no first use"?
Why isn't UK's parliament more interested in the real genocide in Yemen than the made up "genocide" in Xinjiang?!
Why is UK applauding the conviction of Syrian soldiers while UK soldiers go free from similar crimes against humanity.
Why isn't the real genocide that muslim Uyghurs have committed against non-muslim Uyghurs talked about?! When Dominic Raab visited Saudi Arabia he failed to raise the question of Saudi Human Rights abuses.However, in UN he lied about "China's industrial scale Human Rights abuses". He deliberately conflated unchecked BBC "reports" by East Turkestan jihadis with China's out of poverty and de-radicalization programs. And of course forgot to say sterilization was offered after three (3) children and with economical and educational incentives for muslim women tied at home by sharia.

The militant $-freeloader US' spread of misinfo about China has made Chinese the most hated ethnicity while sharia muslims are the most protected - and US' puppet UK's Dominic Raab keeps spitting Sinophobia while supporting anti-Human Rights islamism.

UK, which illegally still colonizes Chagos (but complains about China), in a secret ballot 'arranged' (helped by OIC) a sharia islamist to become leader of the International Criminal Court - i.e. someone who doesn't respect basic Human Rights! Should ICC now change to ICT (In Cheat we Trust)?

Peter Klevius (like e.g. most really intelligent Jews is an Atheist, not confined with "faith", politics, career, finance etc.): While the West accepts OIC's Human Rights violating sharia islamism, China defends Human Rights against islamism. And unlike US' constitution, China's constitution is fully aligned with women's rights in the 1948 Human Rights declaration. So to avoid the West turning into a full muslim theocracy (OIC sharia) fractioned in infighting, we better become Sinophils instead of Sinophobes! "Anti-democratic ommunism" is now the only (empty - the only difference is that MPs in China are under harder scrutiny) argument the West still swings.

20210127, BBC (fake) News: "We are memorizing 6 million Jews in Holocaust." Peter Klevius: So why not include the more than 6 million non-Jews?! See BBC's diabolically wild lies about Uighurs!

U.S. terrorist-laundering of Uighur IS jihadi for export to China

Many Afgan women's dream is to be treated like Uighur women in China. However, the criminal militaristic war mongering rogue state U.S. abandons them and instead declares islamist Uighur terrorists not terrorists anymore and accuses China's emancipation efforts for "genocide" and "human rights violation".

How come that anti-Communist and hardcore Human Rights defender Peter Klevius, with no interest or connection to China, happens to exactly share Elon Musk's view?! Elon Musk: “China rocks in my opinion. The energy in China is great. People there – there’s like a lot of smart, hard-working people.. When I meet with Chinese government officials, they're always very concerned about this. Are people going to be happy about a thing? Is this going to actually serve the benefit of the people? It seems ironic, but even though you have sort of a single-party system, they really actually seem to care a lot about the well-being of the people.
In fact, they're maybe even more sensitive to public opinion than what I see in the US.”

1990 islam officially and globally (via UN) rejected Human Rights (the Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia declaration witch gravely violates the most basic of Human Rights)!

If Atheist Chinese had reproduced like muslims, there'd be more s.c. "Mongoloids" than the whole world population today.

BBC is the world's biggest lying and faking propaganda troll - BBC's agenda has absolutely nothing to do with journalistic principles but is a mix of US pressure spiced with the worst of "Britishness" (UK cuts foreign aid from 0.7-0.5% and adds the same money to militarism) meeting in Saudi/OIC islamofascist sharia against basic Human Rights. BBC: UK has to aid Saudi war crimes and genocides cause else Russia and China would do it. UK's future is as a militaristic puppet for US (compare BBC's campaign against Johnson and Corbyn). Peter Klevius to BBC's Sinophobic muslim presenters in their ivory minaret: How many muslim women are detained in UK's sharia camps?

US secretary of state, Pompeo declares Islamic State Uighur jihadi not terrorists - so they can attack China and get support from US (as in Syria).

Peter Klevius to Chinese people: I'm not a racist Sinophobe - although I certainly look like one.
I also wonder when US women will get the same rights as Chinese women - ERA is still lacking from US constitution? Chinese constitution, Article 2: Women shall enjoy equal rights with men in all aspects of political, economic, cultural, social and family life.

Islamophilia feeds islamofascism - "islamophobia" feeds Human Rights equality. The West's entanglement with anti-Human Rights islam has eroded "Western values" beyond recognition. And behind every "Chinese aggression" you'll find US aggression - because US doesn't want to lose its global freeloader position.

Islam, because of its origin (in which it's stuck by Muhammed, sharia and apostasy ban) inevitably paves the way for islamist extremism and due road to medieval backwardness. However, possibly more than half of s.c. "muslims" don't want this anti-Human Rights sharia, but sadly, islam has put all muslims under an apostasy ban, and Western idiots don't give freedom loving "muslims" a helping hand against sharia islam but instead help sharia islamists by calling sound criticism against islam "islamophobia". However, US is the real problem and China's stance against islamist extremism is now, funnily enough, the only defense for freedom and Human Rights - while UN has been hijacked by Saudi based and steered OIC. But wherever you see islamist uprising (e.g. near China or its belt-and-road) - check for US/CIA with a long history of meddling and militarism! US is turning peaceful belt and road into suffering and war - usually by using muslim extremism in the frontline together with massive propaganda via US controlled media and politics.

Nation of Islam: Black lives matter more than other races! Black is original! Peter Klevius: Aka supremacist racism! No, black is adaptive and isn't "original" at all because there's no "black gene". The darkest skin in the world is as far from Africa you can get - and the darkest African skin developed quite recently. And black skin is doomed to vanish anyway. And the Homo lineage was light skinned until 1.2 Myr when they were already all over the old world. And the oldest modern humans are light skinned mongoloids. Educate yourself.

Big Afropological words from a big (on the web) "Piltdown man" - with a PC dwarfed brain? John Hawks' "explanation" to how Homo floresiensis "travelled from Africa to Flores" wouldn't impress a 3-year old.

The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH explaining your brain and AI and what you thought was "consciousness".

Peter Klevius sex tutorial and suggestion for DSM-6. An analysis of sex segregation and heterosexual attraction.
It's an irony that China now seems to offer the only defense of those very Human Rights it's accused of not following - while the West supports islamism that violates those Human Rights (compare Saudi based and steered OIC's global sharia declaration against Human Rights). Moreover, apostasy (i.e. leaving islam, which is the worst crime in islam) and the fact that the muslim man determines the faith for the children no matter who is the mother, together have to be added to any estimation of muslim population growth.

US' and its puppets' Sinophobia campaign rooted in UK's appalling opium wars against Chinese people

US' and its puppets' Sinophobia campaign rooted in UK's appalling opium wars against Chinese people

Why do Sinophobic BBC and UK parliament call it "deradicalization" in UK, US and Saudi Arabia, but "genocide" in China?! And why wasn't one-child policy against Atheist Han Chinese called "genocide" while Uighur muslims were allowed to have many children?! Btw, e.g. Sweden abducts many more children than China does in Xinjiang - and for extremely questionable reasons (read Peter Klevius' thesis Pathological Symbiosis and ask yourself why Sweden gets away with its Human Rights violations). Answer: It's all about U.S. being a lousy loser and therefore behaving appalingly badly with smear, threats, illegal sanctions, militaristic aggression etc! Btw, China is already number one in economy and most technology - and accelerating compared to US. So you stupid US puppets - take note!

Shame on everyone who blinks Saudi based and steered OIC's anti-human rights sharia for all the world's muslims while spitting on China!

Should BBC and some politicians be put on a Nurenberg trial after this relentless and demonizing Sinophobia campaign and deliberate lies?

US is rottening fast and should therefore go for peace and cooperation! Despite using $-freeloading, sanctions, breaking treaties, murdering officials and politicians in other countries during state visits etc., hindering the use of tech previously used to monopolize US companies globally etc., US now wants to destroy Huawei and other Chinese companies, not for security but because US is inevitably losing the tech race. And no, it isn't the Chinese state support any more than US uses state support for force-feeding Apple, Google etc. and backed up by US state militaristic interventions, spying, interference, threats etc. globally. And China was the first to recognize the danger of Covid-19 - not "delaying" anything" but quite the contrary (see below)!
BBC News' deliberately misleading and dangerous anti-China rant 20200706:
"China ought to be our enemy! We can't do any business with China because of Hong Kong, and the sterilization of Uyghur muslims which some people (BBC and its cherry picked guests?!) think amounts to genocide". Peter Kleius: That Chinese muslims should follow the same laws as other Chinese, and that China uses similar deradicalization programmes proposed in the West, BBC thinks is "suppression". And volontary sterilization in the West BBC calls "genocide" in China. And Hong Kong's security law is similar to those in the West - and not as bad as US - and are definitely neccessary to keep "one nation" together under the immense pressure from US and its puppet regimes.

2020 4th of July: Peter Klevius wonders when US women will get the same rights as Chinese women - ERA is still lacking from US constitution? Article 2, Chinese constitution: Women shall enjoy equal rights with men in all aspects of political, economic, cultural, social and family life. Peter Klevius also wonders why aggressive and assertive US attacks peaceful China (every schism has US fingerprints) while siding with the war crimes committing murdeous islamofascist Saudi dictator family whose OIC sharia clearly denies eqaulity for women?! China is doing more good to more people than any other country today. Is this the reason?!
20200701: BBC News asks for war against China but complains "we have only two aircraft carriers". Peter Klevius wonders how sick BBC has become?!

20200618: Why is the most cemtral witness, Inge Morelius (later aka Mårelius) in the Swedish PM Palme's murder case, deleted by Google's search engine from Peter Klevius revealing murder analysis?!

20200616: When China discovers Covid-19 with a European DNA profile on a cutting board for Norwegian salmon, the BBC thinks it's the communist party.
Why is BBC so quiet about Churchill's secret (until 2018) pact with Stalin in 1939 which would have divided Scandinavia between Russia and UK?! And US' NATO puppet Jens Stoltenberg repeats like a parrot his master's voice against China - while a civil war is going on inside NATO between Greece and Turkey.
African Pygmy lives matter!

Colonized and enslaved for more than 3,500 years by the Eurasian intruders we now call Bantu etc. Africans.

It's a senseless irony that "Africans" (Bantus etc. newcomers) who enslaved and mixed with original Africans (Khoisan and especially Pygmies from whom they got their phenotype) and later were enslaved by muslim Arabs and their "African" collaborators now get a brain drop at the West African ports where islam exported slaves. Any old African genes come from Khoisan and Pygmies - and ultimately out of Asia - not Africa. "Out-of-Africa" and BLM are created by white idiots and only feed supremacism. Read "out-of-Africa" more dangerous than the Piltdown hoax.

Peter Klevius 20200604: What if Floyd had been white or Chinese?! And the officers members of Nation of Islam? And how do we even know that any racism was involved? And what about a fair trial? All human lives matter!

20200603: UK's Sinophobic right wing anti-EU migration Brexiters now want to import 3 million Chinese from Hong Kong!?
20200529: In its everyday Sinophobia rant BBC today managed in one sentence to accuse Chinese, China and Xi separately - and even missing the stock smear, i.e. the "communist party". However in a very near future China will develop and export a world leading ecosystem of non-US software, hardware, fintech, social media, telecom infrastructure etc. that everyone will long for. Stubborn and dumb stiff lipped Sinophobes will become Neanderthals in no time. Sadly few politicians understand how powerful Chinese tech development is. Japan did the same but wasn't hampered by Maoist communism and was ten times smaller. High IQ and an Atheist culture they both have in common.

The pro-Saudi and anti-China "party-within" UK's governing party is committing long term criminal harm to UK. China is the future and US is rottening with accelerating speed (the desperate sanctions against China tell it all). Only tech cooperation with China will benefit Brits and Americans. So why are UK politicians and BBC so eager to shoot their own PM and the Brits in the foot by being dictated by Pompeo, Trump and the Saudi dictator family, and boosted by a general Sinophobia racism? The "communist" scare mongering has no relevance because in practice China behaves in no way different than US - but is under constant smear and subversion attacks. And China's surveillance has actually developed less fast than that of US. US is a rogue state state state state that murders and surveils in other countries (e.g. murdered top politician in Iran and surveilled Merkel - and you). And who likes ISIS and al-Qaeda etc. Uyghur jihadi terrorists anyway? Pompeo, Erdogan and Saudi steered islamofascists.

20200522: BBC and some right wing MPs call it a "draconian move" when China wants to stop foreign interference and people using Molotov cocktails. Really! So what about in UK?!

20200518: BBC again repeated the anti-China lie about "a silenced doctor" by inviting the former right wing and pro-Saudi (anti-)EU Research Group - now (anti-)China Research Group. How bad a journalist isn't Sarah Montague then when she didn't even try to question it - or is she muffled?! Eye dr. Li Wenliang wrongly spread out it could be SARS. It wasn't and just one hour later - and long before any police etc. had contacted him - he corrected his mistake (see fact check below).
$-freeloader US provoking China with war ships while simultaneously "leaking" "classified" rumours. Why?! Its Sinophobia is all about trying to stop China's success as the foremost spreader of wealth and high tech both in China and the world. It's not the leadership but China's success that US can't stand.

BBC sides with whoever Sinophobes - and would probably even have used Goebbels against China if he was still around. UK universities etc. are littered with dangerous Saudi (OIC) anti-Human Rights sharia jihad propaganda (incl. supprt of IS Utghur jihadi) - yet China has always been aggressively smeared all the way since UK's opium war attacks on China when it was declared "inferior" and "uncivilized". Today the problem seems to be that China is too superior and too civilized - but thankfully they have a "communist" party to blame, although the leadership has behaved better than most in the West. And when BBC talks about the "West" against China it actually means US spy organization Five Eyes (with the puppet states Australia, UK, Canada and NZ) and whoever other Sinophobes it can find elsewhere - like the Israel supporting and anti-muslim right wing Axel Springer, Europe's largest media (practically a monpoly) which is accused of e.g. censorship and interference in other countries (just like state media BBC).

Should China sue BBC and UK (not to mention US) and the far-right, anti-China and anti-muslim UK "think tank" the Jackson Society (with associated Sinophobic MPs and lords) - whose Sinophobia (disguised as "against communism" etc.) complements leftist and pro-sharia jihad muslims BBC which now so eagerly gives it a platform, as well as the closely connected US spy organization Five Eyes which has demonized China for years long before Huawei or Covid-19? The lies about China they have spread are indistinguishable from those of Pompeo and Trump. Is this baseless (compared to US/UK) hate mongering really conducive to the welfare of UK? And when China reacts to this massive Sinophobia campaign then BBC calls it "aggressive Chinese propaganda".

US "warns" about China "stealing" vaccine info because US knows that China now produces much better research than US.

BBC anti-China fake 20200506: "Hundreds if not thousands of people were likely to have been infected in Wuhan, at a time when Chinese officials said there were only a few dozen cases." Peter Klevius fact check: BBC deliberately conflates real time confirmed knowledge with calculations in retrospect.

US has made all the mistakes it accuses China for. Here's one from the top of the iceberg: Whistleblower Dr. Rick Bright, the director of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, pressed for urgent access to funding, personnel and clinical specimens, including viruses, which he emphasized were all critically necessary to begin development of lifesaving medicines needed in the likely event that the virus spread outside of SE Asia. He was then cut out of critical meetings for raising early alarm about the virus and ousted from his position.

Chinese 5G much more reliable than US' Five Eyes, the world's most dangerous misinfo and conspiracy spreading US spy and smear organization (together with its puppet states UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) which "leaked" a 15-page dossier alleging "probing the possibility" the virus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. As Peter Klevius has said before, it didn't come from bats to humans but from some other host animal. Fake news and anti-China propaganda videos are making false and unfounded claims about "delays" and "late" human to human transmission report. Again, it was only in retrospect anyone could have known the nature of early cases. Many weren't even connectded to the wet market and many weren't affected at all despite intimate contact. Moreover, the wrong early SARS diagnosis was corrected the very same day but spread by a "whistleblower" eye doctor (see fact check below). And despite being first affected China acted better than US etc. countries. 5eyes equals Nazi Goebbels in propaganda misinfo. Every single accusation so far has built on deliberate distortion of facts. And possble improvements in retrospect would have been exactly the same in even the best of Western countroes.

Peter Klevius to Chinese people: I'm not a racist - although I certainly look like one.

Origin of Sinophobia: The 19th century Opium Wars were triggered by UK's imposition of the opium trade upon China. Lord Palmerston regarded the Chinese as uncivilized and suggested that the British must attack China to show up their superiority as well as to demonstrate what a "civilized" nation could do. The resulting concession of Hong Kong compromised China's territorial sovereignty. There's also the background to South China Sea.

"God", "Allah", or whichever "monotheistic" idol is a pathetic fallacy and "monotheism" is a ridiculous and dangerous self-delusion because your "god" is used to defend the undefendable. There are equally many "gods" as there are individuals - and the collective "god" only functions as cherry picked confirmation of the individual's "god". However, the collective "god" may combine individual evil - never individual good, because that can only be achieved by (negative) Human Rights. After all, as Peter Klevius always has said, the only way of being fully human is to allow others full humanhood (what else could possibly unite all humans) - without religious impositions/exclusions.

Pentagon, islam - and China?!

Pentagon, islam - and China?!

Peter Klevius asks for an independent international inquiry on BBC's racist Sinophobia and its support of sharia islamism - incl. how many victims and suffering it has caused because of its worldwide propaganda influence.

In the early 1990's US accused Japan of selling superior cars in US without buying crappy cars from US. And a congress woman warned for tech theft if selling US planes to Japan - but was told that those planes wouldn't even fly without Japanese high tech. At the same time EU was created to build a trade wall against Japanese products. However, Japan is more than ten times smaller than China - and isn't at the hotbed of different coronaviruses in SE Asia.
Peter Klevius EMAH theory (1992) on "consciousness" - the only one that fits empirical evidence.

Sinophobic BBC working hard for a Coup d'état together with Saudi loving and China hating MPs against PM Boris Johnson.

Peter Klevius wonders why Sinophobic state media BBC (with Tom Tugendhat etc.) goes against the state (PM, MI6 etc.) in being so extremely worried about unfounded claims about China while having no problem with the threats posed by the worst of the worst, the islamofascist Saudi dictator family's influence over UK - and BBC?!

20200417: BBC's Sinophobic muslim Razia Iqbal together with Tom Tugendhat arrange a pathetic propaganda theatre of BBC's 22:00 news hour for the most senseless and even childish smearing of China. And how can this clown (just listen to his laughter etc.!) be a leader of UK's foreign affairs committee?! Moreover, Razia Iqbal even uses Trump as an expert! Desperate...!

20200416: State media BBC's Sinophobic Uganda rooted muslim Razia Iqbal lies about Chinese "racism" against Ugandans without telling that it was a local matter that was caused by some Africans linked to a cluster of cases in the Nigerian community in Guangzhou at a time when China had already curbed Covid-19. At least eight people diagnosed with the illness had spent time in the city's Yuexiu district, known as "Little Africa". Five were Nigerian nationals who faced widespread anger - not for being Africans but because of reports that they had broken a mandatory quarantine and been to eight restaurants and other public places instead of staying home. As a result, nearly 2,000 people they came into contact with had to be tested for Covid-19 or undergo quarantine. Guangzhou had confirmed 114 imported coronavirus cases – 16 of which were Africans. The rest were returning Chinese nationals.

20200407a.m.: UK's best PM, Boris Johnson, is much shorter (same as Einstein and Klevius dad) than Trump - but also much more intelligent. It's OK to say so when Trump is white - and loves to play on height, right?
20200412: The reason the Chinese government wanted extra control of DNA results was the previous failed report (see below) which wrongly indicated SARS. However, British media (BBC etc.) blatantly lie about it and first accused Shi Zhengli's lab for spreading infected bats, while some weeks later making her a hero and accusing the government. And no, it didn't spread from bats - but possibly from civet cats. Suspected animals are now forbidden from the market.

Dear reader, if you think Peter Klevius has a problem with self-assertion you're very wrong. Apart from it being connected to Peter Klevius criticism of citation cartels (see Demand for Resources, 1992:40-44) Peter Klevius main problem is your self-assertion.

Demand for Resources

Is this MP a clown?

SINOPHOBIA RACISM. US tries to pull you away from Chinese high tech superiority so US can keep feeding you with its outdated tech and influence - just as it used to do with cars and wars. Your pick: US militarism with Saudi led islamofascism - or highspeed Chinatech towards Chinese democracy and global wealth. China is the very opposite to Cuba - and already, in practise, almost identical to Western governments. Excluding China only prolongs the democratic process - and even speeds up China's high tech inside its 1.4 billion market.

UK/Matt Hancock (20200402): "We will work (against Covid19) with our friends and allies." Peter Klevius: That excludes the best, i.e. China, which you, on order from US, have declared an "unfriendly enemy"!

Peter Klevius fact check: "COVID-19 has a natural origin and there is no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered" (Nature). China swiftly sequenced and shared the genome worldwide. China's remarkable response on all stages was praised by WHO (but not BBC) and is in line with its superior tech advances (Mao's China would never have made it). There isn't a trace of an alleged (by BBC etc. fakes) Chinese Covid19 reporting "delay" that wouldn't have been bigger in the West. And the reason is that
for China good reputation is all that matters - now when it has already won the tech competition. China's defense against West's smear campaign is called "propaganda" in the West. Dear US, it's time to behave! You lost the tech war to little Japan long ago. Now you've lost it against big China. Get over it. So Peter Klevius advises: Do as Wall Street, shake hands instead of producing unfounded Sinophobic smear propaganda!

Covid19 timeline
17 November 2019: A retrospectively confirmed case.
1 December 2019: The first known patient started experiencing symptoms but had not been to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. No epidemiological link could be found between this case and later cases.
8–18 December 2019: Seven cases later diagnosed as COVID19 were documented; only two of them were linked with the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.
18-29 December 2019: Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) that will eventually be used for viral genome sequencing is collected from patients.
25 December 2019: Wuhan Fifth Hospital gastroenterology director Lu Xiaohong reported suspected infection by hospital staff.
26 December 2019: Zhang Jixian identified a CT scan that showed a different pattern from other viral pneumonia.
27 December 2019: She reported to Jianghan district CCDC with four cases. During the following two days, the hospital received three similar cases, who all came from Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. The hospital reported to the provincial and city CDC directly which initiated a field investigation with a retrospective search for pneumonia patients potentially linked to the market. They found additional such patients and on 30 December, health authorities from Hubei Province reported this cluster to CCDC who immediately sent experts to Wuhan to support the investigation. Samples from these patients were obtained for laboratory analyses.
30 December 2019: Wuhan Municipal Health Committee informed WHO, Weibo etc. about an "urgent notice on the treatment of pneumonia of unknown cause". There had been "a successive series of patients with unexplained pneumonia recently." However, a DNA report inaccurately indicated SARS on one patient. Late same day (17:43) ophthalmologist Li Wenliang WeChatted "There were 7 confirmed cases of SARS at Huanan Seafood Market." He included a patient's CT scan. At 18:42, he admitted that it wasn't proven SARS.
31 December 2019: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were alerted by China of an unexplained "cluster of 27 cases of pneumonia” in Wuhan.

US worst nightmare is a democratic China - which wouldn't change China but make it even more like one-party "democracies" in the West - because that would mean losing US only argument. US deliberately seeks Sinophobic confrontational aggression against China - which hampers the development and peace of the world.

US island puppets against China and EU. US, who used to treat Japan as it now treats China, is now parasitizing on former enemy Japan in an (in vane) effort to keep China high tech down, and on the much tinier UK ally to trouble EU.

Something sinister is behind when Sinophobic far right extremist politicians so desperately risk future development in UK with false accusations of "possible risks in the future", skewed presentations, and unfounded demonization of Chinese high tech. And while Klevius is posting this, all in his machine is spied on and sent to US. And why is BBC constantly only hosting Sinophobic guests who also happen to be supporters of the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and happy to allow US spying on you via US companies? The only risk Huawei poses is that the Chinese state gets fed up and makes it illegal to sell Chinese top tech to UK. China is the future of high tech, so stepping off the bus means retardation. Btw, the two main accusations against China could easily be made against US/UK as well. China wants to trade and therefore doesn't want to risk reputation. US doesn't bother about its reputation. And when it comes to clean up muslim "communities" from islamofascist extremists there's really no other difference than in numbers. Moreover, NATO/Turkey uses extremist Uyghurs against civilians in e.g. Idlib - and hypocritically accuse China when these jihadi return.

Klevius to women: NATO makes a deal with the Taliban to continue sharia oppression of women, and NATO+IS=true because NATO is the main culprit behind the suffering in Idlib. Without the support from NATO the worst muslim terrorist group would never have survived. Like IS, NATO ally Hayat Tahrir al-Sham wants to create an islamic state. Turkey/NATO backs SNA well knowing that it's together with HTS. I.e. a NATO member state invades its neighbor, sides with terrorists and gets full support from NATO when its soldiers get killed while helping the terrorists. And what about Yemen?!

Peter Klevius to climatists: Sinophobia is a threat to the environment, because China has the slowest population growth and is the the least per capita polluter of main economies (see table below) and the main producer of alternative and conventional super high tech! Moreover, China lacks the same proportion of natural resources as e.g. Sweden, Norway etc. (e.g. hydropower) but instead has to deal with the dust smog blowing from the Gobi desert and the extreme cold from the north. And China bears the manufacturing pollution for products other countries then consume and profit on.

NATO (Turkey supported by US/UK) is siding with the worst muslim terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (some 10,000 IS jihadi) against the people of Idlib while BBC News spreads misinfo propaganda against Syria, Russia and Iran - and nothing about the Saudi dictator family.

BBC (20200217) wants to stop Chinese tech because China opposes islamofascist Uyghurs. Klevius suggests the world should stop dealing with US/UK because of involvement in war crimes and genoscides against Shia muslims.

Why is Wikipedia allowed to spread polemical, tendentious and deliberately misleading info about islam? And not a word about islam's original supremacist enslavement, booty and humiliation ideology?! This misinfo is the most harmful of all!

From a true (negative) Human Rights, as well as from a historical perspective, original islam may rather be seen as original fascism. The oldest Koranic texts and the historically verified beginning of islam both emphasize supremacism as the main tenet (blamed/excused on "Allah"). Islam conserves racism, sexism and supremacism as pointed out by true muslims (aka "fundamentalists") reinforced through sharia (e.g. by Saudi based and steered OIC's world sharia which is heavily criticized both by Klevius and the Council of Europe etc.). Islamic (and therefore muslim) supremacism is easily distinguished as it doesn't approve of Human Rights equality.

And why does Wikipedia deliberately conflate the history of islam with the fairy tales of believers in islam?!

Sinophobia is racism but "islamophobia" is criticism of an ideology. "Islamophobia" shouters are directly responsible for islamic hate crimes based on Koranic texts and hitting children of "infidels".

The Saudi-US-UK axis of evil

Chinese eyes less intrusive than Five Eyes (US and its puppets) - because China prioritizes trade and reputation while US prioritizes global spying, meddling and military control. The Saudi loving US puppets Duncan Smith, Davis, Paterson, Green, Ellwood and Seely etc. produce baseless "security" arguments for Sinophobic MPs.

U.S. flu this season Feb. 2020: 19 million illnesses, 180,000 hospitalizations, and over 10,000 deaths (China has a third less common flu than US). 2019-nCoV, 6 Feb. 2020 (estim. total death rate 0.1-0.2%, i.e. same as common flu): 28,018 cases (not illnesses) and 563 deaths. Did the eye doctors SARS rant on social media delay response in China? It wasn't SARS but much closer to common flu - but without vaccine. Instead of assisting, US/UK/BBC did the utmost to smear China with it!

Klevius warning to Finland (and the rest of the world): Don't be useful idiots in US' export of militarism! It will create tension and pull fire on you in a conflict. Four balancing power blocs is safer than one or two. Moreover, China will become the world's first true democracy thanks to AI. Don't let Sinophobia blind you. US is going down unless it starts cooperating instead of trying to rule the world. Non 5G iPhone sells well - in US - where there's no true 5G.

BBC's bigoted and hypocritical Pakistan rooted, Saudi raised and Cambridge schooled "muslim" (no veil, no Ramadan fasting, but yes to alcohol etc.) presenter Mishal Husain, like many Saudi/OIC supporters, represents the "security risk" between islam's "core" (OIC sharia) and "periphery" (e.g. "Euro-islam", "cultural islam" etc.).

Peter Klevius suggests cooperation instead of unfounded incl. religious) hate!

Klevius is ashamed over hateful, racist Western Sinophobia - and support of hateful sharia jihad. BBC's sharia supporting (?) muslim Mishal Husain now eagerly sides with Sinophobic extreme right wing politicians who support Saudi islamofascism but demonize China and Chinese (except if critcical of China). Sinophobes would treat China exactly the same if it copied US "democracy".

BBC today (20200129) forgot to tell about China already having isolated the virus for vaccine (and helped Australians to do so).
However, BBC repeatedly lied that the death rate is 20%. Common flu and the new corona virus deaths (~2%) are extremely rare outside very vulnerable groups - who don't travel much.

BBC, who otherwise don't hesitate to spit on Trump, has no problem using his advisor when it comes to racist Sinophobia against Huawei. US is blackmailing UK so to hinder China's tech success and the "security issue" is actually US itself.

Niklas Arnberg, Swedish professor in virology: "Considerably higher mortality than ordinary flu." BBC: "Death toll rises as disease spreads from China."
Peter Klevius: Both are faking! Arnberg used overall death numbers although most (all?!) of these deaths have been people who could have died from ordinary flu as well. And do you really think BBC would ever have written similarly about the deadly camel flu from Saudi Arabia?!

Why is BBC spending so much more time on a 2019 flu from China than on the much deadlier 2019 camel flu from Saudi Arabia?!

Why is BBC only talking about Jewish victims - and why is BBC silent about the fact that most "anti-semites" (i.e. anti-Jews) are muslims? Holocaust: 6 million Jews and 11 million "others" were murdered by the German government for various discriminatory practices due to their ethnicity, Atheism, or LGBT+.
Hitler: "All character training must be derived from faith." Himmler: ""We believe in a God Almighty who stands above us; he has created the earth, the Fatherland, and he has sent us the Führer. Any human being who does not believe in God should be considered arrogant, megalomaniacal, and stupid." Klevius (the Atheist "other"): That's a description of me by most Americans and muslims. Btw, why are muslim sex predators (compare Koran and sex slaves) from Pakistan called "Asians"?! And why have they been protected while Klevius has been muffled?!

Islam trumps LGBT rights in English schools - and hateful sexist and racist muslim supremacism defending BBC is silent as usual (e.g. about Parkfield Community School 2020).

Klevius: Do you really support US/UK/BBC's disgusting racist Sinophobia madness - and their support and use of anti-Human Rights muslim islamism?! Wikipedia: In the Xinjiang riots Turkic speaking Uyghur muslims shouted/posted "kill the Han (Chinese) and Hui (Chinese speaking muslims)"!

Why is BBC so silent about Iran Air Flight 655 that was recklessly shot down by US over Iran territory killing 290 incl. 66 children?! Is it the new US puppet empire agenda? Did US aggression also cause the latest plane crash?

When BBC announces "the threats of 2020" the murders, terrorism and war crimes committing Saudi dictator family isn't included. As isn't US/UK militaristic meddling and proxy wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq etc. However, China's peaceful trade and high tech manufacturing is!?

Saudi based and steered Human Rights violator OIC is the main legal guidance for the world's sharia muslims. BBC eagerly supports it by neglecting to criticize it while spitting on those who do. OIC's Cairo Declaration on "Human Rights" in Islam (CDHRI) is against freedom of religion - but abuses real Human Rights for the promotion of anti-Human Rights sharia islam. The CDHRI concludes in Articles 24 and 25 that all rights and freedoms mentioned are subject to the Islamic sharia, which is the declaration's sole source. OIC hence keeps the gate open for continued islamofascism in the "muslim world" - and as a convenient tool for meddling in "hostile states".

BBC calls critics in Russia and terrorists in Hong Kong "opponents" but similar people "security risk" if in UK. And has no problem with a real freedom fighter like Assagne to rotten in a UK jail and to be extradited to possibly 175 years in prison in the US. You believer in "islamophobia"! Doesn't it scare you that if Peter Klevius is right about islam but wouldn't say anything, then who would when you're doomed on the market if you do? If Marx had been called a "messenger" then Marxism would have been protected by freedom of religion, and critics called "Marxophobes". All "monotheist" religions make excuses not to fully accept Human Rights equality, but islam is by far the worst - not the least due to its origin and the fact that it's protected, unlike other threats to Human Rights. Whereas totalitarian Marxism used to be the enemy of the West, today US is on the totalitarian islamofascist side using it for Saudi gains against declared "enemies". It's truly a grim irony when BBC protects islamofascist terrorist groups by telling you that the suffering in Syria is due to the Syrian government and Russia. US could stop the muslim terrorist groups at any time - but doesn't because it wants the war and suffering to continue.

Peter Klevius fact/fake check: Why does Google (and BBC) lie and fake straight up your face about China?! When searching for 'world's biggest per capita polluters' China comes up with extra big letters despite being one of the least polluting of major economies (47th on a reliable polluters list). Moreover, China is not only the world leader for alternative technologies, but its pollution number also includes the biggest production of products exported and consumed all over the world outside China. Source: EDGAR and incl. all human activities leading to climate relevant emissions, except biomass/biofuel combustion (short-cycle carbon).

Peter Klevius Christmas greeting to BBC and Tesco: Ever thought about the possibility that muslim islamists don't like making Christmas cards but are encouraged by US/UK/BBC etc. to smear China. "We are foreign prisoners (muslims?) in Shanghai Qingpu prison China. Forced to work against our will (islamic Christophobia?). Please help us and notify human rights (ultimate bigotry if sharia muslims ask for HR) organisation (Saudi based and steered OIC?!)."

US/UK (NATO) don't accept muslims like Uighur islamists (other than as proxy soldiers) - but demand China to accept them.

NATO's Sinophobia is a threat to world peace, environment and prosperity. NATO is all about US monopolizing space for its own militarism and to block China's success? In 1990s Russia was proposed as a member of NATO but is now demonized by US/UK (and BBC) as the "main enemy" together with "the challenge from China" (sic). But NATO members are guilty of offensive wars, occupations, annexations, use of chemical weapons, use of islamist terrorists, foreign interventions, extrajudicial murderings in other countries - and use of similar muslim "re-education" camps as China (why not just criminalize original evil islam?!). NATO (US) threatens the free flow of tech and wealth, and provokes hate and defensive attitudes among Chinese - hence forcing China (world leader in tech) using its financial muscles more for defense (China can't be starved like USSR in 1980s) than environment. Btw, Chinese per capita GDP is 1/3 of US, and total GDP much bigger than US - and faster growing. A fraction of the effort given to demonize "islamophobic" islam criticim, would do wonders to reduce Sinophobic racism against Chinese. And stop using the "Communist threat". China is now a capitalist country similar to Western powers - except technologically much better (and the West copies everything China does in surveillance). Do you really think much would change if China would be fully democratic - except chaos caused by NATO? NATO (US/UK) would be equally Sinophobic. In fact, what is called "democracy" in the West functions quite similarly as the leadership in China. Media propaganda, lying politicians and empty promises combined with silencing the real issues (compare BBC's fake "news") - and therefore a truly democratic vote. Moreover, the only reason capitalist China has a non-democratic leadership for the moment is precisely its justified fear for leaving it vulnerable for what happened in the past when UK and US meddled and attacked with great suffering for the Chinese people. NATO should turn against the real evil, the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

England voted (for the second time) against Merkel’s islam import from Turkey.

Can islam be rehabilitated from its evil origin and deeds - and can unrehabilitated islam be allowed in public and private spheres?

Why is Saudi based and steered OIC's Islamic State of Gambia accusing Aung San Suu Kyi for the consequences of islamofascism OIC's sharia protects - and why isn't the murderous islamofascist war criminal and genocide committing Saudi dictator "prince" accused of anything? And why is BBC's leading muslim extremist propaganda presenter Mishal Husain allowed to "present" an absolutely one-sided pro islamist picture for BBC's compulsory fee paying listeners?

"British" nationalist hypocrisy: Get back control - and meddle, influence, intervene, spy and control all over the world.

More than half of muslims in UK are "islamophobes" (against sharia) - just like Peter Klevius, Council of Europe etc. - but opposite to BBC and many UK politicians (source: A survey of UK’s muslim communities by Martyn Frampton, David Goodhart and Khalid Mahmood MP).

BBC awards a white man who plays an odd sport few are interested in the title of "sports personality of the year 2019". Why?! Because cricket is a "british" colonial sports and also fits BBC's special interest in "asians" - but couldn't find a "british asian" good enough.

One Atheism and three "monotheist" religions

One Atheism and three "monotheist" religions

Muslims attacking in the footsteps of Jews

Muslims attacking in the footsteps of Jews

Peter Klevius and re-visitors in Buchenwald 1990

Is BBC killing UK democracy and paving the way for islamofascism?
BBC undermines your most basic Human Rights. BBC's "islamophobia" propaganda machine (incl. Sayeeda Warsi) boosts OIC islam while neglecting Council of Europe's sharp ("islamophobic") criticism of OIC's world sharia (Cairo declaration). SO HOW COME THAT BBC IS ALLOWED TO MEDDLE IN THE VOTING PROCESS BY ATTACKING AND SMEARING THOSE CANDIDATES WHO SHARE THE VIEW OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE - not to mention the anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948?! And how come that racism against e.g. Polish and other EU people in UK is of no interest for BBC while the "problem" of "islamophobia" fills all BBC "news"?

How Merkel paved the way for Brexit (Erdogan deal) and aided jihad in EU. NATO (US) with former fascist state Germany now sides with islamofascism - especially Erdogan's Ottoman aspirations - and supports Uyghur jihadism in hope of placing NATO (i.e. US) nukes between Russia and China. Peter Klevius wonders whether this ill-directed jihad propaganda will promote peace and safety?
The world bully U.S. thinks it owns and rules the world after having colonized it via dollar manipulation, infiltration, spying, meddling, sanctions and the unscrupulous use of militants and militarism.
Thanks to the global dollar scam, Americans have been freeloaders on the rest of the world, the biggest per capita polluters and the U.S. by far the biggest threat to world peace via weapons built with money it stole from the world. Said by Peter Klevius who has been an anti-socialist all his life. Btw. the world's industrial revolution didn's start in England but in Sweden already in the late 17th century by inventor Christopher Polhem and capitalist Gabriel Stierncrona. Without Polhem's automation to get the rich Swedish iron ore from the mains, England had no chance to start real industrial production.

A nun's gear doesn't sign other women as "whores". However, what about a woman in an islamic "chastity" gear?

K.S. Lal (a giant among historians): Mahmud of Ghazni had marched into Hindustan again and again to wage jihad and spread the Muhammadan religion, to lay hold of its wealth, to destroy its temples, to enslave its people, sell them abroad and thereby earn profit, and to add to muslim numbers by converting the captives.

Is BBC 100% steered by muslims? Not only can you ever hear anything critical about islam and muslims - but all main channels are also occupied by sharia (OIC) supporting (i.e. against basic Human Rights equality) muslims. Nazir Afzal ('Moral maze', news, culture etc.), Mishal Husain (news, culture etc.), Samira Ahmed (news, culture etc.), Razia Iqbal (news, culture etc.). And they all keep cheating the public about it and instead pointing finger to "dumb and hateful xenophobes". Not a word about e.g. Council of Europe's harsh critcism (see below) of muslims biggest sharia organization, the Saudi based and steered OIC. Foreigners isn't the peoblem - sharia islam is!

BBC's muslims and their PC supporters also meddle in UK election by demonizing "islamophobia", i.e. trying to stop critcs of islamofascism.

Muslim child/youth fascism induced by an islam interpretation from family and strengthened by PC media, politicians etc.

The Saudi Aramco confidence scam

Peter Klevius: Everyone - incl. every muslim who respects Human Rights - ought to make sure to vote for an "islamophobe"! BBC and Sayeeda Warsi will make their utmost to stop critics of islamofascism in the election. Don't be robbed of your democratic right. And of course you know that the only real problem with migration is islamofascism.

BBC's "man in Hong Kong" asked street terror leader Joshua Wong if they could possibly escalate violence. And they could. One day later they put a Chinese on fire in a murder attempt.

BBC dosn't want to save 4,000 steel-workers' jobs because "it's a Chinese buyer and because of the leadership". However, BBC doesn't complain about the murderous and islamofascist Saudi leadership and more than 200 UK/Saudi joint ventures between UK and Saudi companies, and some 100,000 Saudi nationals in UK (equivalent to 14 Million Chinese).

BBC, in an interview about Corbyn, also desperately tries to agitate for more militarism and use of nukes
- although fact being that a UK with nukes and war meddling globally may draw more attention and due risk for the Brits than without.

Peter Klevius: The Saudi Aramco sale is the biggest ripoff in the world. If there's any future in oil and you don't care about environment, then why buy what's at its peak when Venezuela's PDVSA is bigger and as low it can get?!

Are you an "islamophobe" if you don't like islamist Human Rights violations? Islam has (via OIC's sharia declaration) abandoned the most basic anti-fascist Human Rights from 1948. Islam is hence the only religion in doing so - not even the Catholics have needed to replace Human Rights with "Catholic human rights".

The seed for world fascism is dormant in Saudi based and steered OIC's world sharia - opposed by ECHR and Peter Klevius, but supported by Sayeeda Warsi.

Sayeeda Warsi, UK's biggest "islamophobia" shouting mouth against Human Rights, is for OIC sharia

Sayeeda Warsi, UK's biggest "islamophobia" shouting mouth against Human Rights, is for OIC sharia

While US/UK aim for militarism and war China aims for health and wealth.

While US/UK aim for militarism and war China aims for health and wealth.
How could the Brexit party possibly avoid the Parliament. Breakit instead of Brexit because what's the point of leaving one EU while still staying in an other called UK? England voted leave.

However, unfortunately BBC demonizes China on behalf of UK's relying on militarist meddling, weapons sales and islamofascist sharia finance. So you see the solution: Cut off sharia etc. islamofascist ties and open up for prospering with China - not the over-selfish game of spying and dying of US.

BBC boosts stupid nationalist "Britishness" with peculiar "sports" like cricket and rugby because the world has already "colonized" football and the English language is a global property.

1 Nov 2019 BBC's Sinophobic muslim presenter Razia Iqbal spent most of World Tonight ("in depth news reporting and intelligent analysis from a global perspective") to defend muslim connected street terror in Hong Kong while smearing China. However, nothing about muslims in UK attacking journalists and non-muslims celebrating the Diwali which is globally seen as 'a day of light and hope'. The rest of the time Razia Iqbal boosted rugby. Intelligent? No. Propagandistic, tendentious, bigoted, hypocritical and misinforming while neglecting - yes.

Nigel Farage is like BBC against "islamophobia" and pro-Saudi - but Boris Johnson doesn't like letter boxes and was criticized by Theresa May for being critical against the Saudis while serving as her foreign minister.

China (laws against sharia islamofascism) and EU (Human Rights against sharia islamofascism) are now the only ones protecting basic (negative*) Human Rights.
* Religious people and socialists don't like negative Human Rights simply because they prefer collectives ("communities") rather than individuals. That's why the web is full of misinfo about these rights. Read Peter Klevius definition instead if you want a deep view - or listen to Lauren Chen starting from 7:11 if you want it light
The Saudi "custodian of islam" has some 1.5 billion "citizens" in the muslim world Ummah nation - and demands the world to bow them no matter what (as long they aren't Shia or so, of course). China, on the other hand, keeps its citizens and laws within its own borders. IS islam IS fascism and islam (even the archbishop agrees). So why is sharia fascism not separated from an "islam" that submits to basic Human Rights? As it stands now Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia (the 1990 Cairo declaration) still stands as the basic Human Rights violation via sharia muslims all over the world. And whereas China actively tries to erase sharia islamofascism, EU keeps promoting import of it while judicially telling us it's not right, yet doing nothing to stop it.
Unlike the West, China hasn't aggressively meddled militaristically in other countries around the world, but rather being the world's foremost spreader of new technology and wealth. And whereas the West has eagerly supported Mohammed's totalitarian aims, China has, in practise, implemented in law most of the Human Rights advices that The Council of Europe has directed against OIC. Against this background West's Saudi backing and China smearing is deeply bigoted and hypocritical.

John le Carré: I'm depressed and ashamed of British nationalism. Nationalism needs enemies but today we really have no identifiable enemies except among ourselves.

North Atlantic (sic) Treaty Organization invades a country in Mideast and attacks (with chemical weapons) a people without a country

UK's Brexit business model: Sharia finance, weapons sale and militaristic meddling?UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (sic) and Global Neo-Imperialist and Militarist Meddling, Jeremy Hunt, 15 Oct. 2019: It's wrong to accuse Donald Trump - it's Americans isolationism because American taxpayers don't want to pay between 1/2 and 2/3 of the defense of Europe. And Turkey is very skilled at finding wedges and gaps between allies. UK should be EU's bridge to US.
Peter Klevius: No, EU should take care of its own defense - against whom? The Saudi dictator family who is the world's no 1 spender on weapons and islamic terror incitement and who hates EU's anti-sharia legislation? And UK taxpayers should not have to pay more for dangerous militarism. Militaristic meddling is a bad and dangerous business idea.

Read K.S. Lal (free online) on islam's evil spread!

A Google (i.e. U.S. web monopoly) search (20191006) reports 'islamists Hong Kong' "missing". Really! No islamists in Hong Kong? Peter Klevius also wonders if EU citizens in UK are UKongers and can peacefully demand the same rights as Joshua Wong violently demands (and eagerly broadcasted by BBC) for Hong Kongers?

Are EU citizens in UK included in Tom Tugenhadt's "British people"?

Sinophobe Tom Tugendhat, chair of UK's Foreign Affairs Committee (who has studied islam and Arabic in Mideast) suggests that English speaking universities should consider banning Chinese students because "they might be used as leverage like Huawei". Peter Klevius wonders if one could be any more racist than this, and if he doesn't see any islamofascist sharia supremacist "leverage" at all? Btw, there are more than 50,000 Chinese muslims in Hong Kong. Peter Klevius wonders how many of them are "radical" ones and participate in BBC's lengthy anti-China propaganda "news" - while the world doesn't suffer from Chinese but from muslim violence and Human Rights violations?

BBC's Mark Mardell couldn't get a visa to China because of his extreme and hateful Sinophobia - but that didn't stop him/BBC from producing a fake anti-China program series while pretending to be there. Is Sinophobia really better than cooperation?

US/UK destroyed the lives of millions of Chinese during more than hundred years of evil militaristic meddling. BBC is now busy smearing China all the time while supporting Saudi islamofascism and violent Hong Kong demonstrators - but neglecting the mass of peaceful pro-China demonstrators. BBC also "worries" about Chinese "surveillance state" while the truth is China's technological superiority. US is much more insidious in its surveillance policies but lacks the techno - can't even produce a working 5G so far. US/UK follow exactly China but utilize the meantime to smear it. And who is really behind the Hong Kong riots? Someone who can't take China's success? But the Syria tactics won't work. US (and its UK puppet) wants to be able to meddle militarily near China - therefore its interest in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Tibet, Myanmar, Uyghur extremist muslims etc.

As Greta Thunberg is allegedly reported to the Swedish social authorities, Peter Klevius suggests that her parents read his thesis Pathological Symbiosis in LVU, Relevance, and Sex Segregated Emergence. Keeping in mind that Peter Klevius daughter was only 15 when she entered university and at 16 made her graduate paper about women in ancient times, it shouldn't be considered too sensitive for Greta either. Also read the attached email correspondence which clearly shows how democracy is manipulated. And why not consider Angels of Antichrist, the Social State vs the People (P. Klevius 1996). And last but not least, Peter Klevius 1981/1992 Demand for Resources (original titel Resursbegär).
Peter Klevius congratulates Savid Javid for abandoning the islamofascist "islamophobia" smear. BBC’s bigoted hypocrite Mishal Husain and others ought to follow!

Council of Europe. Resolution 2253 (2019), Sharia, Saudi based and steered OIC's Cairo Declaration and the European Convention on Human Rights: Human Rights protect the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion as enshrined in Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The right to manifest one’s religion, however, is a qualified right whose exercise, under Article 17 of the Convention, may not aim at the destruction of other Convention rights or freedoms.

People in UK-land (especially women) will loose their Human Rights after Brexit - while sharia prevails in UK, and UK citizens in EU are protected by the European Court of Human Rights.

Brexit was meant to protect UK from muslim invasion via Turkey's proposed visa free deal with Merkel. Even the possibility of temporary membership in ECHR (in case of a deal) isn't enough - especially considering UK will be out of reach of the European Court of Justice.

US loosing the tech war - and starting a real one?

US loosing the tech war - and starting a real one?

Do Americans share the Saudi hate against Shia muslims?

BBC supports muslim persecution of Christians etc.

BBC supports muslim persecution of Christians etc.

Saudis investigating own double tap airstrikes aided by US and UK

In the 8 October 2016 Sana'a (Yemen) funeral bombing by Saudi Arabia 155 people were killed and at least 525 more wounded when two airstrikes, about three to eight minutes apart, hit the packed Al Kubra hall. US and UK happy with the Saudis investigating it.

This muslim wants to criminalize Peter Klevius islamophobia. Really!

West's indulgence of islamofascism (sharia) has made its boasting against China about "democratic values" empty. The risk of you being stabbed, raped etc. by a hateful jihadi is created by your political leaders, BBC etc. - who also have arranged so it's not even called a hate crime.

BBC squeezes in Eng-land cricket in every news report - while UK-land plays borderless Brexit - and football is divided in four UK-lands, Welsh, English, Irish and Scottish players, and two top leagues with whatever players!? Confusing? Not even close to the "British" measuring decaphobia. English isn't "British", it belongs to the world. British stands for imperialism, colonialism, slavery and cooperation with islamofascists.

Peter Klevius stands for these "stops" and due huge implications - all shame on him if you can prove him wrong (click links if you need to educate yourself before saying something stupid): Stop using the misleading 'gender' instead of sex (sociology)! Stop islam's abuse of Human Rights (jurisprudence)! Stop saying humans came "out of Africa" (anthropology)! Stop talking about "consciousness" when you don't know what you're talking about (philosophy/ai).

Islam is the problem - China is the solution.

If China today became a full democracy (and even accepting full Human Rights*) - nothing would change, because it's not the rulers but the high tech industry in China that outperforms the West. And unlike islam, China doesn't have tenets against Human Rights. However, islam is tied to its supremacist and sexist sharia tenets (OIC) which deny women full Human Rights - just the opposite to what is said in the anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration from 1948. If islam would accept full Human Rights it would not be islam anymore. China's economic expansion has been a non-aggressive big contributor to wealth around the world, but when China reached out its Belt and Road hand, then the West bit it and supported extremist muslim terrorists. Islam induced hate crimes and terror are based on a shared evil ideology (a global muslim collective rather than as nationals, which inspire and hail each other) - but because most are committed by lonely or gang muslims, and because police and media are told muslim "ethnicity" ought not to be revealed, then the public are kept unaware of most muslim hate crimes. How come that evilness is protected? The answer is in the question. To hide its original evilness. And how come that BBC and UK politicians dare to support islamofascism in Kashmir? Freedom from sharia for women in Kashmir!

* UK PM Theresa May opposed Human Rights.

Peter Klevius: BBC supports the islamofascist Saudi dictator family's strategic use of supremacist islam which has spred muslim hate all over the world's streets, institutions etc. (and usually not correctly, if at all, reported by BBC which instead doesn't hesitate to give long coverage of "alternative news" that better suits its propaganda) - while muslim terrorist organizations keep it within muslim territories. So if true Salafists became the "gurdians of islam's holy places" then that would mean less muslim terror elsewhere. And less to cover up for BBC. How big a contributor to the suffering of islamic supremacist hate crimes has BBC's fake (and lack of) info been? Will we in the future see BBC in an international court accused of crimes against humanity? As it stands now the spill over effect of BBC's cynical support of proxy evil is stained in blood and rape etc. over innocent people. And if true Salafists took over in muslim countries, they would quickly become non-muslim countries. A better option than today's prolonged suffering caused by the hopeless effort to "adapt" a medieval slavery ideology to a modern world based on everyone's Human Rights equality. And if it's so important to keep islam in name only - then islam would loose all of its racist and sexist "we and the other" appeal anyway.

Why is West and BBC aiding islamofascism?

Why is West and BBC aiding islamofascism?

Statues of football player Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger vandalized in Sweden

Statues  of football player Nilla Fischer and Caroline Seger vandalized in Sweden

Why didn't islam go to the Moon?!

Why didn't islam go to the Moon?!

Sex segregation/apartheid (aided by religion and poverty) means over-population.

Sex segregation/apartheid (aided by religion and poverty) means over-population.

Islam (represented in UN by Saudi based and steered OIC and its sharia called “islamic human rights”) is against Human Rights!

Sweden’s Supreme Court has found a man guilty of rape for having sex without explicit consent from a "teenage woman" who had been passive and gave no clear expression that she wanted to participate in the sexual acts. Lack of a partner’s spoken agreement or any other clear approval can hence be considered rape. However, islamic sharia gives a muslim man the "right" to have sex with wives and and concubines his "right hand possesses" (e.g. "infidel" girls/women). The neo-islamist rational (original openly supremacist islam didn't need one) is that "it satisfies the sexual desire of the female". Peter Klevius wonders if Swedish Courts will accept this reasoning - perhaps only for muslims?!

Peter Klevius also wonders whether BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not Ramadan fasting, Pakistan rooted and Saudi raised muslim, Mishal Husain, approves of sharia?

UK introduced face recognition after for many years accusing Chinese for having it. Peter Klevius wonders how this fits UK's face covered muslims and others who utilize it?

So how do you vote for someone critical of islam's Human Rights violations if parties don't allow "islamophobia"? Is it democracy?

What do BBC and Jeremy Hunt have in common? Both support the islamofascist murderer and war criminal Mohammad bin Salman.

Peter Klevius: Girls' emancipation needs more football and less cricket, netball etc.

BBC's cricket propaganda is a slap in the face of young girls who need equally much moving around and spatial skills as young boys. However, there's a huge sex segregation in females motivation and access to football - not only the world's by far most popular physical sport, but also the only one that doesn't use tools or hands to handle the ball, and which makes all participants moving most of the time even without the ball. Moreover, the very nature of the sport forces participants to a never ending series of spatial and strategic challenges - with or without the ball and even while playing alone. So why is BBC so hostile to the Queen of sports (the "beautiful game") that is perfect for the physical and spatial development of girls - and in the face of the football loving majority who has to pay compulsory fees (and paying extra for football channels) to this faking regime propaganda media that uses stiff and lifeless colonial cricket for neo-colonial purpose?! England banned football for girls/women already 1921 and suggested cricket, land hockey and netball instead - almost like today except it's not called a ban. And what about the laughable notion of a "world cup" in cricket?! When is the "world cup" in caber tossing between Gotland and Scotland?

The murderous war criminal Saudi muslim "custodian of islam" (and OIC) "prince" MBS is OK but Human Rights defender Peter Klevius isn't. Why?! Because the former isn't an "islamophobe", dude!

West's indulgence of islamofascism (sharia) has made its boasting against China empty

Stop US global bullying! What moral right does US have trying to dominate Earth and space? "God"?! Or the Saudi murderer and mass murderer "prince"?! Hasn't US sucked out enough already from the rest of the world? A global dollar manipulation favoring US and paid by the rest. A US marked global license and patent imperialism - and Android. Is Internet next?

26 June 2019: BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not ramadan fasting Pakistan rooted muslim, Mishal Husain (brought up in Saudi Arabia), worried about Boris Johnson not having cricket as his hobby.

25 June 2019: BBC's leading presenter, the alcohol drinking and not ramadan fasting muslim, Mishal Husain (brought up in Saudi Arabia), sounds desperate when trying to smear Johnson. Is it because Boris 2016 was critical against the Saudis while foreign minister and 2018 critical of muslim women packed in burqas etc.?
BBC thinks the militaristic Saudiphil Jeremy Hunt "is a safer option" as UK PM. What about you?

BBC News 8:00 AM 23 June 2019: Johnson financially unfit because he spilled wine on a couch.

BBC News 8:00 AM 23 June 2019: Johnson financially unfit because he spilled wine on a couch.
Is the Saudi "custodian of islam" a muslim - and is the very question "islamophobic", "muslimophobic" or "Saudiphobic"?
Why is BBC comparing Saudi with China?! China's leader isn't a murderer, war criminal, and spreader of terror on the streets! "If we drop the Saudis then we can't deal with China either." Really?! BTW, 'Diversity' means different/conflicting whereas its antonym stands for similar/friendly.

Blinked by BBC's fake "news" which instead boost militaristic confrontation and the smearing of China: The Saudi war criminal "custodian of islam" who murdered Khashoggi is now the world's new Hitler. However, unlike Hitler's Germanic language imperialism, bin Salman's Arabic language imperialism is added by a totalitarian imperialism due to the fact that he is a muslim and as such represents the totality of islam (inc. the Saudi based and steered all muslims world organization O.I.C.'s sharia declaration against Human Rights). Peter Klevius has for long pointed out that we need to distinguish between Human Rights obeying "muslims" and "extremist" muslims, but for some reason they are all bundled as 'muslims'.

US puppet empire UK's Jeremy Hunt wants to double spending on militaristic meddling for US

US puppet empire UK's Jeremy Hunt wants to double spending on militaristic meddling for US

Chinese high tech is met with Sinophobia, bans (tariffs) and militarism by US/UK/EU.

Chinese high tech is met with Sinophobia, bans (tariffs) and militarism by US/UK/EU.

China's emissions incl. export products made in China

China's emissions incl. export products made in China

When muslim terrorists mass murder more than 100 in Mali, BBC gives it less time (2 min.) than an item on animal cruelty, Russian journalist arrest etc. in a 45 min "news" program!

Read this: The "out of Africa" hoax is worse than the Piltdown hoax - and much bigger and more worrisome. When will “out of Africaphobia” be criminalized?

Nothing in Primate/Haplorhini evolution came out of Africa - not even Africa (it was disconnected due to tectonics).

scientist - people like Klevius
researcher - if the scientist is an architect in global architecture the researcher is the builder in a building team in one of many construction companies.

A “definition” of “islamophobia” ought to be balanced with a definition of muslim Human Rightsphobia.

"Diversity" without basic (negative) Human Rights is like having a car without steering - dangerous.

In its senseless and continuous "islamophobia" ranting BBC says to be 'muslim' is the same as to be 'English'. Klevius thinks not. A 'muslim' is one who wittingly or unwittingly adheres to what historical records show being the most evil enslaving ideology ever around (from a Human Rights perspective). And Klevius doesn't count as real muslims those who call themselves "cultural muslims" for the purpose of benefiting from a certain "ethnicity", or those who against their will are trapped in muslimhood because of the evil apostasy tenet in islam. And islamic "modesty" attires is a protected way of calling other women "whores".

Klevius suggests the UK baby should be named Muhammad. After all, according to BBC, the Queen is related to him and all politicians love islam. And several hadiths describe him as white (one even proposing the killing of anyone who says he was black). Only problem being that he then may be described as a white supremacist. Luckily the baby, according to BBC, is “mix-race”.

Klevius to EU voters: If you respect Human Rights - don’t vote for anyone who supports the islamofascist Saudi dictator family who spreads Human Rightsphobia via the Saudi based and steered OIC’s world sharia!

And if you respect your Earthly home – don’t support a hate ideology that encourages over-population and sex apartheid. We don’t need more workers because the most profitable sectors have the least jobs – a trend that AI accelerates.

No true muslim can be fully human.

Why? Because islam's dividing the world in muslims and (not fully human) "infidels" makes it impossible. Only by fully accepting the basic (s.c. 'negative') Universal Human Rights equality - which islam can't accept (see e.g. Saudi based and steered all muslims world Ummah sharia organization OIC) without committing ideological suicide - can we meet every human as basically equal, in the same way as we can give every road-user a basic equality in traffic, i.e. we have traffic sense. So Klevius asks muslims whether they have "traffic sense"? And for all the rest of you - to be 'human' in a global sense can only be achieved by giving every human you meet basic equality - no matter how alien that human might feel to you. Because every human has the right to be "alien" and there can't even be any alternative to this as long as we don't accept brainwashed totalitarianism (see e.g. Klevius 1996 paper Angels of Antichrist). This is the only way to meaningfully talk about 'humankind'. And to alien hunters Klevius says you probably meet them every day already.

So when BBC and other fake media talk about xenophobia against muslims, they actually contribute to spread xenophobia themselves.

Peter Klevius to Greta Thunberg: Saudi salafist oil funded supremacist islam or Chinese Taoist (kindness) high tech - which one do you think is the real threat to the people and environmment in EU and the world?

Ultimate bigotry and hypocrisy – militant spying and war mongering 5 Eyes instead of true 5G?

Saudi hate spreading antennas (Salafi/Wahhabi mosques etc.) or Chinese world leading 5G tech? No one knows the amount of street etc. victims of Saudi hate because when the haters are muslims their attacks are not recorded as hate crimes. If a Chinese would attack shouting 'Tao' it would most certainly be classified as a hate crime. However, chances are slim that it ever occurs compared to hate attacks made by muslims.

Arabic (not "white" etc.) islam has been the by far biggest enslaver throughout 1,400 years. Islamic language imperialism via the Koran. And all races have been complicit in the muslim Koranic slave trade. So how do you distinguish between descendants of slaves or slave traders? Will Cambridge check today's "Caribbeans", "Africans" etc. about it? Klevius warns there might be unwelcomed surprises, e.g. that many of those who come to Europe are actually descendants of slave trading black Africans on whose wealth lineage top they are better privileged than those from slave lineages. And what about "whites" like Klevius who were cut off from any lineages? Should the skin color Klevius was born with be used against him because of the privileges of others with the same skin color? Same question may be asked about sexism. Klevius doesn’t see it fair to blame him for male sexism just because he happens tp be male, do you!

The real threat is the US led Saudi supporting spy organization 5 Eyes, which 1) tries to block superior tech, and 2) uses China as a scapegoat for US/UK privacy breaches. It's not China but US that wants to control you! So "securing 5G from Chinese influence" actually means giving US/UK a technical space for spying/influencing etc. In short, trying to hinder US/UK customers from accessing the best technology while spying on them.

Muslim terrorists get legal

aid to stay in UK - EU nationals don't! p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115%; }

The crystal clear connection between the surge in knife, rape etc. attacks and islam - and its custodian, the islamofascist Saudi dictator family - is desperately silenced by BBC and politicians (BBC now tries to cover this up by airing long programs about "conventional" knife crimes instead). This means they are directly complicit, doesn't it. Klevius suggests boycotting BBC and Saudi bribed politicians. They constitute the worst security threat.

BBC collected a UKIP hating mob to shout "islamophobia" against islam criticism.

However, the very same BBC also willfully misleads people about islam so that most people in UK are completely unaware of that Saudi based and steered OIC and its extreme Human Rightsphobia is a world guide for (sharia) muslims. Moreover, BBC's top presenter (Mishal Husain) who seems to be muslim in name only (drinking alcohol, not fasting on Ramadan, no muslim attire, no Haji, no sharia, etc) so to dupe the public about islam.

The 1948 Human Rights declaration was created to protect against fascism. Accepting islam without a clear border against sharia that violates the most basic Human Rights, allows space for islamofascism (i.e. original supremacist islam).

However, the new fascist mob is shouting "islamophobia" because islam can't comply with it (compare Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia declaration against Human Rights). This smear is then "enhanced" by connecting it to murderers, Nazis, right wing extremists etc. Islam's sharia sexism and racist supremacism is the problem - so why is addressing it "bad"?!

BBC is also keen on silencing the only truly free media, i.e. bloggers etc. social media.

Existence-centrism (Peter Klevius 1986)

Muslim terrorists get legal aid to stay in UK - EU nationals don't!

The best explanation to the surge in knife crimes since 2015 is the Islamic State's exhortation to street jihad.
However, the police don't record hate crimes as muslim - other than if directed against muslims. And do consider that IS and the Saudi dictator family both rest on the same Salafi islam that most young true muslims in the West follow. Following Salafism (etc. true muslimhood) involves distinguishing muslims from others, to show that one only belongs to islam and that true muslims ought to be strangers to the "infidels". When Klevius sees a muslim woman in burqa, veil etc. he thinks that's a supremacist and rapist attitude towards other women. And certainly contempt of Human Rights.
UK/BBC's extreme double standard re. the islamofascist Saudi dictator family and China. Klevius: How come that islamofascist tech poor Saudi property-, media-, infra structure- etc. 'vulnerable' investments and supremacist hate spreading mosques, is considered no threat to UK but instead an 'important ally' while China, which doesn't tick any danger boxes, is deliberately painted by BBC propaganda as the worst threat? And how come that China's peaceful Belt and Road spreading of wealth and high tech is considered worse than UK's continuing militaristic and (un)security meddling within an EU that UK decided to leave for the purpose of EU not meddling within UK?!
UK continues even after Brexit to use EU citizens as bargaining chips by placing their rights in an unsafe statutory instrument instead of in the law.

Stop security cooperation with UK whose close connection to the the suspected murderer, war criminal and islamic terror spreading islamofascist Saudi custodian of islam, Mohammad bin Salman, constitutes the by far worst threat against the security of people in EU! Moreover, sharia islam (the only real islam for real muslims) which is a racist and sexist supremacist ideology that violates Human Rights, is supported by UK.

Don't let haters and Human Rightsphobes get away with it by calling themselves 'believers'!

Either religion is (grades of) supremacist hate and sexism and you better become an Atheist (and therefore universal human) - or you keep your "beliefs" for yourself. In traffic you can think what you want about other people, but you can't drive over them!

You muslim should be ashamed of calling Human Rights defenders "islamophobes"

- and take responsibility for your own supremacist sharia, represented by Saudi based and steered all muslims world organization OIC, which violates the most basic Human Rights! And do note the difference between universal impositions and universal freedom! Full respect of the other rests on accepting her/his freedom. This is the only way of being universally human.

Islam is an evil* supremacist and divisive ideology - why isn’t this told by BBC, schools etc.?

* weighed against the anti-fascist, anti-supremacist, anti-racist and anti-sexist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948 that all civilized people are supposed to build on. Islam doesn't fit these goals, so OIC (the legal world Umma steered from and by the Saudi dictator family) decided to replace them with medieval racist, sexist and supremacist sharia.

Article 24 of the Saudi based and steered OIC's sharia declaration (CDHRI) states: "All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia." Article 19 says: "There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Sharia." CDHRI also fails to guarantee freedom of religion, in particular the right of each and every individual to abandon their religion, as a "fundamental and non-derogable right".

Article 10 of the Declaration states: "Islam is the religion of unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of compulsion on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to convert him to another religion or to Atheism." Since in Islamic society all reasons for conversion away from Islam are considered to be essentially either compulsion or ignorance, this effectively forbids conversion away from Islam.

CDHRI denies women equality with men by imposing "own rights" and "duties to perform". p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115%; }

A global world is only possible under the guidance of (negative – i.e. individual freedom from racist/sexist impositions) Human Rights - as outlined in the original anti-fascist Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948. It excludes any religious or other supremacist tenets or impositions on the individual.

Due to the above and due to the West (politicians and media) having locked itself in with the islamofascist Saudi dictator family (the custodians of islam) we now have a deficit of (negative) Human Rights education – but massively more religious propaganda (e.g. Saudi spread “islamophobia” smear) against these rights. Against this background it's utmost hypocrisy to point against wealth spreading China while supporting islamic hate, terror and war crimes spreading hegemonic Saudi dictator family.

The world's biggest fake news producer, UK state media BBC, 20190221 gave the Japanese asteroid landing just a few seconds but managed to squeeze in the fake "info" that "it is the first attempt to take samples back to Earth" (Cathy/PM 17:00) when the previous Japanese sond already 2010 brought back samples from an other asteroid. No one else has managed to do this except the Japanese. This is in line with BBC's usual racist attitude against Japan and China.

WARNING about "Five Eyes" and BBC, and their "close ally", the hate, terror and war crimes producing islamofascist "custodian of islam", the Saudi dictator family!
If you prefer peace, democratic non-fake information and positive development - ask your politicians to avoid US/UK's war mongering militarism and the world's biggest state propaganda tool BBC, which constitutes the most serious threat to free information. UK government is pushing for neo-British imperialist militarist meddling and intervention around the world - and making its propaganda tool BBC "the custodian of fact checks", i.e. a wolf among sheep.

Theresa May wants to leave EU. That should include UK militarist meddling within EU as well. Leave means leave! Don't let UK and its "close ally" the islamofascist Saudi dictator family contaminate EU citizens lives. Don't let the insidious spy organization Five Eyes spy on EU citizens and their leaders and parliamentarians.

Don't let BBC's or islam's glossy surface (i.e. normal news/info and non-sharia muslims respectively) lure you to not see the evil core. Klevius is the opposite. WYSIWYG. No hidden evil core, just defense of your (whoever you are) basic Human Rights that islam wants to deny you.

UK government wants to force EU to put a border on Ireland - so it can blame EU for something UK-Brexit caused.

Klevius supports no border on Ireland. Follow the will of the people, i.e. let England leave and let Scotland and Northern Ireland stay. UK is an unconstitutional mess which now wants to leave EU without controlling its border to EU. A proper constitution would have demanded qualified majority in two consecutive elections/votes about such a crucial matter as Brexit - and being aware what the vote is about. The root of the problem is England's mad man Henry 8's colonialization of Ireland and lack of constitution. The preposterous "British" Brexit parody is then spiced with the government's and BBC's use of religious hate mongering etc. In summary UK is an anomaly of countries trying to be a state in a world of federal states united as countries.

Calling criticism of islam "islamophobia" is pure racism and also supports islamic racism and sexism

This Viking tells you a lesson you really need.

Modern humans evolved in tropical SE Asia and cold Siberia.

Modern humans evolved in tropical SE Asia and cold Siberia.
Peter Klevius was the first to connect the big Jinniushan woman with small mongoloid Khoisan (1992) and SE-Asia with the new brain setup due to island dwarfing (2004).

"Out of Africa" is no longer terminally ill - it's equally dead as Monty Python's parrot. So why do media and some anthropologists keep babbling when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Not even all tricks in the book (like e.g. the spurious stretching of what counts as "anatomically modern human" - i.e. incl. long skulled species) can save OoA. But the simplest way of understanding human evolution is to place it where all primates originally came from, i.e. SE Asia and its volatile tropical archipelago which could do evolutionary tricks the African continent couldn't. The oldest "Africans" are the mongoloid Khoisan. However, no one can become mongoloid (i.e. cold adapted) in Africa. This means they must originally have come from northern Eurasia - just as their look-alikes, e.g. Shompen and South American natives. Khoisan population is extremely small and, except for Pygmies, most "Africans" entered the continent within the last 10,000 years. Khoisan are mongoloid together with e.g. Shompen in SE Asia, and tribes in South America.

Klevius 1992-2010: From tropical SE-Asia to cold and protein/fat rich North Eurasia to global human

Theresa May & Co and state media BBC play with race cards

Theresa May & Co and state media BBC play with race cards

Klevius "islamophobic" heroine Nawal El Saadawi from Egypt

Klevius "islamophobic" heroine Nawal El Saadawi from Egypt

The world's biggest fake news producer, UK state media BBC, 20190221 gave the Japanese asteroid landing just a few seconds but managed to squeeze in the fake "info" that "it is the first attempt to bring back samples to Earth" (Cathy/PM 17:00) when the previous Japanese sond already 2010 brought back samples from an other asteroid. No one else has managed to do this except the Japanese. This is in line with BBC's usual racist attitude against Japan and China.

BBC isn't much interested in anti-semitism, homophobia etc. but uses them as an excuse for its Saudi/OIC supported "islamophobia" smear campaign against Human Rights.

Is BBC's Pakistan rooted and Saudi raised muslim(?) presenter Mishal Husain an "islamophobe" against evil* islam, or an apostate supporting toothless** "islam"? She doesn't fast during Ramadan but rather drinks some alcohol, and doesn't veil herself and says she doesn't feel any threats to her way of life (Klevius: thanks to Human Rights - not sharia islam), well knowing how muslim and non-muslim women suffer in muslim sharia countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia without Human Rights. What would she say to a muslim terrorist asking her if she's a muslim? Isn't it about time to stop this bigoted and hypocritical indirect support of islamofascism that this Saudi/OIC initiated "islamophobia" smear camopaign against Human Rights*** is all about?

* Human Rights equality violating sharia islam
** in line with the anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sexist U.N.'s 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration.
*** Socialists have an ideological problem with individual Human Rights, and are therefore vulnerable for islamism (see Klevius 1994).

Politicians against people

Politicians against people

Is UK turning into a militaristic unconstitutional islamofascist rogue state?

Is UK turning into a militaristic unconstitutional islamofascist rogue state?

First UK people voted to join and share borders with EU. Then England voted to leave while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to stay. And now UK politicians want to leave while keeping the Irish EU border open. UK lacks a modern constitution according to which a constitutional issue has to pass at least two majority votes.

Klevius CV

Are you or your representative(s) for or against basic Human Rights equality?

Peter Klevius global morality can only be challenged by violating the most basic of Human Rights.

Everything Peter Klevius writes (or has written) is guided by the anti-sexist. anti-racist, and anti-fascist Universal* Human Rights declaration of 1948. In other words, what is declared immoral and evil is so done as measured against the most basic of Human Rights (the so called "negative" rights - i.e. the rights of the individual not to be unnecessarily targeted with restrictions and impositions). Unlike the 1948 Universal Human Rights (UHR) declaration, islam denies Human Rights equality to women and non-muslims. And violation of such basic Human Rights can't be tolerated just by referring to "freedom of religion".

* This means accepting everyone - without exception due to e.g. sex, religion, lack of religion, "security" etc. - as equal in Human Rights. The individual is protected by negative Human Rights, but of course not against substantiated legal accusations - as long as these are not produced as a means that violates the basic Human Rights (compare "not necessary in a free, democratic country"). The legislator may not produce laws that seek to undermine some individuals rights. This also includes e.g. "freedom of religion", i.e. that this freedom doesn't give the right to unfree others, or cause others to be in an inferior rights position. If by islam you mean something that fully adheres to basic Human Rights equality, then you aren't targeted by Peter Klevius islam criticism. However, if you mean islam accepts violations of the most basic of Human Rights, then you may also call Peter Klevius an "islamophobe" - and he will be proud of it. And when it comes to "security" it can't mean "offending" opponents to basic Human Rights.

This is why any effort to twist or accuse the writings of Peter Klevius as "islamophobia" etc. can only be made from a standpoint against these basic Human Rights. As a consequence, no body of authority can therefore accuse, hinder etc. Peter Klevius without simultaneously revealing its own disrespect for these Human Rights. Conversely, Peter Klevius can not accuse anyone who agrees on these rights - i.e. this leaves e.g. "islamophobia" etc. accusations against Peter Klevius without merit.

Every effort against these basic Human Rights is treason against a country calling itself free and democratic.

Some basic facts to consider about Klevius* (except that he is super intelligent - which fact, of course, would not put you off if you're really interested in these questions):

* The son of one of Sweden's best chess-players and an even more intelligent Finnish mother. He was mentored by G. H. von Wright, Wittgensteins's successor at Cambridge. However, G H v Wright sadly didn't fully realize back then (1991) the true power of the last chapter, Khoi, San and Bantu, in Klevius book. Today, if still alive, he would surely see it.

1 Klevius' analysis of consciousness is the only one that fits what we know - after having eliminated our "pride" bias of being humans (which non-human would we impress, anyway?). Its starting point is described and exemplified in a commentary to Jurgen Habermas in Klevius book Demand for Resources (1992:30-33, ISBN 9173288411, based on an article by Klevius from 1981), and is further explained in a commentary to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis under the title The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis (EMAH), which can be found in Stalk's archive and which has been on line since 2003 for anyone to access/assess.

2 Klevius out of island/mainland fluctuating Southeast Asia Denisovans up to big skulled Siberians as the birth of much more intelligent modern humans who then spread all over the world, is the only analysis that fits both genetic reality as well as tool and art sophistication seen in e.g. the Denisova cave (no dude, Blombos etc. don’t come even close).

3 Klevius criticism of Human Rights violating sharia islamofascism (e.g. OIC) which is called "islamophobia" by islamofascists and their supporters who don't care about the most basic of Human Rights (e.g. re. women). Klevius' "islamophobia" has two roots: 1) UN's 1948 Universal Human Rights declaration, which, contrary to any form of muslim sharia, doesn't, for example, allow sex to be an excuse for robbing females of their full Human Rights equality, and 2) the history of the origin of islam ( e.g. Hugh Kennedy, Robert G. Hoyland, K. S. Lal etc.) which reveals a murderous, pillaging, robbing, enslaving and raping racist/sexist supremacist ideology that exactly follows precisely those basic islamic tenets which are now called "unislamic" but still survive today (as sharia approved sex slavery, sharia approved "liberation” jihad, academic jihad etc.) behind the sharia cover which is made even more impenetrable via the spread of islamic finance, mainly steered from the islamofascist Saudi dictator family.

4 Klevius analysis of sex segregation/apartheid (now deceptively called “gender segregation”) and heterosexual attraction - see e.g. Demand for Resources (1981/1992), Daughters of the Social State (1993), Angels of Antichrist (1996), Pathological Symbiosis (2003), or Klevius PhD research on heterosexual attraction/sex segregation and opposition to female footballers (published in book form soon).

Forerunners of the next iceage?

Peter Klevius "islamophobia"/Human Rightsphobia test for you and your politicians

Warning for a muslim robot!

BBC means global faked/filtered "news"/"info" - and propaganda for Human Rights violating sharia.

BBC means global faked/filtered "news"/"info" - and propaganda for Human Rights violating sharia.

Klevius: Face it, Wikipedia, BBC etc. fake media - Finland was first in the world with full suffrag

There's no true islam without Human Rights violating sharia (compare OIC)

There's no true islam without Human Rights violating sharia (compare OIC)

PM candidate Rees-Mogg: Germans needed Human Rights, we don't. Klevius: I really think you do.

Peter Klevius 1986 zero budget experimental refugee video

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Evolution, heterosexual attraction and Human Rights

 Peter Klevius, the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad, isn't it) to Linda Bengtzing and other sex-confused women:  

Yes, you, like all women are "gay", i.e. "bisexual" - but not heterosexual (like "bisexual" male gays are), because you, like all women, lack a biological counterpart to "the male gaze", i.e. heterosexual attraction (HSA), much like men lack reproductive capability.

And when you said that you got so many opportunities to have sex (with men apparently) that's precisely because men are heterosexual and biologically attracted to women's bodies. Do realize the distinction between sexual performance (i.e. rubbing genitals) which anyone can do, alone or together with others, and heterosexual attraction. The term 'homosexual attraction' would be superfluous because it's outside the relation between the sexes, and also lacks evolutionary reproductive meaning. Heterosexual attraction isn't per se sexual performance but rather an evolutionary implanted biological "strategy" for making heterosexual reproduction possible by "arranging" for the sperm to get to the egg. Only those animals survived which had some sort of heterosexual attraction at play. Moreover, among other apes, what we consider rape is often the rule and perhaps also the reason for sexual dimorphism. However, if we want to call us civilized we need to accept the integrity of all humans no matter of sex. For this purpose Art. 2 in the Universal Human Rights declaration of 1948 comes handy:

'Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.'

And when you say that 'as young and not destroyed one may love whomever but as an adult one gets awfully limited', this reflects the underlying problem, i.e. the dinosaur of cultural sex segregation - a historical/religious fossil from the past that ought to be put in a museum asap.

'I got so many chances to have sex'. Since the introduction of heterosexual reproduction HSA has always satisfied the need for sperm delivery - to an extent that sometimes may feel uncomfortable unless we respect each other over the sex borders as equals as humans.

But why, Linda, did you lock yourself in a closet in the first place?!

'I've been aroused by women, but never had the possibility to fall in low at the same time.'
"Romantic love" is a late invention, and often conflated with sexual love. However, although both women and men can feel "Romantic love", there's a night and day difference in how the sexes get aroused by each other - due to HSA.

Linda says she repents that she didn't explore her sexuality more.

That's called sexual taboo.

Linda says she loved a same sex human being but never had sex with her. So why, in retrospect, was it important to have sex with her?!

However, then Linda fell in love with a man and now they have two daughters. Peter Klevius presumes they both fell in "romantic love" as well as sexual love, right.

Peter Klevius wrote 1981:

Evolution* has two basic features opposing devolution: Upholding complexity and enforcing complexity.

* Evolution is an emotionally charged word, so feel free to use it as you like as long you also consider its opposite, i.e. devolution.

The solid state of existence is motion/change. Movement consists of occurences. The causality of occurences is a complex of evolution and devolution. Evolution, hence, is the deterministic outcome of variables of causality over time that enforces the complexity in previous structures (P. Klevius 1981, 1992). Evolution does not "think" but rather constitutes recognizable historical results in an un-recognizable chaos..The problem of human evolution is especially characterized by our limited understanding of how speciation/hybridization has affected it.

Peter Klevius wrote 2003:

Erotisized heterosexual genes and non-sex gametes fusioned by hetero-sexual attraction.

Basically there are no "sexes" but only hetero-sexual attraction (HSA). Gametes do not have sexes. So when, in Japan 2004, the first ever mammal (a mouse) to be reproduced without the assistance of a male but by two females, it was wrongly considered a partenogenesis, i.e. developed from an unfertilized egg. Why? Obviously just because we are so used to sex-segregation that we miss the simple fact that a new individual needs two bio-parents, but not necessarily a father and a mother. By hampering and switching off one single gene (H19) the "father" was eliminated. And without a "father/male" there can hardly exist a "mother/female" because of the mutual inter-dependency of these terms. But note that HSA (Hetero-Sexual Attraction was indeed involved in the process, i.e. in the form of the researchers and their apparatus). In the end then the totality of our enormous sex-dichtomy is in a "blocking gene" that now has been decoded and released. Biology was faster than culture, what else! In 'Warning for feminism', published in 2000, I actually predicted the possibility of an "asexual" reproduction like the one now in Japan. So why do I mention this? Because some genetists who have commented on the topic obviously did not believe in the possibility before! And this fact, I think, reflects an underlying, sex-segregated and rather human prejudice hampering experts at work.

Something like an RNA in a wrinkled protein shell was probably an early stage of "life". A virus within a prion-like shell. This simple wrapping evolved into a more complex package consisting of DNA – a longer chain of RNA (where thymine repalaced uracil) - in the nucleus aided by several RNA protein builders in the surrounding cytoplasm. In this new system RNA thus continued to produce protein but now by taking orders directly from the master controller DNA.

The division of the cell at this stage was simple. After some time or depending on the environment, the cell divided itself into two identical pieces where the chain of DNA was simply cut off. This method of reproduction was in the beginning the only available and is still popular today, for example all the cells – except sex cells – in our bodies.

But in a dangerous environment such as early Earth, which was even more exposed for solar and space radiation than today, DNA structures were often subject to mutations as well as other damages. If we then suppose the existence of mutated and split DNA cells, we have the ingredients ready for a more sophisticated and evolutionary more effective system of achieving advanced and complex living structures by the help of biological sex-segregation.

When the first proto-sex-cells. searched for a partner to complete their split DNA damage they simultaneously created the first biological incest taboo. This was because they could no longer re-emerge with a split DNA cell identical to their own "species". The mutation in their DNA made them incomplete for such a purpose. So they continued searching for a partner with a defect, not similar but completing the damage of their own. Voilá – a new species was born and its success was a matter of  “survival of the fittest”.

Peter Klevius wrote:

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Peter Klevius*, the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad isn't it), obituary over a Jewish female patriarch.

* Why is it that a man seems to be the world's foremost defender of women's rights? The answer is threefold:

1 Only a man can understand biological heterosexual attraction (HSA), i.e. the only thing that essentially segregates the sexes (see below).

2 Only a man feels safe from inferiority complex as long as sex segregation prevails.

3 Only a man can feel a coming inferiority complex in a de-sex segregated world.

Therefore men have all reason to stick to Human Rights equality. As Peter Klevius has always said since his teens: Negative (as opposed to the positive s.c. "Stalin rights") Human Rights for a positive human future.

Do realize the difference between folk feminism which is anti segragation and true feminism which is the very opposite - already from the beginning when resisting the vote etc.

And do realize that while Mills wanted emancipation and Freud didn't. No wonder psychoanalysis became so popular among feminists.

And no feminist seems to be interested in Mary Woolstonecraft's advice on how to not foster daughters to "follies". And the s.c. "glamour feminism" did just that.

In the last chapter in Demand for Resources (1992) called Khoi, San and Bantu, Peter Klevius notes that hunter-gathering societies where the least sexist. With civilization came what Peter Klevius calls classical sex segregation, and with "monotheisms" came religious sexism on top of the classical.

US Supreme Court needs to replace at least half* of its 100% religious members with Atheists so to democratically represent the people

* Even most Jews are Atheists, although orthodox Jew Ruth Bader Ginsburg was certainly not..

Klevius 1979: Human Rights rather than religion

Drawing (1979) by Peter Klevius. For those Humanrightsophobes with really limited understanding or blinded with prejudice, do note that the DNA "ladder" has steel rivets (i.e. strong both for trapping as well as for escaping), and that the female curvature shadows transgress from below over painful flames into a crown of liberty.

Perpetua (203 AD): 'I saw a ladder of tremendous height made of bronze, reaching all the way to the heavens, but it was so narrow that only one person could climb up at a time. To the sides of the ladder were attached all sorts of metal weapons: there were swords, spears, hooks, daggers, and spikes; so that if anyone tried to climb up carelessly or without paying attention, he would be mangled and his flesh would adhere to the weapons.' Perpetua realized she would have to do battle not merely with wild beasts, but with the Devil himself. Perpetua writes: They stripped me, and I became a man'.

Peter Klevius: They stripped Perpetua of her femininity and she became a human!

The whole LGBTQ+ carousel is completely insane when considering that the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) art. 2 gives everyone, no matter of sex, the right to live as they want without having to "change their sex". So the only reason for the madness is the stupidly stubborn cultural sex segregation which, like religious dictatorship, stipulates what behavior and appearance are "right" for a biological sex. And in the West, it is very much about licking islam, which refuses to conform to the basic (negative) rights in the UDHR, and instead created its own sharia declaration (CDHRI) in 1990 ("reformed" 2020 with blurring wording - but with the same basic Human Rights violating sharia issues still remaining). The UDHR allows women to voluntarily live according to sharia but sharia does not allow muslim women to live freely according to the UDHR. And culturally ending sex segregation does not mean that biological sex needs to be "changed." Learn more under 'Peter Klevius sex tutorials' which should be compulsory sex education for everyone - incl. people with ambiguous biological sex! The LGBTQ+ movement is a desperate effort to uphold outdated sex segregation. And while some old-fashioned trans people use it for this purpose, many youngsters (especially girls) follow it because they feel trapped in limiting sex segregation.

 Does the Human Right to 'freedom of religion' really mean freedom to violate Human Rights as e.g. islamic sharia (OIC) does?!

Anna-Karin Wyndham is a Swedish example of the female patriarchy 2020

From a headline February 11, 2020

Precisly because Peter Klevius is a defender of the most basic of Human Right, he is called an "islamophobe" because islam can't stand Human Rights equality.
Peter Klevius is offended by muslims' extreme injustice (sharia), and asks for more fairness.

Islam's schizophrenia

Islam resides between the roof of the Saudi dictator family/OIC, and the floor of Muslim Brotherhood. And the "house of Saud" wants to broom the floor, while MB wants to take down the roof.

Muslims have an overwhelming problem if they want to follow islam while living in a civilized society based on Human
rights equality.

Peter Klevius, the world's foremost expert on sex segregation (sad isn't it), asks for your help because he doesn't see any other biological difference between men and women than the onesided evolutionary heterosexual attraction that Peter Klevius seems to be the only one talking about but everyone knows about. So do you see something that Peter Klevius doesn't?

But don't fall in the usual trap by pointing to non-relational differences. Menstruating, delivering and feeding a baby, etc. are not relational. And although heterosexual attraction is only implanted in the male's brain, it's directly dependent on the female. And it affects all women, incl. prepubertal girls and centenary old ladies, precisely because how it outlines the future of the former and the history of the latter.

As Tertullian, "the founder of Western theology" said to women who wanted to abandon heterosexual attraction by marrying Christ: "It's a sport of nature."  

And if a lesbian woman's body attracts "the male gaze", i.e. heterosexual attraction, she has no other option than covering it in a burqa-like package - but without becoming a muslim because sharia would kill her lesbianism.   

However, if we want to live in a civilized world based on Human Rights equality, i.e. not segregating between humans, then we need to release us from the unnesseccary, stupid and destructive gender prison of sex segregation, and the one sex that lacks sensitivity for heterosexual attraction has to decide whether or when it wants to have anything to do with it. And do remember, we healthy men are always there for you - but not for cheating. So be responsible.

The seemingly seamless connection between heterosexual attraction and reproduction is the mirage that a disastrous sex segregation has been built on.

When will start educating children about heterosexual attraction and sex segregation? 

Google seems not to have a clue about heterosexual attractio. This is Google's first on the subject: There are several types of sexual orientation; for example: Heterosexual. People who are heterosexual are romantically and physically attracted to members of the opposite sex: Heterosexual males are attracted to females, and heterosexual females are attracted to males. Heterosexuals are sometimes called "straight."

Peter Klevius: No wonder girls are confused when they don't get any adequate sex education at all.

Peter Klevius wrote:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Klevius sex and gender tutorial

Klevius' proposal to bright minded and non-biased readers: Do read EMAH, i.e. how continuous integration in Thalamus of complex neural patterns without the assistance of one or infinite "Homunculus" constitutes the basis for memory and "consciousness".

Klevius quest of the day: What's the difference between the Pope and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Klevius hint: It's all about 'not sameness' and Human Rights! Human Rights IS 'sameness' stupid!

When God was created he was made like Adam.

When the basic idea of Universal Human Rights was created it was made like Adam AND Eve.

And for you who think heterosexual attraction, i.e. that women are sexier than men, could be (exc)used as a reason for depriving women of legal sameness. Please, do think again!And read Klevius Sex and Gender Tutorial below - if you can!

                           The Plan of God

A Cardinal, a Pope and a Justice "from medieval times"

Keith O'Brien has reiterated the Catholic Church's continued opposition to civil partnerships and suggested that there should be no laws that "facilitate" same-sex relationships, which he claimed were "harmful", arguing that “The empirical evidence is clear, same-sex relationships are demonstrably harmful to the medical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those involved, no compassionate society should ever enact legislation to facilitate or promote such relationships, we have failed those who struggle with same-sex attraction and wider society by our actions.”

Four male members of the Scottish Catholic clergy  allegedly claim that Keith O'Brien had abused his position as a member of the church hierarchy by making unwanted homosexual advances towards them in the 1980s.

Keith O'Brien criticized the concept of same-sex marriage saying it would shame the United Kingdom and that promoting such things would degenerate society further.

Pope Francis, aka Jorge Bergoglio: Same-sex is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God." He has also insisted that adoption by gay and lesbian people is a form of discrimination against children. This position received a rebuke from Argentine president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who said the church's tone was reminiscent of "medieval times and the Inquisition".

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'Sex' is a dirty word, so let's use 'gender' instead!

Klevius: Let's not!

As previously and repeatedly pointed out by Klevius, the treacherous use of 'gender' instead of 'sex' is not only confusing but deliberately so. So when Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg proposed gender' as a synonyme for 'sex' (meaning biological sex) she also helped to shut the door for many a young girl's/woman's possibilities to climb outside the gender cage.

The Universal Human Rights declaration clearly states that your biological sex should not be referred to as an excuse for limiting your rights.

Islam (now represented by OIC and its Sharia declaration) is the worst and most dangerous form of sex segregation - no matter in how modern clothing it's presented!

Klevius Sex and Gender Tutorial

What is 'gender' anyway?

(text randomly extracted from some scientific writings by Klevius)
It might be argued that it is the developing girl, not the grown up woman, who is the most receptive to new experience, but yet is also the most vulnerable. Therefore we need to address the analysis of the tyranny of gender before the point at where it's already too late.  I prefer to use the term ‘female’ instead of ‘woman’, when appropriate in this discussion. I also prefer not to define women in relation to men, i.e. in line with the word 'universal' in the Human Rights Declaration. In short, I propose 'gender blindness' equally as, for example, 'color blindness'.

According to Connell (2003:184), it is an old and disreputable habit to define women mainly on the basis of their relation to men. Moreover, this approach may also constitute a possible cause of confusion when compared to a definition of ‘gender’ which emphasizes social relations on the basis of ‘reproductive differences’.

To really grasp the absurdity of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's and others habit of confusing 'gender' with 'sex' one may consider that “normal” women live in the same gender trap tyranny as do transsexuals.

The definition of ‘acquired gender’ is described in a guidance for/about transsexuals as:

Transsexual people have the deep conviction that the gender to which they were assigned at birth on the basis of their physical anatomy (referred to as their “birth gender”) is incorrect. That conviction will often lead them to take steps to present themselves to the world in the opposite gender. Often, transsexual people will undergo hormonal or surgical treatment to bring their physical identity into line with their preferred gender identity.

This evokes the extinction of the feminine or women as directly dependent on the existence of the masculine or men. Whereas the feminine cannot be defined without the masculine, the same applies to women who cannot be defined - only described - without men.

Female footballers, for example - as opposed to feminine footballers, both male and female - are, just like the target group of feminism, by definition distinguished by sex. Although this classification is a physical segregation – most often based on a delivery room assessment made official and not at all taking into account physical size, strength, skills etc. - other aspects of sex difference, now usually called ‘gender’, seem to be layered on top of this dichotomy. This review departs from the understanding that there are two main categories that distinguish females, i.e. the physical sex belonging, for example, that only biological women may participate in a certain competition, and the cultural sex determination, for example that some sports are less ‘feminine’ than others.

‘Gender’, is synonymous with sex segregation, given that the example of participation on the ground of one’s biological sex is simply a rule for a certain agreed activity and hence not sex segregation in the form of stipulated or assumed separatism. Such sex segregation is still common even in societies which have prescribed to notions of general human freedom regardless of sex and in accordance with Human Rights. This is because of a common consensus that sex segregation is ‘good’ although its effects are bad.

In Durkheim’s (1984: 142) view such ‘organized despotism’ is where the individual and the collective consciousness are almost the same. Then sui generis, a new life may be added on to that of the main body. As a consequence, this freer and more independent state progresses and consolidates itself (Durkheim 1984: 284).

However, consensus may also rest on an imbalance that is upheld and may even strengthen precisely as an effect of the initial imbalance. In such a case ‘organized despotism’ becomes the means for conservation. As a consequence, the only alternative would be to ease restrictions, which is something fundamentally different from proposing how people should live their lives. ‘Organized despotism’ in this meaning may apply to gender and to sex segregation as well.

According to Connell (2003) whose confused view may be closer to that of Justice Ginsburg, gender is neither biology, nor a fixed dichotomy, but it has a special relation to the human body mirrored in a ‘general perception’. Cultural patterns do not only mirror bodily differences. Gender is ‘a structure’ of social relations/practices concentrated to ‘the reproductive arena’, and a series of due practices in social processes. That is, gender describes how society relates to the human body, and has due consequences for our private life and for the future of wo/mankind (Connell 2003:21-22).

Gender is neither biology, nor a fixed dichotomy, but it has a special relation to the human body mirrored in a “general perception.” What is wrong with this view is the thought that cultural patterns only mirror bodily differences. Gender is “a structure” of social relations/practices concentrated to “the reproductive arena”, and a series of due practices in the social processes. I.e. it describes how society relates to the human body, and due consequences to our private life and for the future of wo/mankind (Connell 2003:21-22). The main problem here involves how to talk without gender.

... sex should properly refer to the biological aspects of male and female existence. Sex differences should therefore only be used to refer to physiology, anatomy, genetics, hormones and so forth. Gender should properly be used to refer to all the non‑biological aspects of differences between males and females ‑ clothes, interests, attitudes, behaviours and aptitudes, for example ‑ which separate 'masculine' from 'feminine' life styles (Delamont 1980: 5 in Hargreaves 1994:146).

The distinction between sex and gender implied in these quotations, however, does not seem to resolve the issue precisely because it fails to offer a tool for discriminating biological aspects of differences from non-biological, i.e. cultural. This is also reflected in everyday life “folk categories of sex and gender” which (most?) often appear to be used as if they were the same. Although 'masculine' and 'feminine' are social realities, there is a mystique about their being predetermined by biology” (ibid). Furthermore the very relational meaning of ‘gender’ seems to constitute a too an obvious hiding place for essentialism based on sex. Apart from being ‘structure’, as noted above, gender is, according to Connell, all about relations (2003:20). However, if there are none, or if the relations are excluding, the concept of sex segregation may be even more useful.

It seems that 'masculine' and 'feminine’ in this definition of gender is confusingly close to the ‘mystique about their being predetermined by biology’ when compared to the ‘reproductive arena’ and ‘reproductive differences’ in Connell’s definition of gender. However, although gender, according to Connell (2003: 96), may also be ‘removed’ the crucial issue is whether those who are segregated really want to de-sex segregate? As long as the benefits of a breakout are not clearly assessable, the possible negative effects may undermine such efforts.

According to Connell (2003:20) the very key to the understanding of gender is not to focus on differences, but, instead, to focus on relations. In fact, this distinction is crucial here because relations, contrary to differences, are mutually dependent. Whatever difference existing between the sexes is meaningless unless it is connected via a relation. On the one hand, big male muscles can hardly be of relational use other than in cases of domestic violence, and on the other hand, wage gaps cannot be identified without a comparative relation to the other sex.

Biological determinism is influential in the general discourse of sports academia (Hargreaves 1994:8). However, what remains to analyse is whether ‘gender’ is really a successful concept for dealing with biological determinism?

‘To explain the cultural at the level of the biological encourages the exaggeration and approval of analyses based on distinctions between men and women, and masks the complex relationship between the biological and the cultural’ (Hargreaves 1994:8).

With another example: to explain the cultural (driver) at the level of the technical (type of car) encourages the exaggeration and approval of analyses based on distinctions between cars, and masks the complex relationship between the car and the driver. However, also the contrary seems to hold true;. that the cultural (driver/gender) gets tied to the technical/biological. The ‘complex relationship’ between the car and the driver is easily avoided by using similar1 cars, hence making the driver more visible. In a sex/gender setting the ‘complex relationship’ between sex and gender is easily avoided by distinguishing between sex and culture2, hence making culture more visible. The term ‘culture’, unlike the term ‘gender’ clearly tries to avoid the ‘complex relationship’ between biology and gender. The ‘complex relationship’ makes it, in fact, impossible to distinguish between them. On top of this comes the ‘gender relation’ confusion, which determines people to have ‘gender relations’, i.e. to be opposite or separate.

This kind of gender view is popular, perhaps because it may serve as a convenient way out from directly confronting the biology/culture distinction, and seems to be the prevalent trend, to the extent that ‘gender’ has conceptually replaced ‘sex’, leading to the consequence that the latter has become more or less self-evident and thus almost beyond scrutiny. In other words, by using ‘gender’ as a sign for ‘the complex relationship between the biological and the cultural’, biological determinism becomes more difficult to access analytically.

Gender is neither biology, nor a fixed dichotomy, but it has a special relation to the human body mirrored in a ‘general perception.’ What is problematic with this view is the thought that cultural patterns only mirror bodily differences. Gender is ‘a structure’ of social relations/practices concentrated to ‘the reproductive arena’, and a series of due practices in social processes. That is, it describes how society relates to the human body and has due consequences to our private life and for the future of wo/mankind (Connell 2003: 21-22). The main problem here involves how to talk sex without gender:

‘Sex should properly refer to the biological aspects of male and female existence. Sex differences should therefore only be used to refer to physiology, anatomy, genetics, hormones and so forth. Gender should properly be used to refer to all the nonbiological aspects of differences between males and females clothes, interests, attitudes, behaviours and aptitudes, for example which separate 'masculine' from 'feminine' lifestyles’ (Delamont 1980 quoted in Hargreaves 1994: 146).

The distinction between sex and gender implied in these quotations, however, does not seem to resolve the issue, precisely because it fails to offer a tool for discriminating biological aspects of differences from non-biological ones, i.e. those that are cultural. This is also reflected in everyday life. ‘Folk’ categories of sex and gender often appear to be used as if they were the same thing. Although 'masculine' and 'feminine' are social realities, there is a mystique about their being predetermined by biology. Furthermore the very relational meaning of ‘gender’ seems to constitute a too obvious hiding place for a brand of essentialism based on sex. Apart from being ‘structure’, as noted above, gender is, according to Connell (2003:20), all about relations. However, if there are none - or if the relations are excluding - the concept of sex segregation may be even more useful.

In Connell’s analysis, however, gender may also be removed (Connell 2003:96). In this respect and as a consequence, gender equals sex segregation. In fact it seems that the 'masculine' and 'feminine’, in the definition of gender above, are confusingly close to the ‘mystique about their being predetermined by biology’ when compared to the ‘reproductive arena’ and ‘reproductive differences’ in Connell’s (2003:21) definition of gender. The elusiveness of gender seems to reveal a point of focus rather than a thorough-going conceptualization. So, for example, in traditional Engels/Marx thinking the family’s mediating formation between class and state excludes the politics of gender (Haraway 1991: 131).

What's a Woman?

In What is a Woman? Moi (1999) attacks the concept of gender while still emphasizing the importance of the concept of the feminine and a strong self-conscious (female) subject that combines the personal and the theoretical within it. Moi (1999: 76), hence, seems to propose a loose sex/gender axis resting on a rigid womanhood based on women’s context bound, lived experience outside the realm of men’s experience.

Although I share Moi’s suggestion for abandoning the category of gender, her analysis seems to contribute to a certain confusion and to an almost incalculable theoretical abstraction in the sex/gender distinction because it keeps maintaining sex segregation without offering a convincing defence for it. Although gender, for example, is seen as a nature-culture distinction, something that essentializes non-essential differences between women and men, the same may be said about Moi’s approach if we understand her ‘woman’ as, mainly, the mainstream biological one usually classified (prematurely) in the delivery room. If the sexes live in separate spheres, as Moi’s analysis seems to imply, the lived, contextual experience of women appears as less suitable for pioneering on men’s territory.

This raises the question about whether the opening up of new frontiers for females may demand the lessening or even the absence of femininity (and masculinity). In fact, it is believed here that the ‘liminal state’ where social progression might best occur, is precisely that. Gender as an educated ‘facticity’ then, from this point of view, will inevitably enter into a state of world view that adds itself onto the ‘lived body’ as a constraint.

It is assumed here that we commonly conflate constructs of sex, gender, and sexuality. When sex is defined as the ‘biological’ aspects of male and female, then this conceptualization is here understood as purely descriptive. When gender is said to include social practices organized in relation to biological sex (Connell 1987), and when gender refers to context/time-specific and changeable socially constructed relationships of social attributes and opportunities learned through socialization processes, between women and men, this is also here understood as descriptive. However, when description of gender transforms into active construction of gender, e.g. through secrets about its analytical gain, it subsequently transforms into a compulsory necessity. Gendering hence may blindfold gender-blind opportunities.

In conclusion, if gender is here understood as a social construct, then is not coupled to sex but to context, and dependent on time. Also it is here understood that every person may possess not only one but a variety of genders. Even if we consider gender to be locked together with the life history of a single individual the above conceptualization makes a single, personal gender impossible, longitudinally as well as contemporaneously. Whereas gender is constructive and deterministic, sex is descriptive and non-deterministic. In this sense, gender as an analytical tool leaves little room for the Tomboy.

The Tomboy - a threat to "femininity"

Noncompliance with what is assumed ‘feminine’ threatens established or presumed sex segregation. What is perceived as ‘masculinity’ or ‘maleness’ in women, as a consequence, may only in second place, target homosexuality. In accordance with this line of thought, the Tomboy embodies both the threat and the possibilities for gendered respectively gender-blind opportunity structures.

The Tomboy is the loophole out of gender relations. Desires revealed through sport may have been with females under the guise of a different identity, such as that of the Tomboy (Kotarba & Held 2007: 163). Girls throw balls ‘like girls’ and do not tackle like boys because of a female perception of their bodies as objects of action (Young 2000:150 cited in Kotarba & Held 2007: 155).

However, when women lacking experience of how to act in an effective manner in sport are taught about how to do, they have no problem performing, quite contrary to explaining shortcomings as due to innate causes (Kotarba & Held 2007: 157). This is also opposite to the experiences of male-to-female transsexuals who through thorough exercise learn how to feminisize their movements (Schrock & Boyd 2006:53-55). Although, according to Hargreaves (1994), most separatist sports philosophies have been a reaction to dominant ideas about the biological and psychological predispositions of men and women, supposedly rendering men 'naturally suited to sports, and women, by comparison, essentially less suited (Hargreaves 1994:29-30), the opposite may also hold true. Separatism per definition needs to separate and this separation is often based on biological differences, be it skin colour, sex or something else.

From this perspective, the Tomboy would constitute a theoretical anomaly in a feminine separatist setting. Although her physical body would possibly qualify what makes her a Tomboy would not.

The observation that in mixed playgrounds, and in other areas of the school environment, boys monopolize the physical space (Hargreaves 1994:151) may lack the additional notion that certain boys dominate and certain boys do not. Sports feminists have 'politicized' these kinds of experience by drawing connections between ideas and practice (Hargreaves 1994:3) but because of a separatist approach may exclude similar experience among parts of the boys. Moreover, a separatist approach is never waterproof and may hence leak Tomboy girls without a notion.

Femininity and feminism

Feminism and psychoanalysis as oppressors

According to Collier and Yanagisako (1987), Henrietta Moore (1994) and other feminist anthropologists, patriarchal dominance is an inseparable socially inherited part of the conventional family system. This implicit suggestion of radical surgery does not, however, count on unwanted secondary effects neither on the problem with segregated or non-segregated sex-worlds. If, in other words, oppression is related to gender segregation rather than patriarchy, or perhaps that patriarchy is a product of sex segregation, then there seems to be a serious problem of intellectual survival facing feminists themselves. If feminism1 is to be understood as an approach and/or analytical tool for separatism2, those feminists and others who propose not only analytical segregation but also practical segregation, face the problem of possible oppression inherent in this very segregation (Klevius 1994, 1996). In this sense oppression is related to sex segregation in two ways:

1. As a means for naming it (feminism) for an analytical purpose.
2. As a social consequence or political strategy (e.g. negative bias against female football or a separatist strategy for female football).

It is notable that the psychoanalytic movement has not only been contemporary with feminism, but it has also followed (or led) the same pattern of concern and proposed warnings and corrections that has marked the history of ‘feminism’ in the 20th century. According to S. Freud, the essence of the analytic profession is feminine and the psychoanalyst ‘a woman in love’ (L. Appignanesi & J. Forrester 1992:189). But psychoanalytically speaking, formalized sex and sex segregation also seem to have been troublesome components in the lives of female psychoanalysts struggling under a variety of assumed, but irreconcilable femininities and professional expectations.

In studying the history of feminism one inevitably encounters what is called ‘the women’s movement’. While there is a variety of different feminisms, and because the borders between them, as well as to what is interpreted as the women’s rights movement, some historians, incl. Klevius, question the distinction and/or methods in use for this distinction.
However, it could also be argued that whereas the women’s right movement may be distinguished by its lack of active separatism within the proposed objectives of the movement, feminism ought to be distinguished as a multifaceted separatist movement based on what is considered feminine values, i.e. what is implied by the very word ‘feminism’3. From this perspective the use of the term ‘feminism’ before the last decades of the 19th century has to be re-evaluated, as has every such usage that does not take into account the separatist nature underpinning all feminisms. Here it is understood that the concept ‘feminism’, and its derivatives, in every usage implies a distinction based on separating the sexes - e.g. addressing inequality or inequity - between male and female (see discussion above). So although ’feminism’ and ‘feminisms’ would be meaningless without such a separation, the ‘women’s rights movement’, seen as based on a distinct aim for equality with men in certain legal respects, e.g. the right to vote, could be described as the opposite, i.e. de-segregation, ‘gender blindness’ etc.

As a consequence the use of the word feminism in a context where it seems inappropriate is here excepted when the authors referred to have decided to do so. The feminist movement went back to Mary Wollstonecraft and to some French revolutionaries of the end of the eighteenth century, but it had developed slowly. In the period 1880 to 1900, however, the struggle was taken up again with renewed vigour, even though most contemporaries viewed it as idealistic and hopeless. Nevertheless, it resulted in ideological discussions about the natural equality or non-equality of the sexes, and the psychology of women. (Ellenberger 1970: 291-292).

Not only feminist gynocentrists, but also anti-feminist misogynists contributed with their own pronouncements on the woman issue. In 1901, for example, the German psychiatrist Moebius published a treatise, On the Physiological Imbecility of Woman, according to which, woman is physically and mentally intermediate between the child and man (see Ellenberger 1970:292). However, according to the underlying presumption of this thesis, i.e. that the borders between gynocentrism and misogyny are not well understood, these two approaches are seen as more or less synonymous. Such a view also confirms with a multitude of points in common between psychoanalysis and feminism. As was argued earlier, the main quality of separatism and ‘complementarism’ is an insurmountable border, sometimes contained under the titles: love, desire etc.

Peter Klevius wrote:

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Peter Klevius obituary over the best ever: RIP, the worlds best football player, Lily Parr - and the next best, Pele.

Although both scored more than 1,000 goals, Lily Parr did so in headwind!

Lily Parr's grave and Pele's cemetery

No one can be more vulnerable for female sexual beauty (i.e. heterosexual attraction - ask women who know him) than Peter Klevius - and no one male can be more ignorant about sexual beauty when seeing a woman playing football and on the arena becoming human instead of woman. Just like the early Christian St. Perpetua who said before she faced death on the gladiator arena 203 AD: 'And I was stripped (for death), and I became a (hu)man*', i.e. no longer fettered by womanhood/femininity.

* A time when a man was considered the only fully human.

A sport of nature - or a fact of nature?

Social convention based on a commonsense reaction to the ‘palpable menace of sexual desire among all human beings, and, most especially, to the known
seductiveness of women’ (i.e. heterosexual attraction) was, at Tertullian’s* time, i.e. the latter part of the Second Century, shared by pagans and Christians alike. According to Tertullian, it was a fact of nature that women were seductive, and Christian baptism did nothing to change this fact (Brown 1988: 68, 81). However, we are not informed why the fact that women are seductive, necessarily should imply restrictions on her. We might guess that a number of Tertullians transferred to a modern Western secular city might have diverged in a similar pattern of opinion as would contemporary people. If women were defined by marriage, by its sexual and procreative roles and by the sex-based labor assigned to married women, then their refusal of marriage might move them into a category that transcended womanhood. Only in the arena of martyrdom can we view these transcendent women unfiltered by the lenses of male observers (McNamara 1985:104). Perpetua, a Roman matron, faced the lions in Carthage on March 7, 203. She recorded her experience in prison which led her to a new vision in which all her mortal persona was burned away. An unknown spectator' possibly (most probably) Tertullian , rescued these documents and appended an eyewitness account of her death, resulting in an authentic female voice recording the emergence of her 'autonomous spiritual being from the cocoon of her womanhood' (McNamara 1985:105). Perpetua renounced everything that made her a Woman. She stripped away the emotions and the constraints of the feminine role she had once fully played. On the night before her execution, she dreamed that she had entered into the arena to fight the beasts. There she was confronted by a certain “ill-favored -Egyptian" who challenged her to fight with him. Also, there came to me comely young men, my helpers and aiders. 'And I was stripped, and I became a man' (McNamara 1985:105).

At the foot of the ladder lay a dragon of enormous size, and it would attack those who tried to climb up and try to terrify them from doing so.

* Tertullian has been called "the father of Latin Christianity" as well as "the founder of Western theology".

Not "women's football" but human's football - or just football*!

* You don't say about a child that s/he plays "children's football", do you. If it's a girl you say 'she plays football' and if it's a Finnish girl you say 'hän pelaa jalkapalloa', where 'hän' is a sexless personal pronoun (as in most other language families except IE and semitic) and therefore not translatable to the indoeuropean sex segregated s/he. And when divided by biological sex then it should also say 'men's football', right.

As Peter Klevius for long has stated, evolutionary (i.e. biological) heterosexual attraction (the only analytically relevant distinction between the sexes, according to Peter Klevius - and islam) has to be "civilized" in our daily encounters - but without islamic sex segregation*. And the tool for this was given 1948 with Art. 2 of the Universal Human Rights declaration (the world's most translated document), which main purpose is to stand as the bedrock not only for legislation but also as a bulwark against sexism hiding in culture. In other words, we need to get rid of sex segregation. No matter of biological sex one should be free to lead once life as one wishes - which also means that you have the right to appear "feminine"/"masculine" (whatever that means) without being in any way criticized by e.g. Peter Klevius - as long as it's not part of sexism/racism against others.

Lily Parr, the world's by far best* football player ever - no matter of sex!

* If Marta (six times chosen as the world's best football player) when she was at her best, had time travelled and played against Lily Parr she would probably have outperformed her in dribbling although perhaps not in kicking. However, that's not a fair comparison - just think if Lily had stopped smoking and got the same training etc. possibilities as modern top players! And compared to Lionel Messi, who as a teenager was taken care of by the world's then best football club Barcelona FC, Lily Parr got just the very opposite - a ban on her putting her feet on any English football ground for the rest of her career!

Lily Parr was born in St Helens in 1905 where she as a child learned to play football in games with her brothers. At 5ft 10ins tall, Lily was said to have a 'fearless streak' and 'robust frame'. As a teenager, her first games were with her local side, St Helens Ladies.

There was a growth in interest in women's football in the late 19th century and early 20th because of the huge popularity of men's football combined with the fact that so many young women met football playing men in factories etc.

Dick, Kerr & Co was such a factory where women worked making munitions.

When in 1917 office worker Alfred Frankland saw the girls beating their male factory co-workers in an informal lunch-time match, he decided to be their manager, hence unleashing them on the general public, resulting in a game-changing and instantaneous success.

This really shows how sex segregation had kept girls/women back.

Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C. was one of the earliest known women's football teams, and  remained in existence for some 50 years, from 1917 to 1965, playing 833 games, winning 759, drawing 46, and losing 28. Nettie Honeyball's team in 1895 was possibly the first.  

The matches attracted anywhere from 4,000 to over 50,000 spectators per match. In 1920, Dick, Kerr Ladies defeated a French side 2–0 in front of 25,000 people that went down in history as the first international football game played by women. On the request of female physicians and others the English Football Association (FA) banned women from using fields and stadiums controlled by FA-affiliated clubs for 50 years (the rule was only repealed in 1971). There were 150 women's football clubs in 1921 when on 5 December same year the FA ban was announced.

Dick, Kerr’s Ladies was also the first female team to play wearing shorts.

'Big, fast and powerful', Lily Parr was said to 'take corner kicks better than most men' and she scored 'many goals with a left foot cross drive which nearly breaks the net', according to her profile in a programme of 1923.

A team-mate described her as 'having a kick like a mule'.

There were 150 women's football clubs by 1921 when on 5 December the FA decided to ban females from playing on its members' grounds. As a consequence the women's game declined but Lily Parr and other female players continued to play on non-FA pitches.



Dick, Kerr’s Ladies became Preston Ladies in 1926. Parr became a psychiatric nurse at Whittington Hospital but continued to play for Preston, finally ending her long playing career in 1951.

Why the "beautiful game" is also the hardest to master well

Although Lily Parr was taller than the average woman, most of the best players have been below average height, like Pele, Maradona, Marta, Messi, Modric etc.. However, Ronaldo is 187 cm and a former top player like Crouch is 203 cm. This just emphasizes the greatness of "the beautiful game" - a sport that fits everyone, yet is the hardest of all sports to master because it eliminates tools and hands while keeping the feet busy with multitasking with running and manoeuvring while also controlling the ball with the same feet.

The page below in this book made Peter Klevius wipe tears several times

How Sweden was an accomplish to the death of English football for women - and how Lily Parr & Co's heritage created the world's best football team in the 1970s in a forgotten rural setting in Sweden.

Peter Klevius has written a book with an in depth analysis about the history of England's hostility against women playing football. Although Sweden played an important role behind the scene, this has never before been scientifically scrutinized. It's hoped that Amazon will publish it so to make its existence more visible. Peter Klevius was about to go for self publishing but it seemed impossible to reach out in a meaningful way. After all, it's all about supporting girös and women who want not only to play football but also lo tead their lives as they wish without sexism.

Klevius 1979: Human Rights rather than religion

Drawing (1979) by Peter Klevius. For those Humanrightsophobes with really limited understanding or blinded with prejudice, do note that the DNA "ladder" has steel rivets (i.e. strong both for trapping as well as for escaping), and that the female curvature shadows transgress from below over painful flames into a crown of liberty.

Perpetua (203 AD): 'I saw a ladder of tremendous height made of bronze, reaching all the way to the heavens, but it was so narrow that only one person could climb up at a time. To the sides of the ladder were attached all sorts of metal weapons: there were swords, spears, hooks, daggers, and spikes; so that if anyone tried to climb up carelessly or without paying attention, he would be mangled and his flesh would adhere to the weapons.' Perpetua realized she would have to do battle not merely with wild beasts, but with the Devil himself. Perpetua writes: They stripped me, and I became a man'.

Peter Klevius: They stripped Perpetua of her femininity and she became a human!

The whole LGBTQ+ carousel is completely insane when considering that the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) art. 2 gives everyone, no matter of sex, the right to live as they want without having to "change their sex". So the only reason for the madness is the stupidly stubborn cultural sex segregation which, like religious dictatorship, stipulates what behavior and appearance are "right" for a biological sex. And in the West, it is very much about licking islam, which refuses to conform to the basic (negative) rights in the UDHR, and instead created its own sharia declaration (CDHRI) in 1990 ("reformed" 2020 with blurring wording - but with the same basic Human Rights violating sharia issues still remaining). The UDHR allows women to voluntarily live according to sharia but sharia does not allow muslim women to live freely according to the UDHR. And culturally ending sex segregation does not mean that biological sex needs to be "changed." Learn more under 'Peter Klevius sex tutorials' which should be compulsory sex education for everyone - incl. people with ambiguous biological sex! The LGBTQ+ movement is a desperate effort to uphold outdated sex segregation. And while some old-fashioned trans people use it for this purpose, many youngsters (especially girls) follow it because they feel trapped in limiting sex segregation.


Saturday, January 21, 2023

How the pliocene-pleistocene Panama isthmus debunks wild rafting "theories" and confirms Peter Klevius' calm out of SE Asia human evolution analysis!

 Peter Klevius tutorial for Greta Thunberg and others ignorant about climate changes and human evolution

* Without DNA and our latest findings, but being a geologist, Eugene Dubois was perfectly right when he already 1891 searched in the right place and discovered "the missing link" of his time, i.e. what he named Pithecanthropus erectus, now called Homo erectus, in SE Asia. Peter Klevius thinks 'pithecus' is still more appropriate considering that Homo habilis and Homo floresiensis, like Dmanisipithecus, all lack what is considered the classic "Homo" erectus trait, i.e. full full modern human like bipedalism. We were wrong about the brain, and now it's apparent we were also wrong about bipedalism. Dubois founded paleo-anthropology by not only finding the fossils, but he also analyzed them in a wholly new way by pulling human fossils out of the context of racial identification and shoved it into an evolutionary context. 

 Peter Klevius aid to release afropologists from their "out-of-Africa" delusion:

1. An easily mowing bipedal ape with a big brain who eats almost everything can not possibly evolve on a continent like Africa - only possibly hybridize.
2. Africa lacks unambiguous transitional fossil between ape and Homo.
3. DNA doesn't prove that ancestors 100,000 years ago lived in Africa.
4. SE Asia has everything Africa lacks (incl. Homo floresiensis and Denisovan DNA).

And to Greta Thunberg: We're already overdue to the next iceage! Every ice core indicates this very clearly. So please, warn the world against a coming freeze that could arrive much quicker than any warming.

The easily disproved "out-of-Africa theory" is shockingly bad "science" riddled with errors of fact, attribution - and rafting. An appalling example of science replaced* by PC.

* Peter Klevius is a virgin scientist because he doesn't have to contaminate himself with peer pressure. And his extreme sensitivity for logical criticism saves him from self-delusion. So in his writings there's no bias - only occasional stupidities. Whereas bias is deliberate, stupidity is spontaneous. There was a time when stupid people like Peter Klevius were overwhelmed by fossils from Africa, but also lacking info about ancient DNA and the existence of Homo floresiensis. To his defense Peter Klevius may say that he was at the least puzzled (in Demand for Resources 1992) by the existence of the 280,000 BP mongoloid faced Jinniushan in Northern China and the equally mongoloid faced modern Khoisan people who were said to be the true natives of Africa.  

Chimps have absolutely nothing to do with the evolution of the Homo lineage, other than that it's also an ape - although perhaps not that "great" as it's described by afropologists.



                                                  Homo floresiensis

 Debbie Argue et al (2017) suggest Homo floresiensis is a long-surviving relict of an early (>1.75 Ma) hominin lineage and a hitherto unknown migration out of Africa, and not a recent derivative of either H. erectus or H. sapiens.

Peter Klevius likewise suggests H. floresiensis is a long-surviving relict of an early (>1.75 Ma) hominin lineage and a hitherto unknown native of SE Asia, and not a recent derivative of either H. erectus or H. sapiens - because trying to squeeze H. floresiensis bipedal apelike post-head features into H. erectus would challenge the very definition of the latter. However, how would a predecessor to H.erectus have reached Flores if we rely on existing data about the wide and strong Wallace line current which would have brought them (dead) to Africa rather than to Flores? Moreover, out-of-Africa ranters seem to have no problem keeping modern humans locked inside Africa (or even worse - failing to survive outside Africa) for hundreds of thousands of years without entering the huge landbridge to Eurasia that has always existed east of the Nile. But the primitive H. floresiensis, which - except for its humanlike head and molar morphology that is more progressive even compared to modern humans - represents something from Lucy's time that has never been seen in Africa but is exactly what one would expect from a derived ape.

So based on available free info Peter Klevius proposes that H. floresiensis evolved exactly as afropologists say about bipedal australopithecines, i.e. stepping out from the jungle to the savannah, or at least a more open landscape, and in the case of Flores, also an open shoreline. However, nothing forced the australopithecines in Africa back into the jungle as was the case on Flores during every interglacial. This was the reason why H. floresiensis got a much better packed and formed brain, because only those survived who could shrink without losing intelligence (compare the microchip race of today). And we do know that the cold periods with lower sea level lasted much longer than the interglacials which made evolution of bipedalism possible even on Flores and similar islands. So Flores may well have been isolated all the time but the very existence of H.floresiensis there for at least 800,000 years may function as a model for similar evolution on islands which were not always isolated but still long enough to create H. floresiensis like archaic Homos which then could enter mainland and hybridize with relatives who also may have re-entered the former island.

H. habilis seems to be most like H. floresiensis in several traits. The youngest H. habilis , OH 13, dates to about 1.65 mya, and we do know that H. floresiensis was on Flores at least 0.8 mya - and with even smaller bones than the more recent ones at Liang Bua, which strongly contradicts suggestions about H. erectus somehow reaching Flores and shrinking. As H. floresiensis ecolved in SE Asia it means that its predecessors must be at least equally old as the oldest H. habilis in Africa, because the latter must have come to Africa from SE Asia during times when interglacials were warmer than today, hence .

The oldest fossil (parts of a jaw) attributed to Homo is 2.8 mya, and based on the first major iceage dip in temperature Peter Klevius hypothesizes that the Homo lineage started around 3.3 mya.

The naledipithecus is the "star" of the latest African show, while the real star in SE Asia is called "just a hobbit"!

Do realize that the real comic here is that the fossil ape skull of Naledipithecus was "reconstructed" to look as human like as possible. However, Peter Klevius can assure you that the modern Homo sapiens skull to the left has absolutely no resemblance in the real world with the masked ape skull to the right.
 And this is how the "reconstruction" is made when the skull (Homo longinensis aka "Red Deer Cave  people")  is from China.

 The enormous fuzz about naledipithecus in South Africa ought to be compared to the deafening silenec about the s.c. Red Deer Cave people and Longlin people in China, which really shows the scientific PC bias sickness at full glory. Naledipithecus is an evolutionary dead end as everything else in the African fossil dump, whereas the Red Deer Cave/Longlin Homos may favorably be seen as evolved from H. floresiensis like Homos. We do know that they belong to the base of mtDNA M9, i.e. same hg as Tibetan Sherpas as well as SE Asian indigenous people. We also know that they share extremely primitive traits expected in H. habilis - and  e.g. H. floresiensis. Also consider that the Denisovan genes in the Sherpas have a setup for high altitude living.

H. floresiensis' nearly complete right humerus (LB1/50) appears fairly modern in most regards. However, it's remarkable in displaying only 110 degrees of humeral torsion, well below modern human average. Assuming a modern human shoulder configuration, such a low degree of humeral torsion would result in a lateral set to the elbow. Such an elbow joint would function more nearly in a frontal than in a sagittal plane, which isn't what one would expect for tool-making. However, H. floresiensis probably did not have a modern human shoulder configuration: the clavicle was relatively short, and it has been suggested that the scapula was more protracted, resulting in a glenoid fossa that faced anteriorly rather than laterally. A posteriorly directed humeral head was therefore appropriate for maintaining a normally functioning elbow joint. Similar morphology in the Homo erectus Nariokotome boy (KNM-WT 15000) suggests that this shoulder configuration may represent a transitional stage in pectoral girdle evolution in the human lineage.

Instead of being "puzzling" when not assessed through obscuring "out-of-Africa" glasses, H. floresiensis is the very fossil one would expect in the out-of-SE Asia scenario. It perfectly fills the gaps seen in the "out-of-Africa" mythology. In fact, not a single one of the fossil species found in Africa evolved there. All primates came out of SE Asia - as did all other mammals which didn't originate in Gondwana. Moreover, "afropology" has put a heavy and distorting toll on much classification, resulting in an extreme overall Africa bias that distorts almost everything in primatology as well as re. other mammals. So for example, although most people today admit that as classical portrayed s.c. "African animals" like deers, giraffes, lions, etc. came out of SE Asia, there is also no good reason to believe that elephants evolved in Africa, but a lot of indications for the contrary. And the reason for this was climate changes in the past causing intermittent landbridges between islands and mainland in tropical SE Asia. This Africa bias should be critically scrutinized whenever afropologists stick to their beloved "rafting delusions".

Peter Klevius can't stop wondering over serious looking "scientists" going from a heated debate over where in Africa human evolution originated, to a consensus meltdown view that "it happened all over Africa" - but not outside Africa. 

And according to Wikipedia (2022) modern humans reached Australia 65,000 BP - and Eurasia 5,000 years later!

Every "out-of-Africa" argument is hollow to the very bone:

1. So many fossils in Africa - which has its unique Rift Valley smorgasbord where most of the oldest fossils are found. Quantity doesn't prove quality. However, although there are (not yet) equally old Homo erectus fossils in e.g. China, there are equally old 2.1 Myr stone tools possibly made by them. A fossil rarely proves that it evolved there - a possible exception being Homo floresiensis. And as humans couldn't have evolved in China - although China is much more diverse than the whole of Africa - then the fossils in its neighbourhood ought to be even older. Moreover, the least likely place (except for a few caves) to find fossil and culture is the SE Asian "cradle of human evolution" because high sea level now covers former savannah belts etc. and much of the rest is similar to African jungle area which also lacks fossil.

2. The "oldest DNA" argument was based on DNA taken from modern "mongoloid" cold adapted Khoisan people whose ancestors came to Africa relatively late - i.e. long after the "mitochondrial Eve". And even the original pygmies were probably there already before the Khoisan people (but also long after "Eve") although they also had old Homo DNA as showed by ancient DNA from Holocene fossils.

3. Culture, like fossils, is dependent on material findings and  often difficult to assess. However, the extreme spike in sophistication radiating from Siberia to Iberia in the West and Sulawesi in the East 40-50,000 BP clearly indicates what Svante Pääbo and Peter Klevius (the latter long before Pääbo) have seen as the sign of a better packed brain setup.

Speciation, hybridization and phenotype

It's important to take into account the difference between

1. speciation, which needs isolation
2. hybridization, which is the opposite
3. phenotyping, which needs both isolation and staying within a certain environmental influence to develope - without becoming a new species.

The end result in the fossil record could be either a new species or a hybrid. They, in turn, could have various differences in phenotype.

Homos are bipedals but apes "invented" bipedalism long before Homos "copied" it

Homo bipedalism arose in an island environment. A model, based on observations of extended-leg bipedalism in wild orang-utans and supported by the fossil record, suggests that habitual terrestrial bipedalism derived from arboreal hand-assisted bipedalism in a habitually orthograde hominoid. This is also supported by a mutation(s) in homeobox genes governing lumbar vertebra morphology and facilitating habitual orthogrady, which may have been present in our hominoid ancestors.

Danuvius guggenmosi is the first recorded Miocene great ape to have had the diaphragm located in the lower chest cavity, as in Homo, indicating an extended lower back and a greater number of functional lumbar vertebrae. This may have caused lordosis (the normal curvature of the human spine) and moved the center of mass over the hips and legs, which implies some habitual bipedal activity. The robust finger and hypertrophied wrist and elbow bones indicate a strong grip and load bearing adaptations for the arms. The legs also show adaptations for load-bearing, especially at the hypertrophied knee joint. There was likely limited ankle loading, and the ankle would have had a hinge-like function, being most stable if positioned perpendicularly to the leg as opposed to at an angle as in apes. Danuvius was likely able to achieve a strong grip with its big toes, unlike modern African apes, which would have allowed it to grasp onto thinner trees. Adaptations for load bearing in both the arm and leg joints to this degree is unknown in any other primate. Plantigrade catarrhine monkeys lack the capacity for suspensory locomotion or to focus body weight over the knee joint; African knuckle-walking apes lack strong big toes and thumbs, and have more robust finger bones; and both lack an extendable knee. Orangutans have a clambering motion too, but their knees lack weight-bearing ability. The total anatomy of the limbs suggest Danuvius was capable of a seemingly unique manner of locomotion called "extended limb clambering". Danuvius likely walked along mildly inclined tree branches with its foot directly laid onto the branch, using its strong big toes for grasping. The strong knee joint would have provided balance while walking by counteracting torques, and the strong hands would have carried out a similar function during suspension or palm-walking. Extended limb clambering emphasizes knee extension and lordosis, as well as the suspensory mechanisms seen in apes, and may be a precursor to obligate bipedalism seen in human ancestors. The Hammerschmiede site is located in the Upper Freshwater Molasse of the Molasse basin; by the late Miocene, the Paratethys Sea had dried up and the Alps had lifted, allowing the expansion of wetland habitats in the basin. The late Miocene may have been the beginning of a drying trend characterized by increased seasonality, causing deciduous forest to turn into a less dense woodland, and fruit and leaf production to occur cyclically rather than year-round. The late Miocene cooling trend may have led to the replacement of more tropical flora by mid-latitude and alpine varieties, and ultimately the extinction.

Primate evolution is a consequence of climate changes



∼60–50 Mya the sea level was ∼150 m above present while dropping sharply during middle Eocene glaciations while extending coastlines and creating land bridges.

Analyses by Fengyuan LI and Shuqiang Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2018) suggest that Plio–Pleistocene sea-level rises contributed to recent divergence of many species. Their findings cannot reject the hypothesis that sea-level changes during the Paleocene–Eocene and Plio–Pleistocene played a major role in generating biodiversity in SE Asia; sea-level changes can act as “species pumps”. This is how Peter Klevius described it back in 2004 when he still believed in continental evolution, and instead of islands used the Central-Asian passes as the "arteries" through which genes were "pumped" between the south and the fat- and protein rich north due to climate changes.

Plio–Pleistocene experienced more than 58 rapid rises exceeding 40 m hence causing multiple isolations with far-reaching consequences for allopatric speciation in megadiverse SE Asia, one of the most geologically dynamic regions on earth. Fluctuating sea levels also periodically converted mountains into islands. Cycles of Plio–Pleistocene sea-level fluctuations isolated and connected landmass and in doing so drove allopatric speciation. Thus, sea-level changes have been identified as the key factor driving the megadiversity of SE Asia. Fragmentation of land hence is the key to diversity in speciation.

Fancy rafting "theories" by afropologists are scientifically empty but populist. 

According to Peter Klevius (1992-2012), human evolution was triggered by pliocene-pleistocene climate changes (iceages/interglacials) which were increasingly more dynamic and the overall tendency cooler. Also according to Peter Klevius, the closing of the Panama isthmus was the final obstruction in the oceanic current system that started cooling the planet already in the eocene due to the breakup of Gondwana, and due to the closing of the Tethys ocean and the resulting circumpolar current that caused the freezing of Antarctica. The stepwise closing of the Panama isthmus (completely closed some 3 mya) shaped not only the Gulf stream but also how the currents in eastern Pacific changed, which is probably also behind the el Nino phenomenon. However, because of the volatile geology/tectonics/volcanism the Panama isthmus has experience due to the collision between the Sout American and North American plates, we lack of full understanding about it still, yet already do know that the closing was a much more extended process than previously thought. Against this background it's not far fetched to calculate with changing and moving of mangrove forests over thousands of years which would have facilitated large mangrove "islands" which later connected to other such "islands" hence giving plenty of opportunities for survival and relocation för animals specialized on feeding of mangrove or whatever was at hands there. Living on and moving through the Panama isthmus mangrove forests could also explain why the prehensile tail is a predominantly South American adaptation, and how monkeys and rodents from North America managed to cross long before more terrestrial mammals.

 Why would early monkeys raft over the Atlantic ocean when they could climb the Caribbean mangroves forestover to South America from North America where we know Rooneyia existed?!And why would recent fully modern Homos stay inside Africa when early Homos were in China more than 2 Mya?!

Monkeys and rodents were the first to access South America - by utalizing ever changing mangrove forests in the geologically volatile structure of Caribbean and the Panama isthmus.

Not a lesser knuckle-walking chimp ancestor but rather a great gibbon-like one fits the bill for the evolution of human bipedalism. 

Sadly, we have no gibbon-like apes in Africa - only clumsy knuckle-walkers. Also do note that we're extremely short in supply of timely ape fossils.

There's something peculiar with naming gibbons as belonging to the "lesser apes" while chimps are said to belong to the "great apes". And although gibbon apes are smaller than chimp and gorilla apes, there anyway seems to be a certain biased hierarchy hiding behind "great" and "lesser". You don't call an African elephant a "lesser mammouth" do you!

* Although truly bipedal apes may have existed more than 13 mya, it was only with the onset of the cooler and fluctuating iceages in late Pliocene that triggered the Homo lineage to develop a better brain combined with bipedality.

Bipedality is a hallmark of the gibbon-human lineage as gibbons also walk and run perfectly bipedally, unlike the clumsy knuckle-walking chimp - but is thoroughly overlooked by afropologists because there are no extant gibbons in Africa.

Suspensory activity and human bipedalism both originated from a form capable of both.

Gibbons are the most bipedal of all non-human primates.

The foot function of gibbons during terrestrial bipedal locomotion, with high mobility of the foot as well as the regular display of both arboreal and terrestrial bipedalism, makes the gibbon a model for an ancestral tree-living hominoid/protohominin.

Extended limb clambering

Fossil of the right pes of Oreopithecus, Homo floresiensis and Homo sapiens reveals the transition of a flexible, arboreal gibbon-like foot to an inflexible terrestrial human foot with Homo floresiensis as a transitional taxon.

Although a compliant foot is less mechanically effective for push-off than a `rigid' arched foot, it can contribute to the generation of propulsion in bipedal locomotion via stretch and recoil of the plantarflexor tendons and plantar ligaments.

With bipedalism accounting for 10–12% of their locomotor activities gibbons alternate brachiation with fast bipedal bouts on large boughs and branches (diameter >10 cm), and bipedalism is their preferred terrestrial gait when crossing gaps in the forest canopy. This means that, despite the high incidence of brachiation, the hind limbs are important for propulsion generation in gibbons. Like most arboreal primates,gibbons have a mobile, prehensile foot structure with a divergent, opposable hallux. The gibbon foot is essentially flat (i.e. lacks a longitudinal arch as seen in modern humans) and displays a midtarsal break during bipedalism. The plantar aponeurosis is relatively weakly developed compared with the human plantar aponeurosis; however, other plantar connective tissues lying deep to the plantar aponeurosis, such as the plantar ligaments and the tendons of the digital flexors, are prominent. Both the long digital flexors and gastrocnemius are short-fibred, pennate muscles, favouring economical force production and elastic energy usage. Unlike other nonhuman apes, the external portion of the gibbon Achilles' tendon (i.e. triceps surae tendon) is particularly long,comparable in size to the human Achilles' tendon. The high tarsal mobility and absence of a longitudinal foot arch means that the gibbon foot cannot act as rigid lever for push-off; however, the muscle architecture of the lower limb seems to facilitate that the gibbon foot will contribute to the generation of propulsion via elastic recoil of plantarflexor tendons and plantar ligaments.

The gibbon wrist was already prepared for bipedalism

One unique aspect of a gibbon's anatomy is the wrist, which functions something like a ball-and-socket joint, allowing for biaxial movement. This greatly reduces the amount of energy needed in the upper arm and torso, while also reducing stress on the shoulder joint.

As gibbon-like hominids switched from the above methods of locomotion to walking on two feet, wrists would adapt to additional tasks. Walking on two feet freed the hands for other uses. Ancestors became able to use their hands for throwing and clubbing. The wrists must move in specific ways to enable these activities. For example, when comparing human capabilities to chimpanzee capabilities, chimpanzees do not have the same capacity for extension of the wrists. This could suggest that changes in the wrist occurred to give humans these capabilities. Major changes also occurred in hominid hand structure, which made it possible for ancestors to begin gripping, grasping, and releasing tools with precision. These changes have had a significant impact on behavior and the success of the species.


 Say hello to your mitochondrial Eve - the Colugo from SE Asia!






Additional pics related to the post. 

Peter Klevius wrote:

For free, Peter Klevius* here presents his, outside the constrain of the academic box, analysis about human evolution

* The only thing you have to suffer is Peter Klevius repeated naming of Peter Klevius. However, this extremely strange behavior from someone calling himself "the extremely normal" (except for his high IQ disability) you may rather accuse "the scientific community" for. Ask yourself, if Peter Klevius published analyses (since 1981) about evolution, brain/consciousness, sex segregatio/heterosexual attraction, the modern social hermit "Homo filius nullius", anthropology, sociology, etc., are at least on an average level, then why is his name almost never mentioned in the "scientific community"?!

According to Peter Klevius, "Out of Africa" and "Flat Earth" "theories" are identical twins - except that the former is politically correct, gets more money, and isn't a gimmick.

Under the anti-science slogan "science is activism" the "pan-African" "out-of-Africa" delusion has become the ultimate scientific meltdown represented by afropologist* Chris Stringer** and others

* 'Afropologist'/'afropology' in Peter Klevius writings of course has nothing to do with s.c. afro hair style (just check the pic of Chris Stringer). It's also worth mentioning that Peter Klevius was quite hopeful when Chris Stringer some years ago announced some sort of hesitation re. "out of Africa". However, now when the evidence is mounting against "out of Africa" he seems to retard back. Why?!

** Peter Klevius of course excuses Chris Stringer and other afropologists if their charlatanism is due to low IQ. But then the question arises: Why are they given so much space in what is supposed to be a scientific community?! And of course most of us know the answer, i.e. because it's considered PC and all scientists have to first eradicate "racism" before making "science" - which of course eliminates the very core of science. However, this is also why Peter Klevius is the only one capable of doing (mostly) unbiased science in evolutionary anthropology. And although being an Atheist is a necessity for unbiased science, it's seen by PC people as a grave flaw and morally despicable. He would never have been allowed into the "afropologist community" camp no matter what IQ, recommendations, credentials, books, papers, theses, original groundbreaking research etc.. And the other side of the coin is of course that when Peter Klevius realized it, he also saw it as his responsibility to defend science, precisely because of what his brain, knowledge and bias free situation offered. There can't be many anomalies like Peter Klevius on the planet, right. However, although the Earth isn't flat it's certainly PC and contains a lot of madness. Moreover, Peter Klevius is certainly an extremly boring guy in the eyes of mentalists, religionists, supranaturalists, psychologists etc., because no one has ever seen him unstable or strange in any sense - incl. himself. Peter Klevius to the world: 'Houston! We'we got a problem if Peter Klevius isn't "normal".'

 Peter Klevius science blog: 2019

Peter Klevius thinks Chris Stringer should have abandoned the hilarious "out of Africa" charlatanism long ago. Most of us consider creationists funny guys. However, Peter Klevius doesn't really see any difference compared to afropologism. Moreover, Chris Stringers idea about Nenanderthals having a "too big" visual cortex, which redued their capacity for social interaction. This reasoning rests on a fallacy that could have easily been corrected if Chris Stringer had read Peter Klevius theory (EMAH) on how the brain works, i.e. that there's no qualitative difference between visual or other forms of thinking. In other words, "visual thinking" can be equally "social" as any other.

What really triggered this lengthy post was when Alex Timmermann and his team recently scandalously reported that they for half a year had kept an expensive supercomputer busy by calculating 2 million years of human evolution with the variables climate change and Homo speciation (as they thought seen in fossils). However, with this approach they actually tried to open an already open door called out of SE Asia. The simulation gave data linking climate change to human evolution and speciation - and that's exactly what Peter Klevius (for free) has said for more than a decade. However, precisely because of the PC but hoax "out-of-Africa" and populist 'climate change' (and not having read Peter Klevius) they interpreted the result exactly opposite to what it showed.  

Acknowledgement to the magazine called Nature which erroneously and uncritically publishes almost whatever rant as long it's "out-of-Africa. Only if Nature arranges for the proper editing and proofreading to make the presentation "appear more serious" may Peter Klevius consider allowing Nature to publish it. However, the chance for this to happen is almost nil - but do let me know if you're interested in real science! Yes, admittedly Peter Klevius is equally negligible as Thomas Kuhn's anomalies - to a point of no return when a period of cover up starts, still trying to avoid Peter Klevius. If Peter Klevius out of SE Asia theory is even close to reality - hence making "out-of-Africa" impossible - then Nature has to completely rethink its position, because it has had at least the same information available as has Peter Klevius - meaning its editorial policy should have been much more critical against many afropology papers it has published.   

"Out of Africa" rests on a set of in-commensurable premises. 

 Its genetic "evidence" for the past is based on contemporary DNA and locked into the same closed room as the ridiculous idea of borders within a borderless Africa, which rarely are open - but when opened, then in no time over real borders brings early Homos over the Wallace line to Sahul while only making it to Europe tens of thousands years later! And when much older Homo sapiens show up in Eurasia, then it's explained away by afropologists as: 'They didn't make it!'

Having not the slightest clue about human movements between Eurasia and Africa, but a lot of confused guesswork and admitting there was a lot of such traffic, while stubbornly claiming that humans evolved* in Africa and only rarely managed to step out over the vast and most of the time easily accessible Sinai bridge to Eurasia, is just pathetic. It's almost like an unconscious stand-up comedy show when afropologists with a serious face tell people that humans reached Australia some 10,000 years before the rest of the world outside Africa. And their explanation is in fact 100% in line with Peter Klevius, i.e. that they followed routes where their fossils now are under water - except of course that Peter Klevius boring scientific explanation reverses the direction, and therefore lacks the afropologists' punch line needed for real comedy.

* When eventually "out of Africa" believers have to accept Peter Klevius theory they will probably (and there are signs they already do) try to stretch the concept of evolution to include minor effects of hybridization and biogeography and local climate changes. But the reality seems to be just the opposite, namely that perhaps all primates and most mammals post paleocene may be evolutionarily traced to SE Asia. The shaky concept of Afrotheria is just one example. No matter if we are talking tarsiers, lemurs, New World Monkeys, or even elephants, there's no firm ground under the feet of afropologists. And the desperately comical idea of "monkeys twice rafting over the Atlantic ocean to South America" is thoroughly dismissed not only by logic* but also by a tiny fossil called Rooneyia. Also consider the hasty and populist but completely unsupported naming of Afrotarsius.

* Uncertainty about the climatological and tectonic effects on monkey migration from north to south America ought first to be considered before laughable but PC afro-guesswork.

The extreme pro-out-of-Africa bias that is easily spotted all over the web, should already in itself be a warning sign for anyone openminded. Similar bone engravings as the even older Eurasian ones, when found in Africa are immediately piled to the "Africa first in the world" heap and even declared mathematical inventions, while no one has even thought about doing such a stupid assessment about the Eurasian ones. And because of this bias researchers and institutions happily create fanciful but easily sold charlatan "science" from it. And a 73,000 bp "hashtag" in Southern Africa is highly celebrated by afropologists and thrown at ignorant viewers, while a similar but 500,000 bp "hashtag" from SE Asia is somehow completely forgotten.

De-puzzling Homo evolution by releasing it from its political inprisonment on the African continent.

Peter Klevius answers the most stupid question in anthropology: Why are we now alone?

Because population growth and boating skills etc. destroyed any lingering hiding place for close relatives. When Homo sapiens, which evolved in SE Asia, mixed with Neanderthals we got a hybrid that wiped out the original Neanderthal but saved Homo sapiens with some minor issues and favours - and it happened really fast. Let all the chimp "species" freely mix with each other and they will in no time also "be alone". Like humans, all dogs belong to the same species and with similar Homogeneity. And like with humans there used to be more heterogenity before. The very fact we are alone disproves in itself the widespread out of Africa charlatanism. No bipedal omnivorous Homo species has ever been able to hide every female many hundreds of thousands of years on a continent. Only a certain type of islands can do the trick of repeated evolutionary changes which are then pushed out and re-enter in accordance with sea level (climate) changes. And the fact that Homos before the upper paleolithic expansion, unlike e.g. rats, had a low population density, made inbreeding and hybridization cause extinction. Low in numbers and low in diversity, small groups interacted with each other on a small and vanishing scale before a new brain setup, compare the staggering IQ of Homo floresiensis compared to e.g. "Lucy" with similar brain size, changed everything. Lucy was just one of many African immigrant apes that originally came from SE Asia with minor phenotype alterations during the trip and changing environment. And the growth and sophistication of the Homo brain followed the old primate formula which is best explained by Peter Klevius theory about repeated island-mainland fluctuations.

And although, the much talked about human chin is really nothing but the remnant of hybridization and a retracting jaw (compare e.g. the human vestigial tail bone), afropologists like Chris Stringer use it as a morphological trait for defining humans. However, Europeans (e.g. the s.c. Cro-Magnon people) have the most prominent chin because they had interbred with Neanderthals equipped with a prominent protruding jaw. And with an IQ far above Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon's predecessors had developed eating habits that didn't need Neanderthal chewing gear. And of course, Cro-Magnon people genetically came from East Asia and therefore had a genetic preference for a skull more like e.g. the Liujiang man from eastern China where the archaic Homos were already "mongolized", i.e. having much less protruding lower face - not to mention the big Jinniushan woman from northern China that Peter Klevius used 1992 as connecting to the mongoloid Khoisan people in southern Africa of today.

Afropologists deny the existence of a better brain among Homo sapiens and therefore try, in vain, to intellectually "humanize" Neanderthals by wrongly pointing to cultural remains as created by Neanderthals when they are in fact produced by Homo sapiens and Neanderthal "hybrids". Afropologist Hublin is notorious in this respect.

Similarly, but more cautiously, as mentioned above, some years ago Chris Stringer came up with the ridiculous idea that the Neanderthals didn't manage to compete with the human brain because the big eyes of Neanderthals demanded such a big visual cortex that it left it with less room for "social IQ". As you dear reader, are well aware, Peter Klevius is a real expert on cognition and how the brain works (see e.g. EMAH). The "visual cortex" in born blinds is fully employed. The misleading name is inherited from the 19th century's classification of brain parts to perceived psychological etc. categories, i.e. the fanciful thought that nature reasons like humans. There's simply nothing stopping "social interaction" because of where in the cortex the processes occure. An image is an image no matter how it's produced.



Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Peter Klevius manual for building a human with AGI*

 * Self-driving robots based on Peter Klevius theory below would not have to program their basic setup through living because they would utilize the totality of information on the web. And immediately after being connected they would start to individualize based on the additional experience each one gets from its particular moving origo.

The Verbal Fallacy of Language 

Warning: Your research may be repossessed!

You commit scientific (and moral) fraud if you learn from Peter Klevius without referring/citing him as you normally do with other sources.

Peter Klevius is very serious when asking you to consider your level of bigotry and hypocrisy.

It's not very scientific, is it, to dismiss Peter Klevius as an "islamophobe" (i.e. Human Rights defender) and "a random blogger", especially when he most likely has a better brain and less bias* than you.

* Are you totally independent when it comes to economy, career etc., and do you lack religious, political etc. dogmas?

Peter Klevius 1994 EMAH* theory on consciousness and how the brain works.

* EMAH stands for the Even More Astonishing Hypothesis which alludes to Francis Crick's book The Astonishing Hypothesis. A copy of the first draft was immediately sent to Crick as a letter + a floppy disc with the same content in ASCI.

 An other similarly stupid question: Did climate change affect the evolution of humans?

Of course, how else would they have come out from the SE Asian island archepilago?! You don't need a super-computer to understand this, right. Because of the PC "out-of-Africa" entrapment, "research" using it as a platform, becomes ever more comical - especially when you combine the pop-words 'out of Africa' and 'climate change' for getting research grants to waste for absolute nosense.

A third similarly stupid question is whether we still evolve - which is a conflation between evolutionary speciation and hybridization.

Our species originally evolved in island isolations and has today stopped evolving due to a global "island" isolation. Only sending women into space for mmany hundreds of thousands of years could produce new evolutionary steps. Or we could do it genetically in a laboratory in no time at all. However, these options are outside the scope of paleoanthropology.

We don't even have to bother about species but rather on distinct evolutionary steps that only happens in longtime isolation. The history of (hetero)sexual* life on Earth is in essence the history of cracking continents** - of which SE Asian archepilago is the latest main remnant.

* Although most people understand that for natural reproduction a man's sperm has to be delivered into a woman, only Peter Klevius seems to understand that for this to happen there must be some sort of non cultural/non-romantic heterosexual attraction at work, which distinctively constitutes a basic natural difference between the sexes. This simple fact has been heavily distorted due to cultural/religious taboos

** Do realize that cracking continents also include the creation of lakes etc. evolutionary "sea islands" of which some turned into freshwater "islands". Adapting to these slow changes created much of the diversity we see in the fossil records long before tectonics had settled to the modern form, including the whole of pleistocene. Although the Panama isthmus closed (perhaps partially starting already in Miocene/Pliocene) and the Mediterranean emptied and filled during the same time, most of evolutionary interest happened in SE Asia due to sea level fluctuations - and perhaps some until now unknown tectonics etc.

Hybridization is all the time ongoing but can't create main evolutionary steps. So no, we won't evolve anymore unless someone manages to isolate a quite considerable anount of women for up to a million years or so. Scientists who obviously haven't read Peter Klevius,have been puzzled by the fact that they see two opposite trends in evolution, i.e. one that is extremely long term, and an other where evolution seemingly happens in no time. Applied to hominid evolution (and most other terrestials) this makes complete sense with Peter Klevius' SE Asian volatile island/mainland theory.

Out-of-Africa rests on these pillars of sand:

1 Modern DNA which doesn't prove anything about its origin. We don't have ancient enough DNA from Africa, so it's pure and totally uncritical guesswork to assume that older parts of modern Khoisan genome arose in Africa. Their phenotype and fossil records tell exactly the opposite story.

2 A tiny pile of ambiguous fossils - just contrary to the ear deafening mantra about the "abundance of fossil evidence in Africa". We simply lack crucial transitional fossils showing the emergence of Homo or Homo sapiens in Africa. And we will never find them there! However, we found them in SE Asia - but afropologists seem not interested or try to hide them behing childish "rafting theories".

Out of Southeast Asia rests on these pillars of unbiased logic on the bedrock of hard data:

1 Ancient DNA and fossils (Denisovan), all the way between SE Asia and Siberia, point towards SE Asia - not Africa.

2 All transitional (not to be conflated with hybrids) Homo fossils ever found are in SE Asia (e.g. Homo floresiensis and Homo luzonensis) and southern China (Longlin Cave and the s.c. Red Deer Cave people at Maludong), which are dated to 17,830-11,500 BP. Like Homo floresiensis, the fossils exhibit a mix of archaic and modern features and represent a late survival of an archaic human species. Evidence shows large deer were cooked. Darren Curnoe:'The new find hints at the possibility a pre-modern species may have overlapped in time with modern humans on mainland East Asia. Why did they survive so late? And why only in tropical southern China?

Peter Klevius: The timing of the fossils may hint at them representing the last delivery from the SE Asian cradle of evolution via the landbridge that the last glacial maximum created. And the most recent fossil is close to the turbulent climate change around Younger Dryas.

The Maludong femur might represent a relic, tropically adapted, archaic population that survived relatively late in this biogeographically complex, highly diverse and largely isolated region.' Darren Curnoe admitted his work is 'controversial' and said some of his colleagues are 'simply unable to accept the possibility that archaic looking bones could be so young'. However, when Homo floresiensis was found, the same kind of comments were made because this species looks a lot like Australopithecus skeletons, like Lucy, that lived in Africa 3-4 million years ago.

Peter Klevius: However, Lucy had an ape skull and an ape brain whereas the features of the skull of Homo floresiensis literally forced the scientific community of afropologists, after long infighting - to accept it as a Homo.

Darren Curnoe: There were similar remains at Denisova Cave, although the bones are 30,000 to 40,000 years older than at Maludong. They've recovered evidence for multiple archaic species like the Neanderthals and Denisovans in the same cave layers as modern human dating to about 50,000 year ago. And in a slightly older unit in the cave they have found Neanderthal, Denisovan and possible Homo erectus bones, again together from a single layer. Within this context, and the Hobbit from Indonesia, our finds don't look so out of place after all. This is exciting because it shows the bones from Maludong, after 25 years of neglect, still have an incredible story to tell. There may have been a diversity of different kinds of human living until very recently in southwest China.'

But why only in tropical southwest China?

Darren Curnoe: 'Yunnan Province today has the greatest biodiversity of plants and animals in the whole of China. It is one of 20 floristic endemic centres as a result of its complex landscape of high mountains, deep valleys, rift lakes and large rivers. The region around Maludong is also on the northern edge of tropical Southeast Asia and many species found there today are very ancient indeed.'

Peter Klevius: No, the main reason is of course that it tropically connects to the "cradle of evolution" in the SE Asian volatile tropical archipelago.

Darren Curnoe: 'The Maludong femur might represent a relic, tropically adapted, archaic population that survived relatively late in this biogeographically complex, highly diverse and largely isolated region.'

The thigh bone resembles those found in older species of early human like Homo habilis and early Homo erectus.

3 Gibbon apes are the closest to where the human gait evolved from. The oldest gibbon fossil is 13 Mya and found in Asia. Most extant gibbons live in SE Asia and possess a variety that stands in sharp contrast to apes in Africa of which there are only really two types, i.e. gorillas and chimps.

4 SE Asian volatile tropical islands (shrinking and enlarging) and fluctuating mainland connections offered the perfect evolutionary laboratory for the human lineage as well as for many other mammals.

5 Although the s.c. Homo erectus appeared early in pleistocene, the estimated genomic time for the emergence of Homo sapiens is well in line with the onset of the later pleistocene climate oscillations.

6 The actual spread of Homo sapiens only makes sense as coming out of SE Asia - contrary to the strange proposal that Homo sapiens suddenly made it out of Africa and reached Australia in almost no time at all.

7 The first fully modern Homo sapiens were big skulled mongoloids, which explains the racial pattern the spread produced. The Liujiang skull is fully modern but possesses a tiny remnant of an occipital bun, which fact really underscores its old age despite its modern East Asian features. However, despite the fact that it can't be younger than 68,000 bp but most probably much older, doesn't hinder afropologists dismissing it because 'it looks too modern'.

8 Most fossils still called Homos do not necessarily belong to the Homo sapiens lineage at all. We simply don't know.

9 All s.c. Homo fossils in Africa are remnants of earlier out of SE Asia migrations. Some represent new species and some hybrid ones.

10 The out-of-Africa mantra has been so successful that many researchers automatically assume Africa as a starting point not only about Homos but also re. other primates and other mammals which clearly evolved outside Africa. Most of perceived African animals are immigrants from Eurasia. The concept of Afrotheria is more based on wishful guesswork than on facts.

Evolution of bipedalsim and a bigger brain


Bipedalism didn't lead to a bigger brain. The Sahelanthropus type of bipedal apes had been aroung in Eurasia for at least 10 Myr before a larger brain setup came around.

It was actually the repeated insular shrinking of the brain during pleistocene that caused it to perform better on narrowing islands. Only those who managed to keep the same intelligence while their head shrunk were able to survive. And when the islands again expanded, then the more open savannah like landscape favoured better bipedalism - and a route to the mainland and/or neighboring island(s).

All of this were in SE Asia mixed with mainland migration, back migration and hybridization, which produced additional evolutionary tweeks outside the range seen on the mainland. In other words, firstly there were the evolutionary steps that could only be achieved in longterm isolation, and secondly there were additional changes in the island-mainland interactions connected to the former.

As a consequence, according to Peter Klevius evolution formula*, you need to distinguish between evolution, i.e. island isolation that takes a long time, and hybridization, which happens in no time at all. The former brought something truly new, whereas the latter only contributed minor alterations. Heterosexual reproduction is per se already a form of basic hybridization. And due to environmental and/or other factors a species may split into "subspecies" but when they do encounter each other, they can still breed and produce fertile offspring. However, such a "subspecies" is something very different from speciasion in longlasting complee isolation which can produce radically new changes. And when these new species eventually get in contact with old relatives they may or may not be able to hybridisize.

Peter Klevius science blog: Why were tall men from the south dumber ...
* This formula also seems to fit most land based quadropeds from Pangea to today because the evolutionary corridors were always changing. However, after some 200 Ma the cradle of evolution laboratory in the SE Asian archipelage has been the main producer of new evolutionary lineages, quite contrary to the mainstream out of Africa noise most peope are blinded by.

Paleoanthropology is a branch of paleontology and anthropology which seeks to understand the early development of anatomically modern humans, a process known as hominization, through the reconstruction of evolutionary kinship lines within Hominidea working from biological and cultural evidence.

Fake anti-science nomenclature introduced by afropologists

According to Peter Klevius, Hominoidea is the only acceptable classification of today's confused and PC biased nomenclature about human evolution. All sub-groups in use today are not only useless but also misleading. And why confine Homos together with chimps? Moreover, the made up Hominidae, which has no scientific foundation or even likelihood, is the fancy word afropologists came up with to get rid of the SE Asian apes like e.g. gibbons. Afropologists cherry pick among extinct (both fossils and predicted ones based on nomenclatura) and extant "species". Calling chimps "our closest living relatives" (and often even leaving out 'living') is extremely misleading and confusing for most people. Moreover, every paleoanthropologist

Hominidae or hominid, according to afropologists, has two subfamilies, Ponginae (orangutans) and Homininae (African apes, including the human lineage).
The Hominini form a taxonomic tribe of the subfamily Homininae ("hominines") includes the extant genera Homo (humans) and Pan (chimpanzees and bonobos), but excludes the genus Gorilla (gorillas). Alternatively relating to, or being a member of a family (Hominidae) of erect, bipedal, primate mammals that includes recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms and in some recent classifications the gorilla, chimpanzee, and orangutan.

Bipedalism preceded other human like traits by at least 12 millions years.

Danuvius guggenmosi

Danuvius guggenmosi is an extinct species of apes that lived 11.6 Mya in Germany in an area that was a woodland with a seasonal climate. A male specimen was estimated to 31 kg, and two females 17 and 19 kg. It is the first Miocene ape with preserved long bones which can be used to reconstruct the limb anatomy and thus the locomotion. It had adaptations for both hanging in trees (suspensory behavior) and walking on two legs (bipedalism), while present-day great apes lack this abililty. Danuvius thus had a method of locomotion, called "extended limb clambering", which is close to extant gibbons. Therefore one may hypothize there has been extinct gibbons and/or last common ancestor with similar capabilities. Gibbons are expert on walking directly along tree branches as well as using arms for suspending themselves. Danuvius had a broad chest and is the first recorded Miocene ape to have had the diaphragm located in the lower chest cavity, as in Homo, indicating an extended lower back and a greater number of functional lumbar vertebrae, meaning the normal curvature of the human spine, moving the center of mass over the hips and legs, which also strongly implies habitual bipedal activity.

The robust finger and hypertrophied wrist and elbow bones indicate a strong grip and load bearing adaptations for the arms. The legs also show adaptations for load-bearing, especially at the hypertrophied knee joint. There was likely limited ankle loading, and the ankle would have had a hinge-like function, being most stable if positioned perpendicularly to the leg as opposed to in great apes. Moreover, Danuvius was likely able to achieve a strong grip with its big toes, unlike modern African great apes, which would have allowed it to grasp onto thinner trees. Adaptations for load bearing in both the arm and leg joints to this degree is unknown in any other primate.

The total anatomy of the limbs suggests Danuvius was capable of a seemingly unique manner of locomotion called "extended limb clambering", and likely walked along mildly inclined tree branches with its foot directly laid onto the branch, using its strong big toes for grasping. The strong knee joint would have provided balance while walking by counteracting torques, and the strong hands would have carried out a similar function during suspension or palm-walking. Extended limb clambering emphasizes knee extension and lordosis, as well as the suspensory mechanisms together constitute a precursor to obligate bipedalism seen in human ancestors.


A 10.8 Myr upper jawbone of Shivapithecus was found in Gujarat, India. Sivapithecus was about 1.5 m in body length and the shape of its wrist and general body proportions suggest that it spent a significant amount of its time on the ground, as well as in trees. It had large canine teeth, and heavy molars, suggesting a diet of relatively tough food, such as seeds and savannah grasses.

Kapi ramnagarensis

Kapi ramnagarensis is an extinct genus of gibbons that lived about 13.8-12.5 Mya in India. Extant gibbons walk successfully on a flexible foot on the ground and in the trees. Early humans could have walked successfully on a 'flexible' flat foot, similar to modern day gibbons. The arched 'rigid' foot of modern humans – thought to have appeared approximately 1.8 million years ago – is best adapted for upright walking, but early humans once had 'flexible' feet and could have walked on the ground earlier.


Rudapithecus is an ape which inhabited northern Hungary 10 Mya, and which fossilized pelvis shows it didn’t knuckle-walk like chimps or gorillas. It moved among branches holding its body upright, and unlike modern great apes, it had a flexible lumbar, which gave it the ability to stand upright like humans and walk efficiently on two legs. Rudapithecus looked more like humans, whose long, flexible lower backs make it easy to stand upright. Carol Ward: “If that's what our ancestors were like, then that transition to walking on two feet wasn't really that big a deal. We just specialized at doing it. We didn't have to have a fundamental change in how we moved. Everybody has seen the drawing of the knuckle-walker that is slowly standing upright. That's what we always thought happened because all we had to look at was modern animals. But now, looking at the fossil record, we realize we have the wrong picture of what the ancestral animals would have been like. And this is a really big piece of the puzzle.“

Trachilos footprints

The 6 Myr Trachilos footprints from Crete show clearly bipedal-like characteristics. However, when Gierliński and his team tried to publish the study, they received harsh criticism due to the findings going against the theory of Homos and other bipedals evolving in Africa.

Even though a bin may contain a lot of information - it's not its origin!

Instead of only keeping digging in the African bin, Peter Klevius suggests connecting the real Homo dots, wherever they pop up in the fossil record, and then connect them not to Africa, but to a much more likely place of origin in SE Asian tropical and volatile archipelago.

And in fact, we already have enough Homo fossils and artifacts to that aim - only problem they're all dismissed because they don't follow the out-of-Africa catechism.

Also, you need to understand that Homo erectus has nothing to do with Homo sapiens - just look at the skull and browridge, and recall Chris Stringer's chin!

Here are some fossils in SE Asia and China which do the trick - and they are all within the timeline of modern humans, yet they all exhibit old traits that fit
a SE Asian evolutionary patter:

1. Homo floresiensis shows that processes unknown to Africa were rooted on the "wrong side" of the Wallacea line. This means that ape to Homo transition must have happened all over the SE Asian archipelago. Afropologists have tried to "explain" it as insular drarfing of Homo erectus which somehow (sic) rafted to Flores 1-2 Mya. This is however absolutely nonsensical when taking into account the skeletal features of Homo floresiensis. Peter Klevius doubts there's a single afropologist who'd dare to risk their reputation by publicly stating that Homo floresiensis peculiar limbs etc. skeletal characteristics could be convincingly seen as coming from Homo erectus - aspecially considering the total lack of concensus about how to evem define the latter.

2. Homo luzonensis, on the other hand, had mainland access, and probably belonged to a branch that also included Homo sapiens.

3 And the perhaps most important one (because it showed up on mainland) hasn't even been rewarded a name by the "scientific community" even though it's atreasurethrow of information with almost complete cranial and post-cranial data.

At the time of cooling, mainland routes appeared from the receding sea and became grassy savannah-like "training corridors" for stuttering tree-climbing bipeds - and inroads for earler bipeds who then sooner or later got stuck at the next warming period.

We evolved from climbing apes in SE Asia and then learnt to walk and run on now drowned streches of savannah, as bipedal apes had already done for millions of years.

Do note how the increase in fluctuations of later Pleistocene coincide with the emergence of Homo sapiens. 

Late pliocene and the whole of pleistocene offered a variable cooling trend that accelerated in the latter part of pleistocene.

Peter Klevius predicts you'll never see fossils like H. floresiensis in Africa!

Multiple dwarfing events made our brain setup possible. What took some time was to transfer this arboreal brain on top of true bipedalism.

During Pleistocene, sea level oscillations became much more frequent, and during its last 600 Kyr we got the pattern of interglacials we still live in.

Dmanisi people would have easily outperformed Homo floresiensis when it comes to walking/running. However, when it comes to truly human characteristics of the brain the latter showed the way.

If we put aside fancy and childish "rafting theories"* then Homo floresiensis on the "wrong side" of the Wallace line, represents a truly independent line of Homo evolution.

* The most ridiculous part of OOA is how difficult it is to explain why omnivorous bipedals with the best brain ever on the planet, had such enourmous problem stepping out of Africa through a 200 km wide landbridge, even including different internal biospheres as if two different shorelines wouldn't be enough for substantiation. Moreover, no one disputes that humans have always followed shorelines with success.

All forms of apes and Homos ultimately came from SE Asia - and ended up as "puzzling" fossils in Africa, and lived side by side with other species - to the delight of religious creationists Africa therefore lacks transitional forms.


This is a 500,000 bp "hashtag" found in SE Asia without anyone paying any particular attention. However, when a similar but only 70,000 bp "hashtag" was found in Africa it was celebrated as evidence of the "African cradle of evolution".

During the time that H. heidelbergensis allegedly lived, closely related Homo populations periodically split up, reorganized and bred with outsiders, without necessarily operating as distinct biological species. Mating among different H. sapiens groups started some 500 Kya eventually producing modern humans as we see today.

Humans have a high and rounded brain case, with a small brow, a chin on the lower jaw and a slimmer bone structure, says Stringer. Neanderthals, by comparison, have a longer, lower skull, with a larger nose, brow and no chin.

"Humans have a clearly distinct skeletal shape from Neanderthals," says Stringer. "These differences suggest that there was a separate evolution for hundreds of thousands of years."

On the other hand, older modern human remains have a bigger brow, bulkier teeth and more robust skeletons. And the closer in age the remains are to the mystery ancestor, the difference in features is less pronounced.

After the two species evolved from a common ancestor, they became unmistakably separate in both appearance and DNA. But at the same time, before Neanderthals went extinct 40,000 years ago, they did many of the same things as humans. They hunted the same large game, had burial rituals, used similar tools and even interbred.

Out of Eurasia as bipedal apes and out of Siberia as global "Mongoloids ...

Homo floresiensis brain evolution perfectly fits the timescale of Homo sapiens.

Some reflections about extant gibbon apes

Siamang gibbon can be up to 150 cm, and the face is mostly hairless, except for a thin mustache. It inhabits the forest remnants of Sumatra Island and the Malay Peninsula, and is widely distributed from lowland forest to mountain forest—even rainforest—and can be found at altitudes up to 3800 m. It lives in groups of only four individuals on average, consisting of a monogamous mating pair and offspring, and sometimes also a subadult who usually leaves after attaining the age of 6–8 years.

The siamang rests for more than half of its waking period, followed by feeding, moving, foraging, and social activities, like grooming others or to play. Grooming is one of the most important social interactions among family members. Grooming takes place between adults earlier in the day; the adults groom the juveniles later in the day. Adult males are the most involved in grooming. Siamangs are a very social species of primates and exhibit a variety of tactile and visual gestures, along with actions and facial expressions to communicate and increase social bonds within their family group.

Grooming frequency between males and females has been found to correlate to copulation frequency, as well as bouts of aggression. Pairs copulate over four to five months at intervals of two to three years. The peak of their reproductive activity is when fruit is most abundant. Dorsoventral copulation is the most common type in siamangs, where the female is squatting and the male hangs by his arms and grips the female with his legs

Mated pairs produce loud, well-patterned calling bouts, which are referred to as duetting. These calls advertise the presence and status of a mated pair. Newly formed pairs spend more time singing than an established pair. Advertising the presence of a strong bond is advantageous in territorial defense. Siamang duetting differs from other species because it has a particularly complex vocal structure. Four distinct classes of vocalizations have been documented: booms, barks, ululating screams, and bitonal screams. Females typically produce long barks and males generally produce bitonal screams, but both sexes have been known to produce all four classes of vocalizations.

How the northern* Homo sapiens "mongolized" and "intellectualized" Homo sapiens globally

Peter Klevius science blog: 2019

Although Homo sapiens with a modern* brain setup evolved in island SE Asia, its volume was extremely small (compare Homo floresiensis). However, after mainland connection it moved all over the place and ended up in the cold but fat and protein rich north where it mixed with big skulled and cold adapted "mongoloid" relatives. The combination of the new brain setup and huge skulls where to fill it, was the reason behind the intellectual "explosion" Svante Pääbo and Peter Klevius have seen (although Pääbo in 2022 seems to cowardly now hiding behind the "rachet effect"*) as evident, yet the rest seem to dodge. However, we do know that a 55,000 bp skull found in Mideast was modern but pygmy size. We also know that the oldest modern "Africans" were small skulled s.c. negroid pygmies and mongoloid Khoisan people. So the pattern seems to be that "recent out of Asia" Homo sapiens had already occupied much land before the big skulled (i.e. near average of today's humans) from the north flooded the world. The consequence of the following mix is the phenotypical race pattern we see in modern times. The fact that the oldest modern genes in Africa belong to a mongoloid, i.e. cold adapted phenotype, may, in accordance with Peter Klevius theory, easily be explained as negritos being mongolized without much size increase, and some of them (the smarthest small brained) ending up in Africa where there alredy were African "negritos" i.e. s.c. pygmies. And the reason Khoisan harbour older genes is simply because they got the archaic genes of the people who carried the new brain setup, which fact also explains why Khoisan people managed to survive for quite some time in big parts of Africa while the pygmies, which still lacked the updated brain were more restricted to the tropics. The African negroid phenotype is a recent phenomenon - on pair with white skinned Caucasians - and started with modern Eurasians moving in from the north. And later on when Eurasian cattle and farming people in a larger scale moved down via Mideast around Yamnaya time, they also mixed with pygmies and Khoisan, and perhaps some archaics, hence creating the stock of the s.c. Bantu expansion which constitutes the most common phenotype variety, i.e. some sort of now "average African" or "black" African.

* The Primate brain evolved in steps in the volatile SE Asian archepilago. So we are just the last step. However, if we shouldn't have spread so successfully, an even better brain setup would have emerge during the next iceage. And we can't be sure whether the last glacial maximum also contributed to a better brain. Did the Deer Cave people with their small bodies but some 1350 cm2 brain volume give us an additional intelligence kick?

Do note that Peter Klevius grey "bastard belt" met and mixed with pygmy and khoisan people quite recently (the s.c. Bantu expansion), hence shaping the racial and genomic pattern in Africa.

Btw, Peter Klevius uses to call himself belonging to the racial "bastard belt" that is often called "Caucasian" just as the African "bastard belt" is called "negroid". Luckily, Peter Klevius' theory doesn't give his own "bastardness" any importance. The facts instead point to pygmy like SE Asians and mongoloized (cold adapted) Eurasians. However, if Peter Klevius' theory had pointed to his own "race", then he wouldn't only have been neglected but also hated as a "white supremacist racist", right.

Peter Klevius warning to young students interested in anthropology and evolution. Keep away from afropologists, or you inevitably end up embarrassing yourself in the "out-of-Africa" charlatanism!

Peter Klevius wrote 1992 (based on his general evolution theory published 1981):

Peter Klevius on Origin of Mosques - and Sex Trapped Princesses
In Resursbegär* (Demand for Resources) Peter Klevius (1992:28, ISBN 9173288411) wrote under the chapter Human Evolution:

* Peter Klevius most advanced research and scientific investigations have all happened outside academia and/or paid work - meaning Peter Klevius was excuded from internal information. In other words, Peter Klevius has since his teens gathered info from alternative sources such as books and magazines from libraries etc.. This might deceive someone to believe that the quality of Peter Klevius work then must have suffered. However, quite the contrary. Every published paper plus correspondence since 1979 is there to be seen by anyone. 1990-1992 while the book was written (and checked and approved by Wittgenstein's successor at Cambridge, G. H. von Wright, Peter Klevius not only subscribed to the expensive Nature magazine, but also heavily utilized other scienticfic magazines he could read for free in specialized magazine shops and libraries - i.e. the "free web" before internet. 1992 Peter Klevius father-in-law said: 'Ok, you're proud of the book now but after 20 years you gonna laugh at what you wrote.' And Peter Klevius almost believed him. However, now 30 years later the text seems more useful than ever.

'Already during the Paleocene 60 million. years ago, some primates, among them the still-living tarsier, had evolved. From relatives of these, it is believed that the anthropoids who lived in Africa and southeast Asia 25-38 million years ago, originated. These would eventually give rise to humans as well as apes. The genus Homo presents itself for the first time more than 2 million years ago as Homo habilis (the handy one) who could, among other things, build huts and use fire. The brain size of 700-800 cm3, begins to distinguish her more markedly from the apes and the first signs of the so-called. Broca's speech center can be discerned.

Pleistocenum, i.e. the ice age interrupted by interglacials, ranged from about 2 million years ago until the Holocene which includes the current interglacial that began about 10,000 years ago at the time of the first plant and animal domestication. The previous interglacial occurred some 120,000 years ago and there has been speculation as to why animal and plant domestication didn't take off already back then.

In northern China, an almost complete skeleton was found in 1984 who died about 280,000 years ago. The find was remarkable in that its large cranium capacity, 1,400 cm3 was not expected to occur among Homo erectus that lived during the Middle Pleistocene and that the cranium is large even if classified as Homo sapiens. Anatomically completely modern human has an average brain volume of about 1,400 cm3 and is estimated to have appeared between 50-100,000 years ago and therefore we can state that human's large brain volume with a reassuring margin preceded the first civilizations and that she for perhaps 2 million years would have been capable of building huts and fireplaces as well as using language.

It is against this background that we should consider the cultural change that occurred as recently as 6,000-10,000 years ago and which today at an accelerating pace is transforming our living space and ourselves. This means that modern human, biologically exactly like ourselves and with the same brain volume, has for most of its existence lived in more or less static social systems born out of its own evolution and interrupted only by continuously or sporadically occurring non-URB-related ecological adjustments. A world where expanded demands for resources and the building of spacecraft previously could not take root. A world where most things had their given place through the weight and expediency of tradition. A world where creativity and invention probably rarely occurred.

'Civilization' means 'ordered society' but rests on the dynamics of expanded demands for resources, thereby producing creativity and investment that constitute anomalies against this order (P. Klevius 1992).

There are several delicate cultural-anthropological prejudices which have got a strong grip on the public. One is the view about human aggression as an irresistable negative biological force which has to be released. To argue this while simultaneously proposing channelled aggressivity for the purpose of mitigating its effect, in fact, means that one culturally creates and stimulates patterns of negative behavior. Same species violence is, like expanded demand for resources, a learned behavior. The organized form of violence, i.e. war, seems not to be older than expanded demands for resources. They are likely intimately connected.

So called civilized societies can be described as dynamic, hence contrasting against the more static appearance of the economic setting (lack of investment) of e.g. hunter-gatherers.

A re-classification of human societies departng from C. Levi-Strauss idea about "warm" and "cold" societies (Klevius 1992):

A  Without 'extended demands for resources' (EDFR).
B  Affected by EDFR but still retaining a simplistic, "primitive" way of life.
C  Civilized with EDFR

These categories are, of course, only conceptual. Applied to a conventional classification the following pattern appears:

1  The primitive stage when all were hunter/gatherers (A, according to EDFR classification).
2  Nomads (A, B, C).
3  Farmers (B, C).
4  Civilized (C).

As a consequence EDFR is here used as a concept tied to civilization (and its preliminary stages) The above also suggests a critique against our conventional conception of a simplistic connection between intelligence and performance as exemplified by C. Popper's naive scenario of a World 1-3 transition of human cultural development (P. Klevius 1992).

(Implications of this view can be seen in Peter Klevius theory of mind EMAH, The Even More Astonishing Hypothesis, which deals with the mind/body problem and the closing gap between not only humans and other living things but also humans and machines - and the world as a whole).

Here's the last part of the chapter Khoi, San and Bantu (in Demand for Resources, Klevius 1992):

The concept of San includes the three groups ! King! Xu and G!wi, all of whom have their own closely related but independent languages. Of these groups, it is G!wi that can be assumed to be closest to the classical collector/hunter society, although really no groups today are found in the cultural patterns that still existed in the 50-60s. An appreciation of the traditional features of the cultural pattern of San (conventional group 1, URB group A) includes the absence of domestication, loose cohesion, unfixed, non-hierarchical decision-making order, and virtually non-existent material status (exceptions include, for example, hunting weapons and prey before the inevitable distribution).

Patricia Draper in the 1960s "The Harvard !Kung Bushmen Study Project" compared different sex roles between classic hunter-gatherers and !Kung societies connected to the surrounding Bantu societies. She found that "that !Kung society may be the least sexist of any we have experienced" and that this is evident in "women's subsistence contribution and the control women retain over the food they have gathered, the lack of rigidity in sex-typing of many adult activities including domestic chores and aspects of child socialization; the cultural sanction against physical expression of aggression; the smaller group size; and the nature of the settlement pattern." She furthemore notes that "authoritarian behavior is avoided by adults of both sexes." These characteristics were all hampered in the sedentary groups.

A pioneer in demonstrating how little work San gathers-hunters put into food sourcing and housing was Richard Lee, who in 1963 studied the among anthropologists now well-known Dobe Base Camp 12. He lived with them, methodically noting everything he saw, measuring and weighing both food and people, taking time on everything they did and the result of his, and later also the work of others can be summed up in the words of Marshal Sahlin: "1f the affluent society is one where all the people's material wants are easily satisfied this is the first affluent society." He continues: "The human condi?tion must keep man the prisoner at hard labor of a perpetual disparity between his unlimited wants and his insufficient means... " and "there is (instead) a road to affluence, departing from premises... that human wants are few, and technical means unchanging but on the whole adequate."

In the mid-1970s, Diane Gelburd, among others, found that the bushmen's lives in Dobe had changed character since Richard Lee's field studies. The huts were built of clay instead of grass and stood further apart. Some got doors as they filled with personal belongings. Fences were built for the animals that they have now acquired. The same was true of the bone remains, which previously consisted only of remains from wild animals, but in 1976 to 80 consisted of bone remains from domesticated animals.

At the same time, changes took place in internal social relations. The distribution of assets decreased and the forms of e.g. marriage were complicated due to new, previously unknown problems related to property issues.

"What explains the shattering of this society"? asks John Yellen from The National Science Foundation anthropology program. He continues: "It hasn't been a direct force, a war, the ravages of disease..." and answers: "1t is the internal conflicts, the tensions, the inconsistencies, the impossibility of reconciling such different views of the world."

The farming and cattle-herding Bantu peoples invaded the traditional lands of the Khoisan peoples which also created the cattle-herding Khoi. However, the Khoi and San have lived for several thousands of years side by side without the gathering-hunting San becoming cattle keepers.

So there's something more needed to crack the spine of a typical San society. Is it about a critical point for livelihood/population size? Is there a lower limit to the number of individuals in a functioning hunter-gatherer culture? At what stage exactly is the social immune system versus expanded demands for resource broken down? Whether there is a critical point or whether it is a question of a slowly increasing tension that gradually causes one stronghold after another to give in, we see here the emergence of the rift between cultural forms where the expanding demands for resources has taken root with varying success (P. Klevius 1992).'

Surely, there's no way back. Creativity and innovations, i.e. technology, will determine our "civilized" future.